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  1. Be fair, he signed Torreira, Leno, Sokratis, Guendouzi, Suarez and Lichsteiner and still only finished 1 place higher than Wenger
  2. Outside bet for what? Also Emery did not do well, he finished 5th losing the last 3 of the season, United were just **** so couldn't catch them
  3. By that I would be referring to how he was playing during 17/18's Champions League run, he was outstanding, it would be a great bit of business if he got back to that Lingard has never been good, looks like a prick too
  4. Ox Signed a new long term deal, bit mad considering hes been injured for the majority of his current deal, but he has so much potential to be something special I think we might be shocked by Arsenal this weekend, their front line is terrifying
  5. I know you do, that's how you ended up on the sex offenders register, leave them kids alone
  6. I just came by to ask what on earth your profile pic is? Where did you find the registered sex offender?
  7. stehilton94

    UFC 241: The Card Of WCC

    Costa went into a Middleweight fight as a Heavyweight, that's ****ing crazy and should not be allowed happen
  8. stehilton94

    Yoel v Costa immediate rematch

    Simples, he always makes a big fuss about how good he is, yet constantly misses weight and loses when it matters in a title fight
  9. stehilton94

    Yoel v Costa immediate rematch

    It how conflicted this thread is, I think a draw could have been the best result. Because the 2nd round is seriously debatable either way In saying that, glad Costa won, because Yoel just bores me now with his God bull****
  10. stehilton94

    What round does Vitor Jr. Aka LORD COSTA break Izzys legs in half?

    Depends which wins first, USADA or Costa
  11. stehilton94

    Stipe is THE Greatest Heavyweight of all time.

    Ngannou will just be taken down again The real big one is that Stipe has left only 1 AKA boy left
  12. stehilton94

    UFC 241: Cormier vs. Miocic 2

    Some good fights, Stipe took a lot of damage but finally shut DC up, so happy about that one, can never be the GOAT if he is being run out of 2 divisions 😂 Romero won but I am kinda glad the judges gave it to Costa, Romero is too old for another title run Diaz put on a clinic of how to just wear someone down and beat the life out of them
  13. Bye bye DC, was a good week in the GOAT talk 😂
  14. stehilton94

    UFC 241: Cormier vs. Miocic 2

    There are 3 very watchable fights, put apart from that.... ****ing MEH, might just watch a movie or something until the main card is half over and watch it
  15. He can never be called a GOAT, he lost to Jones, twice, regardless of the pico's, I am sure most of the actual GOATS have beat those on roids.