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  1. stehilton94

    Crazy Al v McGregor

    Going off this I guess Conor KO'd Diaz in both fights then? You really mix up your dumb posts with your smart ones
  2. stehilton94

    Crazy Al v McGregor

    Jesus christ...... Lets not be dumb here, McGregor would KO AL, thats just a silly fight, and NEITHER are anywhere near close to a title fight
  3. stehilton94


    Sadly I would have to agree, from what I seen from Lee last night, I think Khabib murders him
  4. stehilton94


    I wanted Lee vs Khabib and hoped Lee would beat Khabib, but even I can admit AL destroyed him in that fight, easy 3 rounds to 2
  5. stehilton94

    Anyone dealt with PayPal locking your account?

    Paypal won't just lock you out for no reason, you must have been doing something not totally legal, taxes, scams, etc etc. Been using Paypal for about 10 years, never had an issue and know a lot about it as I did some work for them in College
  6. stehilton94

    Greatest HW Fight In Recent Years In The Works

    lol greatest HW fight? You mad? Cain will take him down and ground and pound him, simple as that, won't be anything special.
  7. stehilton94

    Lee's fight is cancelled

    Full on **** post, should be banned for that Juice you ****
  8. Just no, Frank should not get anymore title shots... ever.... I like the guy but he was literally just sent to 2002 by Ortega's fist, a guy who just got absolutely smashed by Max
  9. stehilton94

    Kamaru Usman signs bout agreement for Woodley

    Colby ducked harder than me when I seen my mother remove her slipper
  10. stehilton94

    Max vs Khabib/Ferg please

    Its the only fights that make sense, Max has cleared that division, personally I want a Max vs McGregor fight (At some point) but I want Max vs Ferg or Khabib now
  11. stehilton94

    UFC cancels Eleven Sports deal

    I am literally cuming in my pants right now, they have saved me from never watching UFC live again, thank our lord and savior Dana White
  12. stehilton94

    January PPV Has Been Cancelled

    UFC ppv's are not ppv quality anyway, we have maybe 1 or 2 worth being called ppv out of all the entire year. They seriously either need to do a massive recruitment drive or cut the number of events they do in half
  13. stehilton94

    UFC 231: Holloway vs. Ortega

    So, Manuwa v Santos was amazing, Random **** bags were crap, Only way to try beat Nelson is by cheating, thankfully this time they failed. WMMA should be cancelled and Max is a ****ing machine, though Ortega has a serious chin and heart. I honestly think Max v McGregor would be the highest PPV ever
  14. stehilton94

    UFC 231: Holloway vs. Ortega

    How was round 2 not a 10-8? Multiple drops? What
  15. stehilton94

    UFC 231: Holloway vs. Ortega

    Woke up to see what was going on, watched Theo fight.... going back to bed... nah