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  1. This Bare Knuckle **** can be fun, but if they ever get some good fighters in it, the entire roster will lose 😂 Paulie was awful, I expected much more from a Boxer in basically a boxing fight. Boxing looked horrible as a sport tonight.
  2. stehilton94

    ESPN+ UFC Fight Night: Jung vs. Moicano

    Was actually a great night of fights, lots of unknown's put on great performances, the first fight on the prelims was brilliant
  3. Because the UFC is going to cater to a country with a population of 4.7m ....
  4. Or, now just stay with me here, book them to fight......... for the #1 contender spot..... like you should.....
  5. stehilton94

    Shevchenko vs Carmouche title fight headlines UFC on ESPN+ 14

    What is the point like, Shevchenko, while being amazing, is not going to be seen by anyone as shes fighting nobodys.
  6. stehilton94

    FOTY Rumoured for 243 in Sydney

    Great fight, possibly the fight I am looking forward to the most so far this year.
  7. stehilton94

    What Former Champs You Think Will Be a Champ Again Someday ?

    Does Tony count, he was never really champion, Stipe is the obvious choice, if he fails against DC, he just needs to wait a year and he will be champ by default.
  8. stehilton94

    UFC dead in Ireland/UK now

    So, Sky is 42 quid a month with HD, BT Sport is 30 quid a month, Fight Pass 8 a month and PPV will more than likely be 30-40 quid. So that is 110 a month, minimum, just to watch UFC.... No thanks
  9. stehilton94

    UFC dead in Ireland/UK now

    We now have to pay for Cable, BT Separately as its not with Cable, Fight Pass, PPV's and we have to stay up until 3am to start watching ..... yeah doesn't even compare. If the UFC was on like the Boxing over here at 10pm, id happily pay
  10. stehilton94

    TJ Dillashaw opens up on decision to cheat

    TJ has been cheating since the Dodson fight. His body completely changed and he suddenly looked a machine. Dodson sent him to EPO. Absolute bull**** that he has only cheated once for the Cejudo fight. Everyone knows now that USADA never tested for EPO, and the one time they did they straight away notice hes juiced
  11. stehilton94

    UFC dead in Ireland/UK now

    If McGregor is a one trick pony, then Khabib is also a one trick pony no? Just better at his trick? Irish people still love the UFC, trust me, Adesanya, Jones, Max, Tony and many others are loved over here, every time they fight they are on every single Irish Social Media page I follow and all the people I work with talk about them. Yes Conor may have started a lot of Irish people off as MMA fans, but a lot have moved on from him to actually like the sport. And you can't blame them for not being fans before hand, UFC was never ever ever talked about over here before McGregor
  12. stehilton94

    UFC dead in Ireland/UK now

    I wouldn't trust that, its missing numerous events and also with 239 being the first PPV they are doing, they will more than likely wait to see how it does before updating everything. Any knowing how dirty BT are when it comes to Box office, they will be moving all UFC numbered cards if it sells much
  13. stehilton94

    UFC dead in Ireland/UK now

    So far from what I seen "Numbered Cards will be shown exclusively on BT Sports Box Office" is what I am reading
  14. stehilton94

    UFC dead in Ireland/UK now

    So the UFC is dead in Ireland/UK, sorry if this was already posted, did a search, didn't find anything. Numbered UFC cards will now be PPV with BT Sport Box Office, on top of the already super high Monthly subscription to the channels. Every single UFC fan I know over here has already cancelled their BT subs and have said they will be downloading/streaming from now on. Why have the UFC done this, they must know no one will be willing to stay up to 6am, pay 30 quid with an additional PPV charge just to watch an event now. They are going to put a serious dent in their European viewing numbers with this decision