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    Which UFC fighter do you feel had the best comeback story?

    Robbie Lawler no doubt.
  2. stehilton94

    Aldo hospitalized.

    He gots the blood aids
  3. stehilton94

    Can you guys see Zabit winning the title?

    Absolutely not
  4. stehilton94

    Opinion: McG vs. Diaz 3 in July.

    Everyone saying "No, OMG WHY" will be the first people to pay that PPV money, and I will watch it too, first 2 fights were brilliant to watch, this won't be any different id imagine
  5. stehilton94

    Kevin Lee moves up to welterweight.

    Kevin wins, proves nothing, be fair about that, should be fighting an actual Welterweight
  6. stehilton94

    Kevin Lee moves up to welterweight.

    So basically, 2 fighters not good enough for Lightweight are fighting at a higher weight class, ok
  7. stehilton94

    Blachowitz vs. Rockhold signed for UFC 239

    I did quite enjoy him mashing Widemans face into the ground
  8. stehilton94

    ESPN Isn't The Only Deal UFC Extended Yesterday...

    Im just going off what everyone on social media are saying about ESPN+, I wouldn't know myself, thankfully I get all of it for 20 quid a month
  9. stehilton94

    ESPN Isn't The Only Deal UFC Extended Yesterday...

    I agreed with everything Dana has done up until they sold out for 4bn. Since then, mistake after mistake. The ESPN+ deal for instance, while a good concept, has been a disaster for Americans and the casual fans. I get my UFC for 20 quid a month including any PPV thankfully. You poor sods have to pay for PPV and ESPN+ and are stuck with a streaming service, a very poor one might I add, to watch said PPV on. That's a disaster if you ask me. If I were to pay PPV, I would expect the best quality video, ability to pause, rewind etc and have it on my TV. Maybe I just expect more for my money, but surely the American fans cannot be happy having to pay PPV on top of their ESPN+ subs for an online only service?
  10. stehilton94


    Said from day 1 he was roiding, you don't go from getting Knocked out by Dodson to winning the strap like he has. His body has completely changed since then too. Though I doubt Marlon is clean either, Dom is possibly the only one in that division not pissing hot
  11. Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland. After watching some MMA events in the small piece of **** arenas, and how the fans are over here, its unbelievable, yes our fighters suck, yes most of them are Cans, but we will support the **** out of them, 50+k seats, would be filled to the brim with screaming fans. A man can dream right
  12. I said currently, Floyd is retired or fighting non boxers, see yourself out
  13. Any boxer who is good is European currently, see yourself out ****, Katie Taylor would beat any American woman, ever
  14. stehilton94

    Till = LOL

    Love Jorge, but he seems to never show up when it actually matters, than Maia fight made me sad, same as the Thompson fight. Maybe this time with his stock being so high he might show up in a big fight.
  15. stehilton94

    Masvidal and Edwards were just fighting backstage.

    Chat **** get banged, but in all seriousness, I cannot think of a fighter I loved seeing getting smashed up post fight more than Edwards, even his own crowd hate him
  16. stehilton94

    Best possible Fight Week main card

    You say best possible Fight Week card.... yet you have the main event as Jon Jones vs Easy win #2...... see yourself out
  17. stehilton94

    McGregor arrested in Miami today, 5 days after probation is over.

    Legit you wouldn't be arrested over here for smashing someones phone, it would be a civil case
  18. stehilton94

    Cowboy vs. Realtor

    At no point there does Dana say Conor turned it down due to it being a Co Main....
  19. stehilton94

    Cowboy vs. Realtor

    Seriously? Conor offered Co Main from UFC, that right there is a red flag, they will never have Conor as a Co Main, he could fight an unranked nobody and pull in more than any other fighter in the UFC. Clear false rumor
  20. I think the only thing this entire forum can agree on is that Ali needs to **** off. Unbearable little prick. Would love to see him in the octogon vs any of the other fighters he has started **** against. So many fighters have him as their manager, are they dumb?
  21. Woodley will be 37 possibly 38 the next time he fights, I think his time as the best is over, age caught up, he was great while he lasted but I just think father time got his number, you cannot keep the physic he had for that long. Glad we got to see him in his prime, especially smashing Till
  22. stehilton94

    Ol u fight cheap in some trouble now

    Heavyweight is dead LHW is dying unless Walker or Reyes can somehow pull off huge upsets over Jones Middleweight is looking good but too many injurys and weight issues are ruining it Welterweight has 30% Khabib 0.5 as its champ followed by the unbearable Colby as the next challenger... Lightweight could be amazing if not for all the damn bull**** and fighters being too puss to actually fight, Dustin ducks Diaz and gets and interim title fight in return? Like what? Against the Featherweight champ??? LIKE WHAT? Featherweight... well, the champ is literally leaving it be because its so empty. Bantamweight, possibly the best division atm, TJ, Henry, Marlon, Munhoz, its looking good. Flyweight.... is that still going? WMMA doesn't exist k
  23. stehilton94

    UFC 235: Jones vs. Smith

    But he didn't, he lost to a ref making a wrong call, idiot
  24. stehilton94

    UFC 235: Jones vs. Smith

    No point trying to argue with you, clearly a Askren knob rider, your literally the only person who tought he was out it seems
  25. stehilton94

    How many thick L's does Cody need to take

    Is it bad I wanna see Marlon knock him out, just for fun, like a tune up fight on the same night as Marlon vs TJ