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  1. stehilton94

    UFC Cuts

    I agree with all cuts, Knight lost 4 in a row, 3 against unranked opponents and lost them all, you cant be losing to 3 prospects in a row and still consider yourself a prospect
  2. stehilton94

    Joe B signs new 4 fight deal at Flyweight...

    This deal was only made to keep Megan Olivi happy
  3. stehilton94

    Jon Jones vs Lionheart official 235

  4. stehilton94

    Rockhold being cringe again

    Just EWW. thats not even a contest
  5. stehilton94

    What Country Will Be Next To Produce Their First UFC Champion?

    Wait, Ireland had 2 Champions? I am guessing they mean 2 different divisions? Its not really 2 champions though.... As for Nigeria, I would 100% say them, Isreal is clearly the real contender on the list you have, Yoel more than likely won't get another chance, Ponzinbio is a failure waiting to fail, Gus will never hold a belt as long as DC and Jones are alive. And Mexico? Who from Mexico is actually doing well? No one apart from the American Mexicans.
  6. stehilton94

    Chad Mendes Retires?

    Hey, not my fault it wasnt showed over here before TUF1
  7. stehilton94

    Chad Mendes Retires?

    I was indeed 11, good maths, TUF1 was my start point
  8. stehilton94

    Chad Mendes Retires?

    Try 2005, but sure, we can try make you feel better
  9. stehilton94

    Chad Mendes Retires?

    There have been 3 FW champions in the UFC, Chad lost against 2 of them and did not fight the 3rd... He also lost against Frankie, another previous champion. He beat a total of 0 UFC champions in his career... but ok
  10. stehilton94

    Werdum will no longer fight for the UFC

    That is a fair point, I still rather the Edmond thing, because Colby just pretends to be a pleb, Edmond actually is one
  11. stehilton94

    Chad Mendes Retires?

    Clearly had nothing left after getting caught doping, Was never going to win a belt at 145, Could not go to 135 because of Cody and the Team Alpha ****s unwillingness to get in each others way. Goodluck Chad, you were a fun fighter but you just never had the final piece of skill to win that gold
  12. stehilton94

    Werdum will no longer fight for the UFC

    Good, though his best memory will always be him kicking at Edmond Tarverdyan
  13. stehilton94

    Mazvidal vs Diaz no longer happening.

  14. stehilton94

    Not sure why he deserves a rematch...but

    Nah, won't happen, Khabib has McGregors number 100/100
  15. stehilton94

    Csac weights

    Fair play to Ryan Hall, his fighting style is dog**** but thats respectable
  16. stehilton94

    All Things Football* 18-19 *with french accent

    If Van Dijk/Salah/Firmino/Mane/Robertson get injured then our title challenge crumbles, every single 1 of those players in irreplaceable. I won't believe we can win it until we beat City, if we lose against City I can see a massive fall in form
  17. stehilton94

    is Tenshin still getting diggled tomorrow?

    That was the biggest **** show ever, Floyd not even connecting with punches and the little jap was flying around the floor looking like something out of the power rangers, if anyone paid to watch that they should be refunded immediately and lose their ability to watch sport again.
  18. stehilton94

    What's Next For The Winners And Losers Of UFC 232

    Some of these calls are terrible, Jones vs Smith makes 0 sense, Smith is nothing and has nothing for him, Smith should fight some more LHW's first. , Nunes vs Holm or Ladd is laughable, shows how poor WMMA is atm. Corey vs Smith for me. Cyborg is finished with the UFC, and if she does come back it 100% will not be against Meghan Anderson. Also, did not even know Mendes retired, thats what happens when you cant dope anymore
  19. stehilton94

    Jon Jones - I could Test Postive Again

    Should just be banned for life, if he messed up and is now unable to be tested correctly, again HE MESSED UP, should have tested what he was going to take before taking it, like all fighters should, then he should be banned until its either out of his system or he retires. He does not deserve a free pass and is making it impossible for his opponents to know if he is actually clean or not
  20. stehilton94

    UFC 232: Jones vs. Gustafsson 2

    Literally nothing said about the CLEAR punches to the back of the ****ing head, the UFC has literally gone mad with power, its becoming the WWE
  21. stehilton94

    UFC 232: Jones vs. Gustafsson 2

    Its honestly the worst I have ever seen, he didnt even make an effort not to smash the back of the head, you can clearly see Gus go limp with the 2nd punch to the back of the head, thats a terrible decision
  22. stehilton94

    UFC 232: Jones vs. Gustafsson 2

    Sorry but about 4 blows clear to the back of the head, what the ****
  23. stehilton94

    UFC 232: Jones vs. Gustafsson 2

    Rogan "Good kick by Jones" as Gus literally grabs his foot while trying to kick..... does he have eyes anymore
  24. stehilton94

    UFC 232: Jones vs. Gustafsson 2

    Avicii died, one of Sweden's greatest artists, thats why
  25. stehilton94

    UFC 232: Jones vs. Gustafsson 2

    Was about to say, her contract is out, I don't see UFC wasting money paying her more money after that like? Do you?