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    Who Is Donald Cerrone's 155 Opponent?

    This, as much as this fight doesn't make sense, there is a history and it is a sell-able fight
  2. stehilton94

    All Things Football* 18-19 *with french accent

    100% onside, justice for the disallowed goal vs Arsenal I guess, but Liverpool have been poor again, another week, Shaq has been the bright light, Mane and Firmino look off the pace badly and have the first touch of a trampoline
  3. stehilton94

    Cowboy is already making plans for 155 again.

    Just seen his interviews after the fight, a lot of people saying they are lining up McGregor to fight Cowboy, have to be honest, while the fight makes no sense, I would watch the **** out of that fight, those 2 have had beef since day 1
  4. stehilton94

    Cowboy is already making plans for 155 again.

    Perry is wank, Cerrone should not be making plans after beating him, and surely should not be dropping down again...
  5. stehilton94

    UFC Fight Night: Jung vs. Rodriguez

    So just watched the event, my take from it There is a new title challenger at 115 WMMA who is a ****ing machine Luis Pena destroyed his career going to AKA, he is all of a sudden an ankle diver, like what? You were absolutely amazing at striking before you went to AKA..... Mike Perry is absolutely **** and Cowboy is forgetting that fact and is suddenly thinking he is a title challenger again.... at a different weight 😂 Love you Cowboy, never change Yair just committed murder on TV, that elbow was absolutely disgusting, he legit just killed a Zombie
  6. I am out, clearly just wolf tickets now, why have the fight at a weight class that is not there anymore, literally setting TJ up in a win win situation, he loses, so what he still has his belt. Fight literally makes no sense, don't see TJ making that weight either
  7. stehilton94

    Thousand Oaks bar mass shooting

    This wouldn't have happened if everyone had a gun
  8. stehilton94

    What Have You Accomplished This Year ?

    I got a new job which I begin Monday, a Career I guess compared to what I was doing Begun planning my wedding after getting engaged the end of last year Will become a godfather by tomorrow Finally built my new PC to be future proof after years of playing catch up Been a good year I guess
  9. stehilton94

    Props to Jacare

    SSSssssshhh, I am still salty as **** he beat Gastelum
  10. stehilton94

    Props to Jacare

    Weidman ended Silva, we can all thank him in a way for that, but in reality he has not really done much else, he has beaten exactly 1 of the current top 15 Middleweights who is Gastelum, name one other victory of his that was a big WOW? There is none, thank you for beating Silva, but really you were never a title caliber fighter
  11. stehilton94

    Borg vs. Benavidez Scratched from Saturday's Card

    Nope, only a select few are getting the option, loads have already come out saying they would have moved up but the UFC just straight up cut them
  12. stehilton94

    Borg vs. Benavidez Scratched from Saturday's Card

    Yeah he had 8 fights in the UFC and had no money saved? **** does he be doing? If you are not making the money to live the high life, don't live it
  13. stehilton94

    UFC men’s flyweight division being dissolved by end of 2018

    105 has most of the hotties
  14. stehilton94

    Borg vs. Benavidez Scratched from Saturday's Card

    And the division is gone, so is Borg more than likely from the UFC, they are cutting EVERYONE and ANYONE
  15. stehilton94

    Paulo Costa "hurt" wont be fighting Yoel

    Adesanya vs Yoel is the one that just makes sense, yeah he could be killed, but you have to beat the best to be the best
  16. stehilton94

    All Things Football* 18-19 *with french accent

    I don't understand why he is doing that, he is still 2nd in the group and like 7th in the league 😂
  17. Literally already posted, stop being an idiot
  18. stehilton94

    Borg vs. Benavidez Scratched from Saturday's Card

    Has a sick kid and cannot even make fights, I would imagine every other fighter would be fighting with 1 hand to make sure they had the money for their kid
  19. stehilton94

    All Things Football* 18-19 *with french accent

    Pogba is the most overrated player in history, every time he does something wrong he has a strop, blames everyone else and doesn't come back to help his team defend, hes such a twat, I would hate him in my club
  20. The fight literally just got cancelled as it was actually never supposed to happen, keep up man
  21. Floyd **** out against some random kid, talks a big game but when it comes to it hes just a big fanny