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  1. Bwana

    Well Dom's return was fun while it lasted

    “It’s basically an ACL of the shoulder,” he said during an interview on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show on ESPN. Cruz explained that he tore two ligaments in his right shoulder during sparring for the Lineker fight and that recovery from the surgery will take approximately a year, which should see him ultimately rivaling the longest layoff he’s ever faced.
  2. Bwana

    Zabit finna beat the chit out of Stephens.

    I like Jeremy, but Zabit's length & speed is a serious problem,,,,and he has a ground game too.
  3. Bwana

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    When you leave the city limits, a duet of banjos is sure to be heard...just keep driving.
  4. Bwana

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    hahahaha...just wait an 1hr or 1 1/2 or so
  5. Bwana

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    How long has it been since the 2nd cookie was eaten ?
  6. Bwana

    TSA is a complete joke

    You're right, but when traveling with friends and the wife, I'm just trying to get to my destination...with all legal passports and tickets. Traveling with medications and health issues is a mofo, my wife is a diabetic and they treat her like a heroine addict...even tho she has papers from doctors, all medication has her name on it, etc..what a fuggin joke. Watching them frisk 80 year old people, putting their shoes on/off is a crying shame. I've told this story before, but it was my last straw with TSA. I shattered my hip in a scaffold fall, and decided to go to the Islands for 6 weeks to recover(drink and eat pills)on the warm beach. I hired an airline employee to push my azz thru the airport up to TSA boarding, because trying to work crutches that far would never have been feasible. They demanded I stand up and WALK thru the scanner, I lol'd and said "I can't walk you fuggin idiot, I've got brand new steel and screws...and brought a letter from my orthopedic surgeon". They demanded I go thru the scanner, so I walked in with crutches, held onto the wall, and threw the crutches out. Then they decided to rip the wheelchair apart, seat, cushion, looking inside the tubing...the wheel chair said American Airlines on it, with an AA employee in a blue uniform pushing the mofo....it wasn't my wheelchair, and I didn't stick C4 in the seat cushion dumbfuks.
  7. Bwana

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    You went ballz deep, and I left the conversation...best wishes to your mother's health Stomp. Thank you, a new batch of Blueberry Diesel x White Widow...34 days to go
  8. Bwana

    Marbles Milwaukee Main Event Breakdown

    I'd agree with that, but my list isn't built on cringe alone Many of the fighters have strong loud personalities, Conor/Woodley/Colby/Ferguson...I can basically deal with the fight hype bs. Lesnar- Roid can, that I don't consider a fighter Jones- GOAT fighter that can't stay clean, and runs pregnant women over with his car...then runs Nunes- Top cringe personality, possibly has a C O C K Chiesa- Mullet haircut, and I hate his mother
  9. Bwana

    TSA is a complete joke

    I agree 100%, and have had quite a few problems with TSA...including legally transporting firearms and weapons. They're a bunch of hard-on power trip azzholes, that harass travelers while pretending to protect public. I've been escorted to the back room for private searches, sent thru the metal/body scanner multiple times, and missed flights due to their arrogance. I may as well a shirt that say's "Terrorist" so they can justify their getting to 2nd base, then act offended while I call them every nasty name in the book...you've got nothing, you never did, fugg off. It's a federally funded bs method of authoritarian infringement and control, not much different than our prison system...it's about money and fear.
  10. Bwana

    Marbles Milwaukee Main Event Breakdown

    I'm not a big fan of Lee's loud personality, or pimp clothing...but he comes to fight. He's always in shape, and only missed weight one time. I respect all the fighters really, it's a commitment to a lifestyle few of us could endure...and I give 99% of the fighters props for that effort. I have a lot of bouts that are mixed feelings on who I'd like to win, because I like both in the match-up...so I just enjoy the fight, and hope for no eye pokes or boring sparring match. I really only dislike a few fighters in the UFC,,,, Lesnar, Jones, Nunes, Chiesa would top the list. Most are disliked because of their cringe personalities, more than their fight game.
  11. Bwana

    Marbles Milwaukee Main Event Breakdown

    I was picking Lee to win, I'm a Lee fan...and he lost that fight, pretty plainly in my opinion. Being disappointed is expected, to act shocked and pout after the fight was embarrassing...for me.
  12. Bwana

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    You wouldn't want to eat 3 of my cookies bro, you'd be in the ER after being arrested for riding your lawn tractor down the interstate.
  13. Bwana

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    I made some hash cookies for a friend when he went on a cruise, he called me long distance at 4am from Hawaii asking if it was possible to die...he was totally wrecked and scared shiitless from 3 cookies. The balls in your court lol
  14. Bwana

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    lol,,,,no ! Eat 1 whole, and smoke a bud,,,drink a couple brews, you'll be golden...but still over weight.