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  1. bringerofrain

    When Conor?

    How come all his fights sell more than anybody else? Khabib should blow Conor for getting him the payday.
  2. bringerofrain

    Vert's Bitcoin Thread

    I've had my greatest run ever betting on sports the past 2 months. Unfortunately I use a bitcoin sportsbook so even though I have way more bitcoin my wins have been cut down by like 40 to 45% from loss in bitcoin value. In no hurry to cashout though so just going to leave it there and hope bitcoin gets back near level I bought at (around 6k I think, bought literally right before the recent drop)
  3. bringerofrain

    When Conor?

    Cuz Dana likes $$$
  4. bringerofrain

    Are top 20 university degrees a scam?

    Agreed. I should have specified. All the liberal arts BS degrees are scams. Know many idiots with college debt so they could major in some stupid chit that qualifies them for nothing. If your going to pay for college major in a degree that qualifies you to actually do something of value.
  5. bringerofrain

    When Conor?

    It’s just business mate. Bring back the people’s champ.
  6. bringerofrain

    MTV Rebooting 'Celebrity Deathmatch'

    Bring back singled out with some hottie to replace Jen/Carmen
  7. bringerofrain

    Are top 20 university degrees a scam?

    Probably the only degrees that aren’t a scam. Nobody cares if you got a degree from some community college.
  8. bringerofrain

    When Conor?

  9. WTF at so many people having Vegas listed. I mean its a great time for a weekend but broaden your horizons people.
  10. I'm back mudafukas

  11. bringerofrain

    Anybody else donating $2 to the cause?

    Would do two chicks at the same time. Then buy a mansion and just rot.
  12. bringerofrain

    Bovada Online Betting**Official**

    Yes sir. Something we can agree on. I’m on it.
  13. Scared of getting caught with the left. Knows he will see a better Version of Conor next time around.
  14. bringerofrain

    Bovada Online Betting**Official**

    What’s the action today
  15. Get ripped or die mirin.