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  1. WTF at so many people having Vegas listed. I mean its a great time for a weekend but broaden your horizons people.
  2. I'm back mudafukas

  3. bringerofrain

    Anybody else donating $2 to the cause?

    Would do two chicks at the same time. Then buy a mansion and just rot.
  4. bringerofrain

    Bovada Online Betting**Official**

    Yes sir. Something we can agree on. I’m on it.
  5. Scared of getting caught with the left. Knows he will see a better Version of Conor next time around.
  6. bringerofrain

    Bovada Online Betting**Official**

    What’s the action today
  7. Get ripped or die mirin. 

  8. When gangstas bump my **** can they feel my hunger?

  9. bringerofrain

    Bovada Online Betting**Official**

    Lold when dodgers lead off man homered but ended up working out.
  10. bringerofrain

    Bovada Online Betting**Official**

    Rolling with Brewers tonight.
  11. bringerofrain

    Will me and cashfl0ws feud break records?

    Bwana no offense brother but I’m wondering how you can see to post with your head so far up Cashs bunghole.
  12. bringerofrain

    Change my mind Kebob/Canor

    A mauling emplies he did a lot physical damage. I would expect blood and dome shots to consider it a mauling. This was more of a sound technical win, khabib is very good at laying on top of people and playing footsy.
  13.  I'm ascending. come at me

    1. bringerofrain


      get ripped or die mirin

  14. bringerofrain

    Change my mind Kebob/Canor

    good knock. Looking forward to the rematch.