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  1. brunofr418

    My gf of 9 yrs and I broke up the other day

    did you finally discover she wasnt a kevin lee fan? all jokes aside power to ya man, enjoy being single for a bit
  2. brunofr418

    UFC should cut down the amount of events

    quite the contrary the ufc needs more events, twice a week, or even three times a day
  3. brunofr418

    McGregor Had Staph during the Khabib fight?

    ahhhhh ok i see how i was confused
  4. brunofr418

    Kevin Lee vs a realtor at ufc Milwaukee

    ****ttt man id duck gaethje too a fight with him is guaranteed to increase the chance of cte by at least 35%
  5. probably one of the top five worst threads in FC history
  6. brunofr418

    Khabib wants to be like Conor

    and so says the fight club goat. we praise you
  7. brunofr418

    Artem vs Johnson

    goddamnit i was about to post this
  8. brunofr418

    Jeffdubya on Proper 12

    is it only available overseas? i havent been able to find it in the states
  9. brunofr418

    Khabib wants to be like Conor

  10. brunofr418

    Chad Mendes vs. Renato Moicano at UFC 231

    dont underestimate full camp mendes. chad wins by 2nd rd tko stoppage
  11. brunofr418

    Khabib wants to be like Conor

    the man was obviously joking. i dont get why everyones taking it serious
  12. brunofr418

    Anyone else worried by the video posted of Max Holloway?

    it was an interesting shot to start with
  13. brunofr418

    Anyone else worried by the video posted of Max Holloway?

    max doesnt seem like his normal self. he seems off
  14. So we all know of max's recent weight cutting issues and we know that he pulled out of his last fight due to "concussion-like" symptoms. recently D.C posted a video of max and something about it just doesnt sit well with me. He's slurring his words, he cant get his words out of his mouth properly, and he has a worrying look on his face. I like Max he's a good guy but it seems like his brain is done. if this is how he looks this far from the fight i wonder how he's gonna be once we get closer to 231. What do you guys think? does max make it to the fight? am i looking too far into it? does he seem "off" at all to you guys? 1539626119.mp4
  15. its over for those dream blokes