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  1. brunofr418

    OFFICIAL Race to 101 #IV

    picking the whole damn card: Araujo Kara-France Hooper Brown Heinisch Viera Neal Faber Moraes Nunes Volkanovski Covington
  2. 1. Rozenstruik needs to finish that fight and not assume Reem is done 2. Reem was done
  3. brunofr418

    Anyone for a Coooooner bet?

    been thinking about this and can't come to a confidant pick. going to sit out
  4. everyone knows Brazil should've been number one especially after that slapper of a card they just had BRAZIL NÚMERO 1 CAMPEÃ PENTA CAMPEÃO DO MUNDO
  5. brunofr418

    Greatest F'ing Brazil Card of all time

    are you ****ing serious
  6. brunofr418

    Volk is gonna beat the chit out of Max

  7. brunofr418

    Fight news

    god id **** the **** outta maycee barber
  8. brunofr418

    Hick Diaz Fights Two Guys In A Bathroom Stall

    Talk about fighting in a phone booth!
  9. brunofr418

    OFFICIAL Race to 101 #IV

    Throwing my hat in the ring, Jan Ko 1 Craig Ko 1 Gordon Decision Arroyo decision Perez Decision
  10. brunofr418

    Diet and Nutrition

    my biggest issue is with my schedule, i've never been a breakfast person and I'm usually at work or going to classes through the whole day so it'll get to like 8 at night and i'll realize i still haven't eaten anything for the day
  11. brunofr418

    Diet and Nutrition

    i've tried a few diets here and there but with work and school, i can't really watch what i eat as much as i'd like to. ive settled on intermittent fasting and it seems to be working pretty well
  12. brunofr418

    Diet and Nutrition

    Just look at Nick Newell!
  13. brunofr418

    Disciplines and workouts

    been doing a little of MMA for about 3 years now. i’m still nowhere near the level of the guys i train with. easily having the most fun and getting the most work in with jiu jitsu. it’s weird i never thought i’d like it until i started doing it
  14. brunofr418

    Serious Question...

    hey man don’t quote me i was just saying how that’s ridiculous