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  1. brunofr418

    Most Liveable Cities In Europe

    i’ll take a place on the coast of italy over any of those
  2. brunofr418

    Rest easy everybody

    already made a thread about this
  3. brunofr418

    Artem Lobov vs Jason Knight to fight in Bare Knuckle FC...on 4/20

    all the idiots who think its still funny to call him the GOAT will probably buy it and say it was "just for the meme"
  4. brunofr418

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    is anyone else interested in Jump force. haven't heard too much about it but it comes out Friday and looks pretty good
  5. brunofr418

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    i bought a switch just for zelda and the new smash bros and trust me its worth it. i put a few hours into zelda but as soon as smash dropped ive been hooked. never played before but as soon as i picked it up i haven't touched another game on the switch.
  6. brunofr418


    i just started watching Jojo's bizarre adventure. i finished part 3 last night and Holy chit its easily a top 3 anime for me. its super far out there but i love it
  7. What better way to spend 4/20 than with a few J's watching one of the most dynamic strikers in MMA, Artem Lobov, fight Hick Diaz in a bare-knuckle fight. i wonder if they can get either one of the actual Diaz brothers on the card
  8. brunofr418

    Which UFC shows do you like the best? (Apart from the live events)

    dont really watch any offical UFC shows apart from the fights. i do really like both MMAonpoint and Mixedmollywhoppery on youtube
  9. brunofr418

    We might be seeing more of Johnny Walker sooner than we think

    ima say he sleeps cirk in the first.
  10. if he moves up to MW i think he can establish himself as a top 10 fighter. but im not sure if he'll be champ in either MW or WW anytime soon
  11. brunofr418

    Podcast thread

    i'm not big into podcasts but ill always throw on some JRE if i cant sleep
  12. i agree i won't say he's overrated just yet. i still think izzy is the real deal. its 100% possible that he held back in there just because of who he was fighting
  13. brunofr418

    We might be seeing more of Johnny Walker sooner than we think

    i also just woke up so it’s news to me
  14. brunofr418

    We might be seeing more of Johnny Walker sooner than we think

    yup news just broke.