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    12 yo black girl KOd

    i hate chit like this. youre getting in the guys face and shoving him what do you expect? good for the guy. show this vid to Dana White he might give him a shot on the contender series
  2. brunofr418

    Nintendo Switch

    switch is pretty fun considering its the only way to play smash ultimate
  3. brunofr418

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    Finally watched Oldboy, the 2003 original not the chitty 2013 Spike Lee Remake wow this movie was fantastic. if you've never seen it its best to go in blind. great plot, great action, and amazing characters. there's literally nothing bad i can say about this movie. if you're going to watch, watch the subtitled version not the dub. 5/5
  4. brunofr418

    Chad Mendes Retires?

    apparently Chad Mendes has retired following his loss to Volkanovski. only one media outlet has reported on it so im not sure if its true yet. if so its sad to see him go out like this but he has had an amazing career.
  5. brunofr418

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    Bandersnatch the black mirror interactive movie HOLY CHIT this was crazy. if you're a fan of black mirror you must watch this.it is so much fun going through all the choices and picking different things. honestly a great overall story told in an interesting way 4.5/5
  6. brunofr418

    Ufc London

    leon edwards vs ponzi should be on the card somewhere
  7. brunofr418

    Happy new year from the future

    Happy New Year Oz tho we may of had our differences in the past, i wish you nothing but peace and prosperity in the coming year
  8. brunofr418

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    been grinding my **** off in smash. this is the first one i've actually owned. did a tournament with a bunch of my buddies and even tho i was the last seed i beat the kid who was seeded in third. was definitely proud of my self even tho i didnt get any more wins in the tournament. now tht the games been out a while who r u guys maining
  9. damn i cant help but feel bad. they probably have it bad as it is. can u imagine dealing with this chit on a daily basis. oh well i guess. thats what happens when you work at gamestop
  10. brunofr418

    Is Gus destined to knock off Jones now?

    yea ive got gus by 4th rd KO
  11. brunofr418

    L O L Jon Jones

    theres so many people on twitter ranting about how jon ruined their christmas cuz they got their loved ones tickets as a gift
  12. brunofr418

    Why does everyone hate on Jon Jones?

    you picked a great time to post this thread
  13. brunofr418

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    Finally saw Hot Fuzz. i dont know how this movie flew under my radar for so long but boy am i glad i watched it. it takes that signature Edgar Wright humor from movies like Shaun of the Dead and cranks it up to 100. personally i liked it more than SOTD and i would probably say its my favorite Edgar Wright film besides Baby Driver 5/5
  14. brunofr418

    NG vs Cain to headline UFC on ESPN 1

    More like Ngannou vs TBD. honestly i want this fight to happen so bad but im not sure Cain will be able to fight off his injuries long enough to make it to this fight
  15. brunofr418

    Lineker vs. Sandhagen in Brooklyn

    wasnt Sandhagen supposed to fight Almedia?
  16. brunofr418

    Should DC fight Jon Jones?

    being a serial killer doesn't enhance your performance when you fight. what jon does on his down time does
  17. brunofr418

    Best Ways to Handle a Break Up

    damn straight. those first few months after the binge you're invincible. a fookin 18 wheeler couldnt even take you off your feet
  18. brunofr418

    Best Ways to Handle a Break Up

    like sober said, drug binge. for a few months do nothing but go to working during the day and smoking weed at night. take your favorite way to kill time, like watching movies or listening to music etc etc, and throw that in the mix too and VOLIA you got yourself a spicy recovery sandwitch. or at least a coping one
  19. brunofr418

    Jimmie Rivera vs. Aljamain Sterling at UFC on ESPN 1

    its a different kind of energy
  20. brunofr418

    Well Dom's return was fun while it lasted

    so Dom's out of his fight against Lineker. UFC is apparently looking to have Cody Garbrandt replace him. could this be a blessing in disguise as i've gotta admit im a bit more hype for this new matchup https://www.bjpenn.com/mma-news/ufc/report-dominick-cruz-injured-out-of-bout-with-john-lineker-at-ufc-233-cody-garbrandt-targeted-as-replacement/
  21. brunofr418

    Well Dom's return was fun while it lasted

    heard he blew his shoulder out eating his wife's box
  22. CAIN VS NGANNOU IN THE WORKS. holy chitttttttttt this fight is insane. if Cain comes back ready its gonna be a nightmare for Francis. but if Cain doesnt come prepared its gonna be a short night for him
  23. brunofr418

    Greatest HW Fight In Recent Years In The Works

    Johnny Hendricks