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    I Want To Get a Jeep

    i have a jeep wrangler and i love it. i live in queens NY and it’s the perfect summer and winter car. during the winter the 4 wheel drive helps to get around the snow and during the summer you can pop the doors and roof off and drive out to the beach. it’s really a great car, my only complaint with it is that the turning radius is a bit weird and takes a while to get used to
  2. What better way to spend 4/20 than with a few J's watching one of the most dynamic strikers in MMA, Artem Lobov, fight Hick Diaz in a bare-knuckle fight. i wonder if they can get either one of the actual Diaz brothers on the card
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    Aaron Pico

  4. brunofr418

    Aaron Pico

    good. as it should be
  5. brunofr418

    Aaron Pico

    is anyone still on this derailed hype train?
  6. brunofr418

    Sooo anybody crash a hire car before?

    first week i had my car i was driving around the neighborhood and ended up behind a few cars at a light. the road was narrow so only one car at a time. houses on both sides of the road. i was stopped right in front of a drive way. i’m messing with the features in my car and i glance to my left. next thing i know i see a car flooring it out of the driveway. i freeze up. i can’t go back or forwards cuz there’s cars there. guy slams right into me full force, airbags deploy, windows break, the whole nine yards. i was fine except for a few cuts from the glass. i immediately jumped to the passenger side and got out. i go over to the car to lay into the guy but before i get there a 95 year old vet walks out and asks if i’m ok. i start screaming at the guy telling him i just got the car and that he shouldn’t be driving and ever other cliche i could think of. the other people on the road get out too and come over to me and tell me to sit on the curb while the cops come. eventually everything was sorted out and my insurance didn’t charge me because there was literally nothing i could do. moral of the story: sometimes **** happens
  7. brunofr418

    Justin beiber

    book it. i’ll fight supreme patty on the same card
  8. brunofr418

    UFC 238: Cejudo vs. Moraes

    **** guys. cejudo might be an all time great
  9. brunofr418

    UFC 238: Cejudo vs. Moraes

    y’all know who i’m goin with
  10. brunofr418

    UFC 238: Cejudo vs. Moraes

    eddie wineland is the new ian mccall. comes to swing with a sick stash
  11. brunofr418

    Neckbearded virgin gamer vs 'Straya

    lol **** you op, don’t talk **** about my boy critikal like that. i’ve seen some of the roasts your fellow country men have tried throwing his way and let me just say, i can see why you guys lost a war against emus now
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    UFC 242 - Khabib/Poirier Team Forum Bet

    throw me on team khabib
  13. brunofr418

    John Gotti III

    4 pro fights, 4 first round ko’s. when’s dana signing this man?
  14. he should give Tim Kennedy 1/3 of the money for stoolgate
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    i thought anderson silva got cut too when i saw a one fc ad promoting a fight featuring anderson silva. different guy though
  16. brunofr418

    Best Highlight/Finishes/Moves You can Remember

    bit of a weird one but osp ko’ing anderson at 217. it wasn’t even the first KO i seen in person or even on that card but it was the first time i could clearly see both fighters and holy chit it’s one of those things that’ll stick with me for a long time
  17. brunofr418

    Who is the better fighter between these two?

    kyung ho kang
  18. brunofr418

    good community.

    thanks for your feedback! we always strive to achieve the highest form of excellence here at the UFC Fight Club
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    Game of Thrones

    i can see where you’re coming from but i don’t think it would’ve taken much away from the ending. like stomp said it shows that the cycle continues no matter how badly we want to break it. jon has fought for so long but his struggles still aren’t over
  20. brunofr418

    Game of Thrones

    apparently one of the other endings that they shot but didn’t use had Jon and Tormund going beyond the wall scouting and they find a group of fresh bodies arranged in the white walker spiral. i feel like that would’ve been a much better final shot imo. they could’ve done some interesting things with the camera work as well and have it mirror the very beginning of GOT. would’ve been a nice full circle ending but oh well
  21. brunofr418

    Game of Thrones

    wtf does the nights watch do now. there’s no white walkers and the wildlings aren’t a threat anymore
  22. brunofr418

    Game of Thrones

    these **** writers ruined GOT
  23. brunofr418

    Game of Thrones

    nah man this is a misunderstanding on your end. seasons 1-4 were written by D&D with a lot of help from GRRM who would often write the show alongside them. however, once the show passed the books george left and full control of the writing went to D&D. a quick google search of “who wrote game of thrones seasons 1-4” will back up what i’ve just said. maybe do your research before you call me a pleb ya ****head
  24. brunofr418

    Game of Thrones

    i think you’re just trying to save face after i called you out on your beta ways