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    Can you guys see Zabit winning the title?

    like schaub said zabit kinda hurt his own stock with that performance against stephens. i think more people are starting to see him as just another hype job
  2. brunofr418

    Love Death + Robots

    watched the first 3 episodes. they’re....interesting?? idk i’m not sure what to think right now
  3. brunofr418

    Love Death + Robots

    will give it a watch tonight and come back to post my thoughts
  4. brunofr418


    there’s been rumors about him doping for a while. i think cody even said he literally showed TAM how to cycle
  5. ragin’ Al via NY energy
  6. lolol your highest draw just got slept cold who else does the UK have
  7. they should find a way to fight in the roman colosseum
  8. don’t lie to me, y’all were screaming along to sweet caroline all the same
  9. denizen must’ve shared some betting tips with baldy
  10. brunofr418

    Masvidal and Edwards were just fighting backstage.

    masvidal beat the breaks off till and edwards then got condemned by dana white all in one night. Jorge you ****in legend
  11. probably about the same as till getting slept cold in front of his hometown
  12. wouldn’t mind seeing masvidal fight woodly now
  13. roberts showing shades of andre soccermom with this fight iq
  14. woohoo another round of it coming up!
  15. excuse me sir could you repeat that?
  16. i’m jumpin in the shower lmk if i miss anything
  17. only rooting for jordan cuz i wanna see @wickles82 boy arnold get beat
  18. what the hell happened to the right side of that guys face
  19. i’ve been in the bathroom with the shïts am i missing anything?
  20. never heard a crowd so quiet after a first round win
  21. what the hell happened to espn + at the end of the fight
  22. card still starts at 1 or 1:30 now that breese is out?