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  1. Jay101

    Greg Hardy

    Yeah so you’re one of them, can you tell me why? Why so much anger?
  2. Jay101

    Greg Hardy

    Hey guys first of all I’m not a Greg hardy fan but I’m looking forward seeing him fight. Now that we cleared that out of the way my question to you guys is, its been a few days on MMAFighting and other mma websites I look at the Greg hardy articles and it seems like every single fan is against him.I know what he did and it is disgusting but what pisses me off the most is that who are we to not grant him a second chance? The guy is being thrown under the bus by everyone and I’m some idiot fans are domestic abusers too. I mean seriously if the guy is entertaining when he fights and knocks everybody out well what’s the problem with being a fan of the man? Are you guys Greg Haters too? We all fk up once in a while but we’re not famous that’s why nobody knows about it we can’t be hypocrites. On a side note Max Holloway looked weird again during ufc embossed 3 am I the only one who noticed?
  3. Jay101

    Robert Whittaker is next

    Don’t be mad bro you know Robert is losing badly and will headline undercards real soon.
  4. Jay101

    Heart and toughness good job Rua

    Jon Jones already destroyed him during his prime sooo no.
  5. Jay101

    Jose Aldo vs Cub Swanson at UFC 233

    WAR ALDO!!!
  6. Jay101

    Heart and toughness good job Rua

    I’m sorry but losing to Shogun is a disgrace to the sport they should cut Pedro. The guy is like 40 and has no chin anymore idk how Pedro couldn’t knock him out smh
  7. Jay101

    Robert Whittaker is next

    If it’s a list that implies Whittaker losing or Silva being the champ I’m in!
  8. Jay101

    Robert Whittaker is next

    Yesterday we finally got the proof that Aussies are not champs material hell not even top 10. Robert Whittaker is the most overrated champ in the history of the sport he lost TWICE to Romero and for ktfo by Wonderboy. Kelvin is coming for his soul and Silva will send this kid back to Welterweight mark my words!
  9. Jay101

    What are some good underrated fights?

    Alex Oliveira vs yancy medeiros thomas almeida vs brad pickett Anthony Pettis vs Charles Oliveira Some random but fun fights!
  10. I actually watch every event of this sport but I have never heard about this guy before
  11. Man if Overeem gets kod I’ll just stop watching ufc altogether
  12. https://www.mmafighting.com/2018/10/19/18000794/dana-white-shoots-down-khabib-nurmagomedov-vs-floyd-mayweather-talk-dont-pay-attention-to-it link the the article So does that mean we should expect this fight anytime soon? Perhaps Spring 2019?!?
  13. Jay101

    IDYB's Official Certified GSP Spam That Nobody Wants To Read 1.0 Thread

    Khabib bodies GSP