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  1. Let’s get on the hardy hype train hes coming for that strap!
  2. Jay101

    Weidman vs. Reyes Predictions

    I hope Weidman destroys that can
  3. Jay101

    Adesanya already crashed his McLaren? Lmao

    You’re not the only one who’s thinks he’s gay. Just saying
  4. Jay101

    OSP vs Ya Boi

    OSP never fights in heavy weight mate. But considering the skill level of the division, he would probably do good overthere.
  5. Jay101

    OSP vs Ya Boi

    Greg is a heavy weight
  6. You are right but there’s a lot of ego involved from both sides.
  7. Thank god Colby is putting his ego to the side a little.
  8. I was looking forward in seeing Urijah lose again.
  9. Jay101

    Dana White is now your Genie

    1. Cage-side seats for every UFC event 2. Hire me as an assistant matchmaker 3. Have the ability to cut fighters who don’t belong in the UFC.
  10. Jay101

    Brian Ortega meets Chan Sung Jung in UFC on ESPN+23

    I got zombie by KO
  11. I think you are just mad because you lost money on that decision. Hall was lighting him up on the feet and whenever they were on the ground he wasn’t doing anything.
  12. Jay101

    Michel pereira

    I know he’s a “showman”. That guy should work in a circus.
  13. Jay101

    Michel pereira

    That was by far the weirdest 1st round and performance I have ever watched in my life. I think this can deserves a whole thread for trying to fight like Pettis , Tony Ferguson and a panic wrestler at the same time. Im calling it Dana is cutting that can after he loses his next fight.
  14. Jay101

    Zabit USADAd?

    Pretty sure he got caught