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  1. Jay101

    Masvidal and Edwards were just fighting backstage.

    Wow Masvidal is the new hot welterweight I think it’s the hottest division right now.
  2. Jay101

    Rando Costa ducks Yoel, rematch with Jacare set

    So who’s fighting Costa???
  3. Jay101

    FIGHT NIGHT Ottawa

    I hate it man I live in Montreal and I’m willing to drive to any near by event if it’s worth it but this one is so weak I won’t even watch it on tv.
  4. I think Colby is very smart because people are still talking about him and that’s the key
  5. Jay101

    Anderson Silva set to fight a can at UFC 237

    I hope to god that Silva Ko’s this fool. I mean he’s so skilled but I have a feeling that in every fight he’s just never using his full potential. For example against Bisping and Adesanya were fights where he could have won but he’s obsessed about throwing the battle I don’t get it man.
  6. Jay101

    Alexander Volkov vs The Reem headlines UFC on ESPN+7

    I think Volkov wins this one but hopefully the reem knocks him out
  7. I don’t think he will ever get his momentum back I mean he kinda lost against Wonderboy in the first place and humiliated by Woodley. Now he might beat Masvidal but then I don’t know.
  8. Jay101

    Can velasquez is overrated

    You don’t have to defend him mate he can handle him self.
  9. Jay101

    Can velasquez is overrated

    So don’t come at me again with random bets and keep your word next time.
  10. Jay101

    Can velasquez is overrated

    You have to put 🇨🇲 in your avatar you lost the bet.
  11. Jay101

    Can velasquez is overrated

    Sorry for what happened to Can Velasquez but dude got to hang them up Ngannou destroyed him.