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  1. VegasOddsMMA

    Nintendo Switch

    Why not answer the question then, instead of acting like a 5 year old? MMA forums are full of childish behavior, it's ridiculous, Sherdog is the same as well as the Reddit. You don't see this on other forums much. Seriously, I'm starting to see why MMA fans are looked at like they are by other sports fandoms.
  2. VegasOddsMMA

    Nintendo Switch

    Very constructive response! Seriously, some of the people on this forum are retarded and incapable of holding a conversation.
  3. VegasOddsMMA

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone here a proud owner of a Nintendo Switch? I've had mine about a year and a half and am absolutely loving this system, it's perfect as both a handheld and a traditional console, and there is a ton of great games on it. Right now I'm playing through Smash Bros. Ultimate, as well as an indie game called Oceanhorn. I put hours and hours into Mario Odyssey and Zelda Breath of the Wild, and I'm currently downloading an indie game called Darkest Dungeon. There are just so many games to play on the Switch! I enjoy going into the NES section and playing some of the classic NES games and I'm hoping eventually Nintendo will add SNES and N64 games to the service, but I have a hacked SNES Classic Mini with hundreds of games on it so I guess that'll have to do if Nintendo decides to keep it NES only.
  4. Anyone know why the champions in the UFC don't come down to the octagon with their championship belts? They do it in boxing, kickboxing, pro wrestling, and every other kind of combat sport I can think of, but never in the UFC. I remember seeing it once years ago when Matt Hughes had someone in his corner holding his belt up, but other than that I can't recall any other instance when the belt was represented before being awarded. As a champion, when your making your entrance, wouldn't you want to represent the title you hold by proudly showing off your belt? What do you guys think?
  5. The Diaz brothers are truly the algae of the MMA World. They don't do anything yet they cloud up the tank and make everything quite ugly. Nick is so irrelevant now it isn't even funny, and Nate made his name off of beating McGregor but is still nothing more than a common mid-card fighter who is scared to get in the cage against anyone with any level of skill above his. Hopefully they both just go away for good soon.
  6. VegasOddsMMA

    ESPN hinted at a Chuck and Tito 30 For 30..

    If Tito is truly happy with his win against Chuck, who truly shouldn't have been cleared to fight, and is honestly thinking he has some closure on his feud with the "Ice Man" than that's just sad. He lost convincingly to Chuck twice when they were both in their prime and he gets a KO win against Chuck when Liddell looked like he should've been walked to the ring by a service animal. I'd take zero pride in a win like that and I would've thought twice before accepting the fight in the first place. With all that said, I'd watch a 30 for 30 just to see what people say about the first two bouts and nothing more.
  7. VegasOddsMMA

    Jon Jones vs Lionheart official 235

    Boy do I feel like a putz. My apologies, man. I'm just used to other forums (Sherdog) where the fans are like a group of obnoxious pre-schoolers. I wasn't aware you were being nice. My bad.
  8. VegasOddsMMA

    Jon Jones vs Lionheart official 235

    Wow, very constructive response! I love how you put some thought into who would fight Smith should the champion not be able to fight due to a failed drug test (or some other anomaly). Great discussion from "educated" MMA fans!
  9. VegasOddsMMA

    Biggest Winners & Losers Of 2018

    I would say some of the biggest winners of 2018 would be Daniel Cormier, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Amanda Nunes, Max Holloway, Henry Cejudo, and maybe someone like a Derrick Lewis. I added Lewis due to him having 3 wins in 2018 with his one loss being a World Heavyweight Championship fight with DC, who is clearly the fighter of the year.
  10. VegasOddsMMA

    Jon Jones vs Lionheart official 235

    If for some reason Jones was to fail his drug tests leading up to the fight with Smith who would you want to take his place? My guess is he would be suspended (again) and stripped (again) of the World's Light-Heavyweight Championship and Smith would need an opponent. So who gets the nod? One thing that annoys me about MMA fans is that whenever a fighter finds himself in trouble and has to vacate the title, or is stripped, some fans stick by the notion that whoever wins the title next isn't really the real champ because they didn't beat the guy who held it before him. Well, a part of being the champion is acting the part and being fit for competition and if your constantly failing drug tests or have sustained and injury than you’re not fit to compete. Thus a new champion is needed. That person that has to give up his title is still technically the LINEAL champion, just not the reigning champion. There is a huge difference.
  11. VegasOddsMMA

    Namajunas vs Andrade at UFC 237

    Jessica Andrade is dangerous but she is totally beatable and has been beaten plenty of times. I think Rose can get the job done here and find a a way to get the win and defend her title. I absolutely wouldn't count Jessica out though as she is certainly a capable at walking out of the fight with the belt.
  12. VegasOddsMMA

    Jon Jones vs Lionheart official 235

    When and if this fight does take place I'm sure someone in Vegas will fork down a few thousand bucks on Smith in hopes of an upset, and IF "Lionhart" wins than that someone is going to be one rich dude. Me? I think $200 is my limit as to how much I'm willing to gamble on Smith. Hopefully there are some sure bets on the card to make it up if Smith loses...
  13. VegasOddsMMA

    Werdum will no longer fight for the UFC

    I really am a bit bummed by this as I always enjoy watching Werdum fight, but I can see why he did it because he's honestly not going to beat Cormier or Miocic in a fight, or even Velasquez, despite his success against Cain in their first encounter. I really wanted to see Cain avenge that loss sometime down the road. All in all t's sad to see a former World's Heavyweight Champion leave the company, but maybe he'll pop up in Bellator or ONE Championship or something, though his pay probably won't be great and he's not exactly getting any younger... Farewell Fabricio, hope you make it into the HOF someday!
  14. VegasOddsMMA

    Woodley vs. Usman Signed for UFC 235

    I'm a little upset that Covington is being passed over for a shot at the title and that Usman is getting the nod. I get that Kamaru is hot right now after a string of impressive victories, but Colby WAS the interim champion and I feel like he's deserving of the fight, especially since he and Woodley hyped it up through trashing each other via social media and the press. Now Covington is going to probably have to wait another 3-6 months, if not longer, before he gets a shot at the tile unless he decides to take a fight in the meantime and risk losing his spot with a potential loss. I'm still super excited to see Woodley/Usman but the purist in me wants to see Woodley/Covington first, but I'll gladly take whats given to me. Oddly enough, I have Usman dethroning Woodley via TKO sometime in the 3rd round, while I have Woodley getting a decision victory over Covington, though I could see Woodley knocking out Colby early on if he jets in on him like he did to Lawler years ago. Can't wait for these fights!
  15. VegasOddsMMA

    Derrick Lewis vs. Junior Dos Santos at UFC on ESPN+ 4

    This fight is interesting because you've got the former World's Heavyweight Champion, who is the more skilled striker, against a man who is possibly the hardest hitting heavyweight in the history of the sport. I'd like to think that JDS' skills would lead him to a victory but we've seen Lewis come back and get the KO after being down so many times now that I've learned never to count "The Black Beast" out. JDS may go into this fight as the favorite but Lewis would make a very profitable live dog and could make some people a lot of money in Vegas should they plunker down their cash on him. I'm so torn as to who is going to win this fight, but I can honestly say that I'm extremely excited to see it and am hoping the winner will advance toward another shot at the World's Heavyweight Championship.