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  1. You can't seem to make up your mind - you say fighting someone over a cell phone is stupid but then say you'd do it if you believe they're not armed. I wouldn't assume that a chick who's into combat fighting for fun would feel any less intensely about defending her personal space. From what I can see her incident was completely different than the Ivanov fight. Self-defense is completely situational - in this situation she correctly assessed she could take the guy.
  2. Say what you want about her size or some supposed "little man" syndrome, she used her skills and took care of business. If your head was in the right place you'd give her a high five not hold her in contempt.
  3. She doesn't know if his demands would stop at the cell phone. So you're mad because she assessed the situation accurately, "manned up" and won when you would have just squealed and rolled over.