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  1. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Kevin Lee: ‘I’m going to be somebody who’s unafraid’ to wrestle with Khabib

    Can someone please silence Kevin Lee Fist Magnet #1
  2. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Conor McGregor claims he is fighting Frankie Edgar this December

    If Frankie plays the game and doesn’t get sucked in to Conor’s BS. All he had to do is Wrestle the ****e of CM and make millions of money and millions of people happy
  3. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Ali Abdelasleeze

    Tell your fling on a string to stop hollaing at me on social media....
  4. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Fight Night 162

    Each to their own. Good times for us Europeans
  5. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Fight Night 162

    For some reason, it’s not advertised on the UFC ‘upcoming’ list on the App. Does Dana hate Funky that much, that he won’t even try publish/try sell the event? Is it the same for you Yanks and Criminals
  6. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Ali Abdelasleeze

    I have not, no
  7. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    ESPN2 UFC Fight Night: Reyes vs. Weidman

    Hopefully Robertson rips Barber's arm off, so don't have to listen to her mouth off all the bloody time
  8. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Adesanya already crashed his McLaren? Lmao

    Adding to the fact, that Africans can't drive
  9. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Ali Abdelasleeze

    Don’t think he’s ever been accused of rape though
  10. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    ESPN+ UFC Fight Night: Jędrzejczyk vs. Waterson

    Funny. I’ve not seen that comment from any of you dum dums... Ive not seen ‘crackbaby’ either, so well done you..
  11. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    ESPN+ UFC Fight Night: Jędrzejczyk vs. Waterson

    So what?... I stressed an opinion... Do you think I give a flying fukk about the 115lb stats.. Your mum smoked when she was pregnant with you, didn’t she
  12. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    ESPN+ UFC Fight Night: Jędrzejczyk vs. Waterson

    JJ needs knocking out, cold....
  13. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Ponz out of his fight vs Lawler

    The only thing Mike Perry is taking, is his nose, back to the Hospital
  14. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    This place is pretty ****ing lame now

    It’s only good when I’m on here, snapping necks, cashing cheques
  15. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    What Was Worse: Brendan Schaub's Stand Up or His Stand Up

    Big Diick Energy