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  1. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Ortega vs Zabit at UFC 240

    Zabit gonna bring his A game and destroy this man
  2. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Cut MTP

    Kevin needs to rain it back in... Take some time out, get a grip and be a fighter, not a 'superstar'
  3. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    This must be one of you lot.. Post your guesses

    I win
  4. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    UFC Sweden

  5. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Game of Thrones

    Nah. That's you and your Mother
  6. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Game of Thrones

    Bunch of fannies
  7. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Game of Thrones

    Want a bare knuckle do you. Do you know who I am?
  8. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Game of Thrones

    Never seen GOT and never will.. Happy times
  9. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    UFC Sweden

    2 weeks to push... Let’s go
  10. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Who is the better fighter between these two?

    Egg fried rice
  11. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Super Sage

    Sounds like a brutal face battering
  12. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Paulie Malignaggi-Artem Lobov official for June 22nd

    No one cares
  13. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Who Should RDA Fight Next?

    Wonderboy.. If he wins, then he should fight the winner of Masvidal/Askren for a chance to fight the winner of Marty/Colby No Idea where Tyron comes into all this?
  14. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Woodley Out of June 29 Fight With Lawler

    Closet faag
  15. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Woodley Out of June 29 Fight With Lawler

    Leon Edwards