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  1. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    What Former Champs You Think Will Be a Champ Again Someday ?

    TJ Dom Cruz Stipe Rose and Mightymouse over in One
  2. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    UFC dead in Ireland/UK now

    **** these pigs Schaub had it right. People will stream it, for free
  3. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    UFC dead in Ireland/UK now

    If they do it like the US and only PPV 4-6 cards a year. Then it's not too bad. I'll 'stream' the PPV cards and carry on watching the other cards on BT Sport. Let's stream baby
  4. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Justin beiber

    Can't believe actually made a thread about this ****e
  5. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    UFC Copenhagen

    You daft ****ers listen to Garth Brooks, drink **** beer, have no personalities and have Donald Trump as the President Stupid retards... Enjoy IRA whisky
  6. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    UFC Copenhagen

    Yes, it'll be expensive. But, so is London Don't worry about Horsey Horsey.. He always writes something about being Gay or having things up people bottoms. Proper Closet Sausage Lover
  7. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    UFC Copenhagen

    Wednesday the 19th June
  8. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    UFC Copenhagen

    The tickets I normally go for are around £200. You can pay more or less, down to your viewing needs.. I've looked at flights and for 3 days, it's about £170.. Hotel looks cheap too... I'm deffo going..
  9. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Put the house on Dustin

    For a minute, I thought I was reading a @Dark_Horse post
  10. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    All Things Bellator Thread

    Bec Rawlings back in MMA... BELLATOR FIGHTER
  11. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Put the house on Dustin

    Dustin gonna get mauled
  12. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    Paige VanZant injured again, Octagon return pushed back

    That's her done. It's either porrn or Motherhood next for PVZ
  13. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    UFC Copenhagen

    Sign me up!
  14. Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU

    ESPN+ UFC Fight Night: Gustafsson vs. Smith

    Really surprising how few people were waiting for the meet and greet..