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  1. wickles82

    UFC Sweden

    Thinking about going? Any Brits or anyone going? After UFC London, I’m in
  2. wickles82

    Can you guys see Zabit winning the title?

    Zabit is on the way to that horrible, new strap. However, not sure Dana wants too many Russians dominating his org
  3. wickles82


    I'm guessing so
  4. wickles82

    Opinion: McG vs. Diaz 3 in July.

    I feel sorry for anyone who buys this PPV. Card will be mediocre as Dana will wanna give all the money to CM and Nate. Nothing fights against 2 nobodies
  5. wickles82

    Opinion: McG vs. Diaz 3 in July.

    Conor McGregor, you absolutely suck. If he jumps straight into a 165 title fight, then i'll leave the UFC forever
  6. wickles82


    New FC..? Eh?
  7. wickles82

    Blachowitz vs. Rockhold signed for UFC 239

    I think we all believe he has some issues. I bloody hope not, and I was joking, of course. His whole career would mean nothing, if he loses again, especially as he was known as a ‘big’ middleweight
  8. wickles82

    Blachowitz vs. Rockhold signed for UFC 239

    Imagine if Rockhold gets Slept. Suicide watch me reckons
  9. wickles82


    We’re entertaining an era, where fighters are opening up to hot tests, before anyone knows anything about it. O’malley pulled the same card, and seems to be riding into the sunset, all clear. TJ might do the same, but the ‘rumour mill’ will catch him, if the fans keep it going
  10. wickles82

    Kevin Lee moves up to welterweight.

    Interesting move. A good move in my opinion. Has many options!
  11. wickles82


    He Piissed HOT
  12. That’s one hell of a stupid post. The US highlight KO reel, would be insane. Sort yourself out, brother
  13. Problem with Cardiff. The only seated arena is the Ice hockey arena. It would be too small, for the UFC. Can't think of anywhere else in the region, that could hold such an event.