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  1. Nordic1

    Politics thread

  2. The only waycists are the demonrat ones who always refer to it.
  3. Nordic1

    Covington will walk out to Kurt Angle's theme song

    You mean like rashad and woodley and other people pickT for TV roles not due to content of character?
  4. Nordic1

    Covington will walk out to Kurt Angle's theme song

    Colby's going to punk fakenews man.
  5. Nordic1

    Jones just lost to a 1 Legged MW LOL

    Gus did too....
  6. Nordic1

    Jones just lost to a 1 Legged MW LOL

    That's lose number 2 on fake jon pico gram jones's record.................. MMA went to chit
  7. Nordic1

    UFC 239: Jones vs. Santos

    Can't wait to see Jon pico gram Jones cheat in some shape or form... From eye pokes to gas station testosterone pills jj is a classless act.
  8. Nordic1

    Cejudo probably out until 2020 after shoulder surgery

    CeWHOdo? who duh phlipping fud ruckers is that?
  9. Nordic1

    FOTY Rumoured for 243 in Sydney

    This is simply a distraction thread... Fight of the year will be when fergusen prison sexes kashishkabob .
  10. Nordic1

    Politics thread

    Ocean front property in Arizona and beyond. Lots of people are going to be losing money concerning death valley property values.
  11. Nordic1

    Politics thread

    The Infrastructure created for the SOUTH WEST in the early 20th century is stretched passed it's ability to serve us... The future doesn't look good for future whatever color Americans who have to deal with water shortages and a anti them dysfunctional bribed gov. Lets go mass migration lets go suck that water supply dry.
  12. Nordic1

    Politics thread

    It's all fun N games till over population creates fast food dog tacos.
  13. Nordic1

    Weidman confirms hes going to LHW

    Did this guy say something about shillary clinton or something? He's obviously the best new musician in decades and i never knew he existed.