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  1. 5hadyBrady

    UFC PPV questions

    Thanks. Does anybody know how long the contract with ESPN is? I'm assuming it's a multi-year deal.
  2. 5hadyBrady

    UFC PPV questions

    I just want to apologize in advance if I'm posting this in the wrong section of the forums... I tried. Please cut me a little slack, I'm new here. My question is in regards to the PPV model. It appears as if the UFC is partnered with ESPN now, and the fights are behind a $4.99 a month pay wall. Does this mean if I pay 5 dollars a month, I will be able to watch the PPV fights? Or does this mean, If I pay 5 dollars a month, I will be granted access to being able to buy a 60 dollar fight? I can't imagine the UFC would sell PPV's for 5 dollars, but I also can't imagine the UFC being naive enough to believe fans would pay ESPN 5 dollars a month just to be granted access to another 60 dollar pay wall? Am I losing my mind? How is this real? I've avoided going near the PPV's just because this is too confusing. It seems like a trap door to me. Nobody is being clear on whether or not the 5 dollar subscription allows you to view the PPV fights. It's being marketed as "yes", but I have a feeling it's just a technicality. Meaning, if you don't pay 5 dollars a month, you wont even have the option to buy a 60 dollar PPV. If that's the case, I feel really bad because the UFC is going to lose a lot of credibility with other networks. ESPN will likely pull out of that contract as soon as they can (legally speaking), and none of the other networks will want to touch the UFC. This is great for the current UFC shareholders, or executives, but not so good for ESPN or the fans. Even if it's "technically cheaper", it's still not very forthcoming or straightforward. I don't understand why the UFC hasn't figured out the internet yet. I'm not somebody who advocates for piracy either. It just seems like the UFC is dropping the ball here. Why would somebody pay 5 dollars a month, plus 60 dollars for a PPV, when it's likely to be uploaded somewhere online within an hour or two of the fight ending? Again, I don't advocate anybody do this, nor do I support it. I'm just saying, to assume consumers don't know how to use the internet is a rookie mistake. Wouldn't it just be easier to give the fights away for free, attract 10x as many eyeballs, and sell slots to advertisers? There's no telling how much money could be made with that model. Nobody even knows how big the audiences would be if the fights were free. The UFC might be able to make more money annually with advertisers than they do with PPV sales.