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Found 6 results

  1. Rory MacDonald: Georges St-Pierre still training as if he were preparing to fight “He’s [St-Pierre] still training, he’s still improving,” MacDonald said when asked about GSP’s retirement. “He’s living life, he’s good, but he’s doing all the same hard training. Like, I’m training hard for a fight and I’ll show up at the track to do sprints, and he shows up half an hour later to do his work. So it’s like, the guy doesn’t slow down. He’s programmed for physical improvement. He’s still gaining. Even though he’s got no competition to look forward to, he’s working hard.” St-Pierre, the Number 1-ranked pound-for-pound fighter in the world, announced his retirement from mixed martial arts competition in February. Head coach Firas Zahabi, however, said the GOAT could return to the UFC for the right offer. https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2019/3/27/18283681/ufc-mma-news-interview-rory-macdonald-training-georges-st-pierre-gsp-fight
  2. BREAKING: Georges "Rush" St. Pierre does a double front flip video is on his instagram page https://www.instagram.com/p/BvR1ngXHFqT/
  3. La retraite va bien à Georges St-Pierre We feel relieved and serene, but above all, we feel happy. One month after the official announcement of his retirement, Georges St-Pierre is light-hearted. En entrevue au balado « Dans la cage », le jeune retraité s’est ouvert sur sa décision d’accrocher ses gants, sur sa relation parfois houleuse avec Dana White et sur sa brillante carrière de 15 ans au sein de l’UFC. D’entrée de jeu, Georges St-Pierre réitère que les arts martiaux feront toujours partie de sa vie. Il continue de s’entraîner deux fois par jour (même lors de ses récentes vacances en Thaïlande), mais il ne subit plus les aspects négatifs de son sport. vous pouvez obtenir l'histoire complète sur la chèvre ici: https://www.rds.ca/combat/ufc/ufc-la-retraite-va-bien-a-georges-st-pierre-1.6697179
  4. Is GSP Headed To ONE Championship? Georges St-Pierre’s latest retirement could potentially be ending a lot sooner than anyone thought. It just may not be where many thought GSP would end up. https://www.lowkickmma.com/is-gsp-headed-to-one-championship/
  5. -idyb-

    Sorry IDYB

    you can watch the live stream here. it just started and he's about to come out https://www.cbc.ca/sports/georges-st-pierre-retire-1.5027745 hail to the king baby! the greatest martial artist to ever compete, set to go out on a high note after putting away the middleweight champion of the world and walking away with another belt. not spending his final moments in the octagon on his back after getting knocked out like tyson, mohamed ali, and every other legend in combat sports. lets give it up for the greatest fighter to ever do it. congratulations georges on a successful career, and behalf of the entire forum, i hope you have a bright future, free of walking away looking like anderson, penn, a diaz brother, cain, machida, chuck, randy, tito, vitor, picobones jones, the nogueiras, and all these other former greats who end up turning to steroids and sticking around too long well past their prime trying to become relevant again, and didnt know when to hang it up
  6. -idyb-

    Sorry IDYB

    A fight with the great khabib would have been an epic way to close off the most successful career in MMA history, but dana didnt want the money so thats just the way she goes bubbles at least he's not deciding to hang around well past his prime and go out not in style, ala bj penn, anderson silva, fedor, cain, chuck, tito, randy etc. he's already accomplished everything a man can do in the sport, so if he wants to hang em up, then thats his perogative. he has nothing left to prove. but hey ill drink to that. to celebrate the retirement of the greatest athlete to ever compete in the history of any combat sport. he's set all the records, cleaned out divisions, won belts, defended belts, beaten all the top contenders, legends.current champions, past champions, future champions, champions in other divisions, champions in other organizations, lightweight GOAT's, hall of famers, he's defeated every opponent he's ever faced, including all your favorite fighters. he's beaten every drug test he's ever competed against.and instead of sticking around until he's 50 years old and getting knocked out all the time like most idiots would, his last time entering the octagan resulted in him ktfo'ing the middleweight champion of the world, choking him out, and walking away with another belt. now thats how you make an exit. the greatest legacy that will ever exist in the world of MMA and the pound for pound greatest fighter to ever compete. hail to the king baby. LONG LIVE THE GOAT! Report: UFC’s Georges St-Pierre to announce retirement after failed negotiations with Khabib Nurmagomedov https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2019/2/20/18233211/report-ufc-georges-st-pierre-gsp-retirement-failed-negotiations-khabib-nurmagomedov-mma-news