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Name is Matt Hawkins, from Virginia, USA. Currently working and training Muay Thai out of Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

Favorite Fighters
Heavy- Mark Hunt, Black Beast, and Miocic
LightH- Gustaffson, and DC
Middle- Rockhold, and Weidman
Welter- Cerrone, Lawler, Woodley, Condit, Nelson and Maia
Light- Poirier, Jim Miller, and Chiesa
Feather- Holloway, Edgar, and Guida
Bantam- TJ, and No Love
Fly- DJ, and Ian McCall
WFeather- Holly Holm
WBantam- Cat Zingano, Ashley Evans-Smith, and Jessica Eye
WStraw- JJ, JoJo, 12 Gauge, and Carla Esparza

Favorite Fighters of All-Time
Matt Hughes
Chuck Liddell

I am a McGreggor fan, however I  don't care if the Money fight does or doesn't happen.

I have been to 1 even. UFC 184, Rouseys 14 seconds lucky performance against Zingano. Run it back and we may of had #AndNew.. wishful thinking or not.. we will never know

Being a TJ and No Love fan, I think the Faber/TJ beef should stay just that, I think Cody is using it to sell the fight.. and now with the injury, not sure how i feel about TJ and DJ.. like to see TJ do that when/If he gets the belt back.. Also didn't like Cody saying hes wants DJ first and making a deal about that on the MMAHour.

Also feel like Jones and DC 2 is going to be a flop for DC. I like DC and feel like if this fight happened originally when it was suppose to happen, DC would of been #AndNew clean and clear.. his determination and mindset was on point prior to that. I feel like he would not of been denied.. especially after going 5 rounds with Bones in the 1st fight.. Jones should of never let a wrestler get into the Champ rounds let alone a full bout. Again.. wishful thinking.. if this fight happens this go around.. Jones wins

I am going to Fight Night Glasgow in Mid-July, Anyone else?

Hope to chat up a ton of MMA while I am here.

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