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The run through by Cruz Bisping and Florien

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I really loved the run through and explanations by Dom Cruz, Bisping and Forien. I was extremely informative for us fans that are lovers an not fighters.:D


It would be great to have some of the different training schedules including times of training, what they train at those times and when and what to eat.


if this is already posted somewhere please point me to the post if you would.


These athletes are the most fit on the planet, that's obvious, we regular fitness guys and girls may not be fit enough to jump right in but just being able to find out how to start would be great.


The training and fitness of these athletes has dramatically improved over the last several years, having been a fan since the very first UFC fights with Gracie and others, I salute these people for the excitement they have brought into our lives. Boxing is NOTHING compared to MMA, period.


thanks in advance if any martial artist out there could inform me/us.

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Yw and **** no it was **** posted nowhere yet. I wonder why!!!


But heeeey.... I'll personally contact Kenny Florien or Forien or whatever, about what you just said. I guarantee this to you. Have a very nice day, Sir. And Thanks for participating in the UFC Fight Club forum. 

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