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Prediction Tournament XXII - TEAM USA vs TEAM WORLD - Winner: Bezerker101

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A closer look at our finalists. In this session of "By The Numbers"



-enters the finals with a 71% pick percentage (17/24) going 5/6, 4/6, 5/6, and 3/6 in previous rounds

-defeated all three of his opponents 7-5 (amunera, Bubba_Sparks, and crangs)

-this is his second appearance in the finals in the past 4 tournaments

-holds the record for most Performance Awards by a landslide routinely turning in picks well before odds are showcased

-career stats from trackable tournaments (47.5/70 - 68%)

-last remaining member of TEAM USA (has eliminated 3 World players)

-has tiebreaker choice in finals

-$1 wager on Bezerker’s fighters would net $493



-enters the finals with a 70% pick percentage (16/23) going 5/6, 4/6, 5/6, and 2/5 in previous rounds

-defeated his opponents (AndyWang, xFINISHxHIMx, Ozpride, and bigdw35/Ufcfan_1) 7-5, 6-6, 7-5 and 6-5 respectively

-currently holding a 64.85% (190/293 ) in the Predictions League

-has now made back to back tournament finals appearances

-last remaining member of TEAM WORLD (has eliminated 2 Americans and 2 World players)

-has first pick for the finals

-$1 wager on Jolldan’s fighters would net $891

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Jolldan tested positive by USADA


AndyWang steps up on short notice to fight Zerk, his teammate on TUF

Get it straight m8, he got popped for cannabis use. He hasn't even tried to hide it. That's why we scheduled this fight in Thailand. Mother ****ers going to be dipping their hands in glass, doing it right.

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It's on, minus  Alves, Sanders, & Arantes > 7:30 prelims starting w/ Burns/ Saggo FP


BOOM! I'll be out on the town but checking in regularly to cheer on TEAM WORLD baby! :)


Buttttt if you win it I won't be disappointed either haha

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--------------------TOURNAMENT UPDATE--------------------







Bezerker101  defeats Jolldan  (5-5)





Round 1 - 1 point per win

Round 2 - 2 points per win

Quarter Finals - 3 points per win

Semi Finals - 4 points per win

Finals - 5 points per win


1/2 value per win via bye


Score difference between all USA/WORLD matches are added to team score each round




Team Awards


LISTEN TO MY ANTHEM, B****! -the team with the most wins in the round (USA vs WORLD matches only)

TEAM USA (1-0)


UNITED WE STAND -awarded to the team with the best collective correct pick percentage

TEAM WORLD, TEAM USA (80% - 80%)


Player Awards


FIGHT OF THE NIGHT - the match that had the most correct picks between both posters (both >80%)

Jolldan vs Bezerker101 (4/5 vs 4/5)


 ...BY SPLIT DECISION - win a match involving a tie-breaker



CAPTAIN CLUTCH - the poster with a correct pick percentage over 80% in the semifinals or finals

Bezerker101, Jolldan


THESE RULES ARE BULL **** - lose a match involving a tie-breaker



Additional Notes

-well fought final that was obviously razor close

-keep an eye out for the registration of the next tourney later today


Tournament Standings

  1. Bezerker101
  2. Jolldan
  3. bigdw35/Ufcfan_1
  4. crangs
  5. Ozpride
  6. skillandpower
  7. IRT
  8. LayDownDead
  10. Bubba_Sparks
  11. Fred_Flink_Stoned
  12. Decompoze
  13. DrunclePolo
  14. Weidman_The_God & the_enigma
  15. GreasyRasta, AndyWangamunera, & Rastajambo
  16. cashfl0w & the_vagenius
  17. juice64011
  18. DouglsPro
  19. freddievanhalen3


After a disastrous first round for TEAM USA that saw 9/12 Americans knocked out, it was looking like a TEAM WORLD champion was probable. But the three remaining Americans fought to stay in it round after round. Out of matches between TEAM USA and TEAM WORLD, the RoW walked away with 11 wins to America's 9. But TEAM USA collectively had the better correct pick percentage of 52% to TEAM WORLD's 48%. Although, in the end the score difference proved too much to conquer, the individual bragging rights goes to the sole American, Bezerker101 who bested the rest.


Zerk outscored his opponents 26-20 and went 72% on his picks. He also picked up 1 FIGHT OF THE NIGHT award, 1 MOST PROFESSIONAL, MOST DEADLY award, 2 THEY CAME TO BANG awards, and 1 CAPTAIN CLUTCH award. He fought 4 TEAM WORLD members in amunera, Bubba_Sparks, and his arch nemesis crangs on route to the finals where he dispatched Jolldan via tiebreaker in an epic match.


Congrats to Bezerker101, your Prediction Tournament XXII Champion! Well done, brotha.

Edited by Decompoze
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Congrats, Zerk. Well deserved, mate. Well played, Jollidan. A worthy finalist

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Report: Adalaide Byrd’s assignment to UFC 216 in question after Canelo vs. GGG fiasco



One judge said it was a draw, which was fair enough.

Another said that GGG won, which was fair enough.

Adalaide Byrd scored it 118/110 in favour of Canelo. Which put Canelo ahead for 10 out of 12 rounds, which was basically impossible.

Edited by Bezerker101

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