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The Last Jedi discussion (Warning:Spoilers)

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1 minute ago, sobercuban said:

If some fruity sith-force-ghost **** pops off, y'all can blame me.  

I'm in srs doubt of the whole leak now. Filming just started in July? Wouldnt think they would add effects like light saber and hologram CGI till after filming, can't imagine they would have full scenes filmed and edited after a couple months but could be some JJ Abrams hype f**kery. 

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Dont read or trust those ****ing "leaks". All just a bunch of click bait

The two years leading up to Episode 8 I saw so many article titles, and even read some, of the most clickbait chit out there. Anakin returns! Palpatine (yep for 8 returns! Han Solo isn't dead! Returns in 8! Kenobi force ghost returns in episode 8!

Seriously I dont even bother with those man.

If Palpatine actually returned, I'd be interested. Especially how they would fit that into the story. But how would he?


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I will say this though, this isn't click bait related--

Before TLJ came out I went on IMDB and checked the casting list, of course some actors weren't listed next to the character they were playing

But my biggest takeaway--Frank Oz wasnt listed in the cast before the movie was released--they held onto that for obvious reasons. Once the movie was released, and i watched it, i checked IMDB and sure enough Frank Oz was credited for Yoda

So I wonder if they do that with other characters in 9? Maybe Andy Serkis? 

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Bringing back Palps and Snoke would undo a lot of the redeeming qualities of RotJ and TLJ. Just Order 66 everyone except Chewie and we can move on to the next trilogy. 

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