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Jessica-Rose Clark Has Home Broken Into And Cat Attacked Just Days Prior To UFC St Louis

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Jessica-Rose Clark landed her job in the UFC by stepping up on 11 days notice to fight Bec Rawlings in Australia. Following her split decision win, she probably hoped that she’d have a less stressful fight week experience in her next fight. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.


According to tweets from Clark, her Las Vegas apartment was robbed while she’s in St. Louis preparing to fight Paige VanZant on Sunday night. Just a warning: this story involves animal cruelty and is a real bummer.


Jessica's tweets:


"Someone just broke into my house, stole all my housemates stuff, trashed the whole place, stole clothes and shoes from me
Wtf man."


"They also kicked our cat and smashed his rib cage and it has pushed his intestines up into his chest cavity.
He has to have surgery and we don’t know what’s going to happen yet."



Unfortunately Jessica tweeted again.



They kicked our cat and he has to be put down.

Tvs, guitars, dvds, POP, video games.

At least 3 people, one small female with her hair in a bun, reddish-blonde and two men. One white sedan and possibly a gray truck with them."



Poor Jessica man must be hard enough to train for a fight and now you add the stress of something like that on it, hope the thieves get what's coming to them.

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Someone that knew she would not be in town.


Probably someone she knew.

just apartment living man. everyone's watching everyone. Kicking the cat though that's some cowardly ish. Is Denison in Vegas?

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