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Holds 3 heavyweight records...SNV HOF

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Yep ,most fights,wins and submissions.

He is about to fight for Bellator versus another fighter that was once argued the best HW in th e world but got old and became non relevant at this point.


Frank Mir,how fast we have forgotten,is about to fight Fedor in April this year.

Quite a storied career,burst onto the scene and impressed a lot of people.Then he was stunned by a no namer ian Freeman.

Not many of Mir's fights go the distance,so it's a short night out.Rebounds back with a few wins and defeats a roider in Tim Sylvia and wins the HW blt.


Gets in a motorcycle accident,likely this bright future is over.Nope he comes back and struggles a bit,is sort of out of shape and slowish.None the less he ends up facing another giant slug in Brock Lesnar,Brock si so afraid of the sport Mir easily gets a submission.



Goes on to beat a rather washed up Nogueira for the interim HW belt.HW division was long the weakest div in mma.

Fights for real belt in a rematch versus Brock.Brock looked awful in his debut but after only 2 wins versus weak opponents Heath and a very small Cotoure he gets a title shot versus Mir.Mir looks slow and just awful,offers no resistance and basically just lays there and quits.


Comes back beats a tough Kongo but loses to a tougher powerful ShaneCorwin.


Well Franks storied career is soon a case of losing more than winning and definitely looks washed up.However Bellator feels he is still marketable and versus another washed up fighter is expecting a spectator's fight,too old sloppy fighters bound to secure a KO/finish.


So who wins this??I got a hunch Fedor because i highly doubt Mir can pull off any submission so it will be a strikers fight and Mir is pretty darn slow,an easy target.

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