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Nate Diaz assaults yet another person

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The only people less gangster than someone on their high school swim team (Nick) are the people on this forum...


and Scott Baio

Lol. I cut them a little slack. I do with for most people. I rarely feel need to get on my soup box about people because the world does enough of that already.


I'm sure growing up in Lodi without a father, a bad temper, dealing with bullies and the worst case of ADHD known to man was no picnic. 


Chachi was a gangster. 





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Police are investigating an alleged assault at a Combate Americas event that included UFC star Nate Diaz, MMA Fighting's Marc Raimondi reported Tuesday.

John Fosco, the manager of UFC fighter Clay Guida, said Diaz pushed Guida, which caused Guida to fall and split his lip on a metal guardrail. A spokesperson for the Sacramento County (California) Police Department said officers took statements from the scene as part of their report regarding the allegations.

"If it is found the victim was assaulted then a warrant request will be completed and submitted to the District Attorney's office for review," police spokesperson Sgt. Shaun Hampton said. "The filing decision will be up to the DA."

Guida's teammate Tyler Diamond said Diaz slapped him as well




clay guidas brother slaps clay in the face multiple times before every fight and clay doesnt seem to mind.   however when nate diaz stockton slaps him around a little bit and gives him a little push, he's running to the police crying foul.


come on these guys are professional fighters.they get punched in the face, bleed all over the place and get their arms ripped off for a living.  they sure dont act like a bunch of tough professional fighters when theyre trying to make some money without actually having to step into the cage.  oh no a little bit of a push and a slap and they act like its the first time theyve ever seen their own blood before and they go running to the police, most likely to try to get a lawsuit out of it.


this chit wouldnt happen in Canada because our legal system is different and we cant just go around and sue everybody over anything that upsets us a little. Oh no he pushed me and i had to wipe some blood off my lip so i want him to sue him for 50 grand!  that chit just doesnt slide here. when we get offended by someone or get in a scuffle, we dont take it to the high courts. we settle our differences over a couple beers and a polite apology.


oh nvm i misread that kinda i read it as if it was saying diaz slapped clay guida. but whatever. these guys are just being a bunch of mouth breathing pansies about it.

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i bet guida's fight next month will be called off due to emotional trauma from this incident. especially after he had to wipe a bit of blood off his lip.  


since conor could ktfo a couple guys off of a fight card without having to actually step foot in the cage, i guess nate figures that its his turn to start a bunch of chit and get himself arrested too.   this chit is becoming a clown show.   anything to keep the spotlight on them and try to stay relevant when they have no intention of actually fighting anymore

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