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Thank You Supreme Court!!!

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Yeah Karate & kickboxing was his main thing. PKA or something like that.


He fought some Thai's overseas at one point and got his legs raped. < He still disputes losing i think. I also think he beat a few later once he learned how to deal with low kicks.


At one point he was going around saying he was undefeated when there was footage of him getting whupped by thais.


Still a bad @ss and a legend. I had one of his books growing up and i was a fan along with Bruce Lee, Gene Lebell, the Gracies, other legendary kickboxers & boxers.

Yeah I remember reading some controversy about his "undefeated" claims. Regardless, I wouldn't wanna be in a ring or a cage with him

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BTW if you've never seen Grosse Point Blank, his fight scene with John Cusack is extremely well done. Particularly for a comedy, and particularly for a movie of that era. Think I heard somewhere that Cusack does or did train IRL with Benny

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