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Dana White and Brendan Schaub trade insults on Instagram

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Watch the vid m8 


Brendan said that Dana stopped folding Ronda's laundry to get into it with on twitter. 


meh that doesnt mean jack****

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LOL so Dana's two statements made himself look like the moron.

First of all Dana has NEVER fought,so to say Schaub knows nothing but acts like he does is a joke.

Secondly,Dana for all intense purposes LOST the UFC,without the deep pocket's of the Fertita's,the business was going to fold up shop because the team couldn't pull it off.

So Dana has been nothing but a fail but luckily he has some deep pockets still behind him and seems nobody in the sport is wiling to stand up for themselves or able to beat the UFC lawyers,otherwise there would be some big changes.

Dana went from bashing women's mma to supporting it for ONLY one reason...$$$.

Dana does one thing well,he exploits and uses his employees with no respect.

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