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Cable companies don't provide enough information

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We are a small Bowling Alley trying to attract some bar business. We though the UFC fights might attract some customers. We contacted the cable company about the fights and we were quoted a price and not told that we needed to contact UFC for a license. Not aware that we were doing anything wrong we continued. Our total bar gross sales for the day was 625 with a net profit of 268 not counting the cost of the PPV or wages for the extra help. In other words we lost money but did see one or two additional customers. We tried once again and it was even worse with a gross of 336 and net of 103.


Then we received a letter from a law firm saying we were being sued in Federal court unless we called and settled. We called and their first settlement offer was enough to cause us to file bankruptcy. After multiple calls we finally got a settlement offer of 5,000.00, not quite enough to file for bankruptcy but definitely enough to severely hurt. Had the cable company told us we need a UFC license we would have done enough research to know we could not afford the fights.


So we did something that we didn't know was wrong. Made no money in the process. Now that we know this is something we will definitely not do again. However, one would think that the UFC would have a little sympathy for small business that don't realize they are doing something wrong.

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This doesn't surprise me. The UFC is severely butthurt because they can't stop all the people streaming their cards for free. So they compensate by threatening small businesses.


Buddy of mine owns a jujitsu academy and regularly posts videos of techniques from his classes on facebook. He put some UFC footage in a video once and received legal threats from the stellar crew at UFC's legal department.

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