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Rumour: Bob Sapp To Fight Retired Egyptian Sumo Wrestler

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Not sure how legit this is but noticed on Tapology's page for the upcoming Rizin 13 that Bob Sapp will be returning against Egyptian sumo wrestler Abdelrahman Shalan, this is also supported by Shalan's Wikipedia page that says he signed to Rizin after retiring.


This would mark Sapp's second fight in 2018 currently he has a 12-19 record.


This is currently the only English article I could find on it





Finally, 26-year-old Ōsunaarashi Kintaro is a retired Egyptian sumo wrestler. With multiple championships and gold stars to his name, Ōsunaarashi retired in March of 2018. He reached the rank of Maegashira 1 in 2015 and was essentially forced to retire by the Japan Sumo Association after he was in a car accident and caught driving without a license.


I know Rizin like there freak show fights but holy **** this is next level lol

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Bob Sapp has had two wins in the last THIRTEEN YEARS, and one of them has a note on Wikipedia that he won because his opponent injured himself while kicking Sapp.



The other win is listed as a technical decision at 49 seconds of the second round and I have no idea how that's even possible.

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