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Should Nicco Be Stripped Of The Title?

Should Nicco Be Stripped Of The Title?   

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    • Wait to see how long she will be out for

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Might be because she's a literal nobody and every other fighter you mentioned has had plenty of fights in the UFC, when she's had a total of one, that maybe five people saw.  They've all three been in the UFC for 5 years or longer.  All three are on solid winning streaks.  She's done nothing but fart around since she won the belt.  


Not to mention the fact she's a 4-2 fighter.  That and the fact that she won the title from someone who was 0-2 in the UFC who was eliminated from the show, and was 21-13 overall.


But aside from all that, good analogy.  

sober on fire ladies and gentlemen.

Sober is kind of like woodley, if you corner him he shows you he can knock you out in one burst.

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