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Dallas Cop is in some serious deep chit.

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The smear campaign already starting by law enforcement.  




Who gives a **** that he had less than half an ounce of weed in his house?  Tasteless ****.  **** Texas.  


I'm running for city council in 2 years.  One of these old, rich and retired f*ckers is finna lose his 11 grand a year 3 hour a week job.  They run completely unopposed every single election.  It's just one republican on the ticket for all local government.  The Libertarian party will be on the ticket by then because democrats aren't allowed... lol.


After that I'm aiming for City Mayor.  It's going to be something you see in a movie or your favorite Netflix special.  I'll have black officers popping the white rednecks that tailgate.  That alone will cut the costs of paying these chitheads drastically.  30-33 grand a year adds up when these crackers are all over the place harassing people.  I'll have border jumpers roaming the streets in police cruisers slammed on 22s for 14 grand a year plus benefits.  They will think they're f*ck you rich.


It's gonna be HUGE.  By the time we're in our 40's the Platinum Squad will take over Washington.  Clegg/Cash 2032.  We'll give all of the forum OG's federal jobs.  Carn gets to become an American and Roids will be Secretary of WAR.

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