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when colin kapernick says he is a communist what does that mean?

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Football is dead to me so i barely even know who that guy is. 


I don't think have a communist ideology makes you an enemy of America. Maybe an idiot but it's not the 1950's anymore. 

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Kaep is a fool, I don't mind his kneeling during anthem, it's his right.

My problem lies in,

The fact that his minority birth parents (Armenian and black) dumped him off at a firehouse only to be adopted by upper class white folk and given the "white privilege life he so condemns. He has never nor will he ever have to deal with issues that poor black folk have to deal with, he's becky from the valley.

I knew Kaep before he started at unr and after he became the token black poster boy. Before he was a starter he was a quiet Oreo, then he became starter and poster boy, then he became Tebow the Christian god man, all the while he was at my barbershop toking blunts and popping percs trying way too hard to prove his "blackness " to all the brothers from the hood. He's phony, his life is a lie. I watched ufc event at casino with covingtons parents best friends and his childhood wrestling coach and they said same about him, that it's all an act and he's a nice polite boy when hes home. Kaep is a joke

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Remember when a forum member said they were going to off themselves because they broke their phone and lost their lady?  People reached out to try helping, even know the intention was never there?   It's because he needed attention, regardless of positive, negative or indifferent...


For this turd, he once started in the NFL and the lost his luster.  He was no longer in the spotlight and became irrelevant.  He needed to insert himself back into relevance, whether for positive, negative or indifferent reasons.


They should both go jump in a lake.


With a cinder block.

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