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UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs. Oleinik - Official Discussion Thread

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Did Hunt man up and retire ?

Why would he? The UFC pays him 100x what he's worth. He took no damage in this fight. He can easily get another 500k from them to drop another L.


He should go full Bob Sapp and just flop to the ground and tap in the first 15 seconds.

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The average Russian makes well under 1000 dollars a month. Well under it. In 2015 they average monthly salary was 500.


There's no way in hell in the gate would be more profitable, even if they had twice as many people in attendance.

And the average Russian scrandy wouldnt be there. Only Russians that ride on 22 inch rims and shoot gold plated AKs would be allowed. Edited by Omoplataypus

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Herb Dean letting him die. hahahahaha


Herb paying him back for faking a win last fight.



lol Herb Dean had fallen off hard as a ref.



Hey man, CB owes Herb a bunch of money. Maybe he should have paid the **** up!



I thought I was watching the first death inside the octagon


You are all clearly insane and posting utter nonsense. CB Dollaway may not have been in the best of positions, but he was absolutely intelligently defending himself and just about to turn the tide of the fight. Herb robbed him of a comeback victory.


Premature stoppage. He was still in it to win it.



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