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Ryan LaFlare Retires from MMA

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3 hours ago, Bwana said:

He was a nice guy, maybe too nice....move on with life.

he stopped in for a class at my gym once. one of the nicest guys ive ever met 

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7 minutes ago, juice64011 said:

Conor vs the green power ranger would be lit

 i thought they were seriously going to sign that guy. at one point he even wanted to fight cm punk. they had some kind of a beef over something that happened at comic con

"I had to post this," Frank posted to Facebook, along with a link to his latest video. "I have millions of fans around the world constantly asking me about when CM Punk and I will fight. This is no disrespect towards CM Punk, but this is the fight the world wants to see, at least my fans. After all, hype makes fights and there's been hype about this for over 2 years. It would be great to merge the wrestling fans and my fans and make this fight happen. I know there are talks of Mayweather and others that will fight CM Punk, but I am here and the challenge is still out there."


the ufc should be kicking themselves for squandering the opportunity to put on this superfight. theyll be even more choked if cm punk goes on to make millions off of floyd mayweather.

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