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MMA Fighter Sings His Own Entrance Song, Gets Knocked Out In 20 Seconds

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MMA Fighter Sings His Own Entrance Song, Gets Knocked Out In 20 Seconds

Heo Jae-Hyuk made the bold decision to sing his own entrance music on his way to the cage for his heavyweight clash at the Road FC 50 event but sadly the fight itself did not go as planned for him.

Fighters typically have their own walk-on music and it helps them properly get in the zone for when they go into war inside the ring/octagon.

But the South Korean went a step up by belting out "Believer" by Imagine Dragons as he walked down the ramp. It was an interesting performance to say the least and somehow his singing ability appears to better than his MMA skills.

That's because the 320 pounder, in his second fight, got decked by Shim Gun-Oh opponents from the off and got KO'd just 20 seconds into the fight.


This isn't even a first for him as he did it on the way to his last fight but with better results.



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