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Which UFC shows do you like the best? (Apart from the live events)

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Apart from of course the live events I do love watching quite a few of the UFC shows and I would love to know which shows you enjoy watching outside the live events and why?

For me, I have a few however some of my favourites are as follows.

This tends to be mainly Karyn Bryant, Alan Jouban and Cub Swanson (or Kenny Florian) most recently however they do have the odd guests such as Tatiana Suarez who was on last night though the good thing about the show is they break it down into so many sections, discuss fighters and fights, they'll have a top 5 segment where they'll choose their top five in regards to the criteria that week, a multiple choice quiz where the guests will go up against each other and then they'll have fan Q&A's at the end which are really good. I find the guests are really insightful and you learn a lot from them which I think is great, I do feel this show is the best UFC show out there and I just find it really enjoyable.

Inside The Octagon
I really love listening to Dan Hardy's analysis before a fight as he really breaks it down and has such a fountain of knowledge too in regards to the UFC. He'll bring up points and strategies the fighters have which you may not have noticed and it's just a real great show altogether, Dan breaks things down so fantastically well and I do like the analysis that he brings as it's always very insightful.

UFC Unleashed
This will often be around four fights to look back on which you may have forgotten or maybe not even seen so is always good to either refresh your UFC history or to even learn a little from this also.

UFC Connected
Another really great show which often gives a unique look to exclusive access with the fighters and there's often a few pretty good interviews before the up and coming fights such as Israel Adesanya recently. You tend to see quite a lot of exclusive stuff on this show and it's just great.

There are of course shows such as Ariel Helwani's show which is around online etc.. however these are the shows I tend to watch on TV the most and was wondering which shows you guys enjoyed the most when it come to UFC programming outside of the live events?

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