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UFC 237 Just A Big Retirement Party?

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UFC 237 is now in the past after the weekend but it has left a lot of fighters and fans thinking about retirements. Pretty much every card their is talk of someone retiring so this might not seem special but if all parties on this list do end up retiring it could go down as one of the highest amounts of UFC retirements from one card. With that in mind im going to list the fighters from 237 that I think are most likely to retire in descending order.


BJ Penn: Retirement Likelihood 10/10

Let me start this by saying if it was up to BJ himself I would have him at 0/10 as he seems to have no interest in retiring but I think and Im having deja vu as im saying this, that Dana will have to now step in and refuse to let him fight for the UFC again. The fact he's now lost his last 7 fights in a row or is 1-9-1 in this last 9 years of his career should mean Dana finally makes that decision for him and doesn't allow him another fight in the UFC.

Antonio Nogueira: Retirement Likelihood 9/10

Little Nog is on nowhere near as bad as run as BJ he actually won his fight before this one but a combination of injuries, age and current run of form makes me think you could easily see him hang it up after Saturday. Firstly the injuries, since 2011 he has competed more than once a year just once, Nogueira will be 43 in June and he's currently 2-4 in his last 6.

Anderson Silva: Retirement Likelihood 8/10

This is the saddest one on the list for me as Anderson was the reason I started watching MMA to begin with so to see him now its clear he's not the fighter he once was. Retirement now just seems smart as Anderson got his last fight in Brazil hasn't damaged his legacy like BJ has yet but if he carries on I feel like he will. Plus there's the fact he's now facing another lay-off from another leg injury and that he's 44.

Rose Namajunas: Retirement Likelihood 6/10

The only reason Rose is on this list is because of all the fighters on the 237 card she was the only one to even mention retirement. Yes it was not long after she had just been knocked out so take it with a pinch of salt but she had spoken about retiring after the second Joanna fight also. While BJ is an example of a fighter who just can't let this life go Rose seems like she'd be equally happy whether she fought again or not.

Jose Aldo: Retirement Likelihood 5/10

There are some guys that are so good where if they are not the champion and you sort of know they aren't going to fight for title again you want to see them retire, BJ, Silva and Aldo all fall in to that category. While it was sort of known that Aldo wouldn't likely fight Max for the belt again there was always the thought of if Max lost the belt but now Volkanovski has taken Aldo's place as that top contender.

Thiago Alves: Retirement Likelihood 3/10

A UFC veteran since 2005 Alves has had a hell of career with the highlight no doubt being his title shot against GSP however since then things haven't gone so well for him. He's currently 2-5 in his last 7 fights and has been used as a stepping stone to try and promote new talent over the last 2 years.


Do you agree with that order? If not what order would you have them in? Is there anyone else from UFC 237 you think will retire?

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I'd drop Silva to a 6/10.  Dude has time and again said how much he loves to bang.  Unless someone permanently wrecks his legs, the only way the Spider goes out is on his shield.

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