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Samsung Just Made Their "Biggest TV In The World" Even Bigger

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Size doesn't matter, of course... But surely all of us are a little tempted by 292 inches.

Earlier this year Samsung unveiled The Wall TV, which came in at a whopping 219 inches. Clearly though, this wall was deemed a little modest, as the electronics giants have now announced The Wall Luxury - for those who felt the regular Wall TV was a little modest.

Skip to about 2:25 to get a sense of the scale of this thing.

At 292 inches, the telly is only suitable for people with an extremely spacious living room. As the name suggests, it is designed to transform your entire wall into a TV.

It is 'configurable and customizable' though, meaning you can have it as small as 73 inches (which isn't that small) with 2K definition, or you can have it at its full size with 8K definition. Remarkably though, the high-tech telly only has a depth of 30mm.

Due to the current lack of 8K TV out there, The Wall Luxury will also 'upscale' regular TV to near 8K quality.

The Wall Luxury is basically a TV and a wall all rolled into one. Credit: Samsung

It is also designed to never be turned off, as its self-emitting diodes have a 100,000 hour lifetime. Instead, when you're not watching Gogglebox across your entire wall, the TV will go into 'ambient mode', and will display curated artwork, photographs and paintings - again, all 'customizable'.

Mark Quiroz, vice president of product marketing for Samsung Electronics America, said: "Throughout the last twelve months, we've closely monitored interior design and technology trends to shape the product planning and development of The Wall Luxury.

The telly is sadly going to be for the super rich only. Credit: Samsung

"We set out to create a product unlike anything else - matching the lifestyle and taste of those looking for the most exclusive and premium visual experiences in their homes."

The box/wall also comes with some kind of AI technology that is kind of hard to understand, so here's how Samsung explains it: "The Wall Luxury is also equipped with the AI picture quality engine, Quantum Processor Flex.

"A machine learning-based picture quality engine, Quantum Processor Flex delivers optimised picture quality scene-by-scene regardless of the original source format. The processor analyses image data to automatically calibrate the original lower resolution content to align with the modular screen's resolution."

The TV will go on sale globally in July, though it is not clear how much it will cost. The safe money though is on it being well out of all of our budgets, given that their 98-inch Q950R 8K QLED has an official retail price of £99,999 ($126,749).

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A few years ago I unloaded two of their 88" models.  They retailed at 23 grand but Amazon would sell you one for a cool 20.  The goddamn Operations Manager was back there supervising the unload.  Now ATL has a site that's nothing but big screen TV's so we don't get them anymore but I remember being nervous because if a TV or monitor falls over they consider it damaged.  At that particular time if you damage anything over $100 they would drug test you.

I'm glad those days are over helping my unloaders push over 38,000 units of freight on a 11 hour shift tonight I completely destroyed a ceiling fan with a clamp truck.  Glass was everywhere.

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3 minutes ago, I_Take_Roids_m8 said:

QLEDS are far inferior to OLEDs when it comes to picture quality and black levels. 


I wouldnt take one for free. 



LG OLED 4 life

Take one for free and give it to @cashfl0w for his forum ape mansion he's building for us in San Diego.  Every goddamn Saturday we are partying HARD

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4 minutes ago, -idyb- said:


its not a qled. its a microled.  microled is vastly superior to oled's and are not susceptible to the kind of burn in or picture degradation due to the organic nature of OLED. they are just a hell of alot more expensive to produce and the consumer market probably wont see any of them at an affordable price for quite some time. its still at least a few years off before the average guy who isnt filthy rich will be able to say order a 75 inch microled and call it a day.

but fortunately if your super rich, and 219 inches isnt enough screen size for your needs, theyve got another new tv to sell you!


Yeah I know its microled. But I'm referring to their QLED line. They're far inferior. And Samsung hasn't had the best track record in promising chit. 


I like the idea of microled, and will probably buy one. But until it's at a size that's justified, I'll stick with OLED. 


Just got a C9 last week to replace my C7 and love it. My C7 doesnt have burn in and I game on it daily for the past 18 months. 

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1 hour ago, -idyb- said:

yeah  the burn in thing is overblown IMO  but still every oled panel is susceptible enough to it.   im sure if you cranked the brightness up and let it sit on still image for like a whole day or two straight, or just spend a ridiculous amount of time playing a game with a static HUD on the screen or even just the CNN ticker on the bottom,  and didnt bother to use the clear panel noise feature or take any kind of break from using it, then yeah youd surely get some pretty gnarly burn in after a while. but that would just be downright abusing your panel when it gets to that point.

but i doubt it would really be an issue to your average gamer or tv viewer.   i almost bought a C7 a couple years ago myself but i went with the x930e instead cause i was just buying it to use with my pc and burn in is a serious thing for me. sometimes ill forget to turn the tv off when i leave and i spend alot of time in front of a still image, and even my windows taskbar and firefox menu is on my screen 24/7 when im not gaming on it,  so i really didnt care to have to turn the thing off for an hour or whatever and let it run its cycle to get rid of the retention.  especially if i really needed to use that pc for something. i was just too paranoid about the image retention and burn in factor, and the lifespan of those panels so i went with the x930e instead. it was a pretty good buy and its totally up for the job.  

unless microled's come along and i wont have to sell a kidney for one, i'll probably end up going for an oled in a couple years if im ever in the market for another panel. though i'd have to knock a wall down or something just to fit another one in here with all the tv's i already have.

but yeah, you should probably get two of those 292 inch behemoths bro.  one for the babys room, and one for the guest bathroom.

The x930e is still one of the best TVs on the market. I love my X900F. Sony has yet to replicate the X930E though.

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