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Shane Carwin needs a nickname

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What about:


Shane "The Brickwall" Carwin

Shane "The Bulldozer" Carwin

Shane "The Rottweiler" Carwin

Shane "Mr. Powerhouse" Carwin


These are the names I think fit him specially after his fight against Gonzaga.

I mean 2 stiff and powerful enough jabs to the chin and all it did was daze him which coming from Napao is impressive, that's why The Brickwall.

"The Bulldozer" is pretty obvious.

"The Rottweiler" Simply because he has that face structure that remind me of that type of dog but I don't think Arlovski would love that idea.

And "Mr. Powerhouse" because he's got strength to always drop you like a bag of potatoes.


Either way these are my views of good nicknames for him, but I think in the end if he does pick a nickname it should be something that all fans agree on and that's it.

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Shane "my glove size is bigger than Brock's" Carwin


Shane "XXXXL fists from hell" Carwin


Shane "**** Darwin" Carwin


He'll probably give himself a nickname when he loses.... Whenever that may be???

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