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UFC Undisputed Create-A-Fighter

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There has been some questions going around the UFC and Sherdog forums about UFC Undisputed Create-A-Fighter system. Rightfully so as not much as been said about it. I've collected a few snippets that may help answer some questions.


The official THQ statement of the Create-A-Fighter systems, and will most likely be featured on the back of the dvd slip, goes as thus

"Create-a-Fighter ? Jumpstart the career of a future champion by customizing your fighter?s physical appearance, learning new fighting techniques to use in the Octagon and managing the training process through attributes such as strength and cardiovascular health."

This statement leaves some things to be desired.


The most exciting piece of information I have acquired is a small quote from Kotaku.com.

" A deep "create-a-fighter" and career mode will make this almost a MMARPG."


For some of you who are not familiar with video game world but are interested in this game. MMARPG stands for Mixed Martial Arts Role Playing Game. For some of you who are not familiar with the video game world and also have no interested in this game, why the **** are you still reading. I digress.


Gameguru.in has described UFC Undisputed's Create-A-Fighter system as giving you "training management systems." This tends to lead in the direction of something more along the lines of the Fight Nigh series. Instead of working towards points and randomly adding those points to your player attributes, you will most likely receive points for specific attributes that you work out. Meaning if you work on your left high kick, you may just be the next Cro-Cop. Granted, if you never work on bjj, you will probably get submitted by Chuck Liddell.


Here are some quick facts


- No customer entrance's as there will be not entrances in the game.

- Choose up to 3 governing styles

- Player Created Fighters will endure same real time damage effects as other fights in game.

- Text to Speak player names

- Clothing Customization

- Editable Physical Attributes

- Moldable face attributes such as eye color, with, height and spread; ear protrusion, height, size, shape and design; nose protrusion, height, size, shape and design; lip height, size, with, shape and design.

- Selection of body tattoos

- Rumored to have face aging such as seen in Oblivion.

- No female creations which means any hopefuls for tea bagging Paris Hilton will be sadly disappointed

- Player heights can range from 5'0" to 8'0"

- Player weights can range from 155 to 265, no big surprise there.

- Customizable pre-fight in ring warm up (such as the jackson camp nipple twist, granted that specific one is TBA)

- Team Camps

- Sponsorship deals in career mode


Confirmed sponsors include but are not limited to (not including team camps):

- Tapout

- Headblade


- Hitman Fight Gear

- Xyience

- Clinch Gear

- Sprawl


- American Fighter

- Harley Davidson

- Pain Inc.

- Yukes


- Nutrabolics


Confirmed arenas

- Mandala Bay Events Center

- MGM Grand Arena

- O2 Arena

- Lanxess Arena

- Madison Square Garden


And if you have not seen it yet. Here is the horrible looking cover. I like Forest but the extremely generic cover does not do video games, Forest, THQ, Yukes, or the UFC Justice. This is one of the ****tiest Photoshop designs I have ever laid eyes on.



Canada's version will feature GSP. Lets hope they do a little bit better of a job.



















If you feel like it, take a look at my website www.jasonketterer.com which has absolutely nothing to do with this post, this game, nor mma.

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Haha ya I'm not a fan of the box art either. Good info I can't wait for this game it's going to be so great. I hope they allow two people to play eachother on the same system. Me and a buddy are planning on spending days creating fights we wish we could see.

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I will be doing the same, although I have heard a lot of rumors leaning towards not being able to fight in other weight classes accept for certain fighters, such as bj penn fighting at ww and lw. It is hard for me to believe they dont have an arcade option to do this but I can't find anything going in that direction.

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well it'd be hard to put entrances into the game seeing as how fighters choose a different song every fight. they'd have to put a good number of songs into the game, which means a lot of paperwork. BUT they could have included it and let us add our own songs from our HDs.


first time i saw the cover art. it was good... if this was 1999 and this was a WWE game.

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