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ADCC Texas 500+Competitors, Vegas Next

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ADCC Texas Championships was a huge success over this past weekend. We started the day at 9:30am and had our last fight at 5:30pm. We could not be more proud of our staff and competitors.

We are also happy to announce these competitors who have qualified to go to ADCC Nationals 2010 with their chance to represent North America at ADCC Worlds 2011.


Male Divisions:


-65.9kg - Brandon Sandefur - American Fight Company

-76.9kg - Tony Tipton - Team Lutter

-87.9kg - Jason Ebarb - Texas Punishment Crew

-98.9kg - Brandon Caldwell - Extreme Grappling

+99kg - Aaron Davis - Lake Area BJJ


Female Divisions:


51.9kg - Monica Carrizal - Texas Powerhouse

66kg - Rena Pena - Full Contact


Next up is ADCC Las Vegas this weekend, July 31st and August 1st. Registration is open to all levels and all ages. Remember, that the Regionals will feed into the 2010 Nationals and the 2010 Nationals will feed into the 2011 ADCC Worlds. If you want your chance to compete at ADCC Worlds 2011, this is your shot.




Competitors from Nevada, Arizona, California, Texas, New Mexico, Washington, Florida and Hawaii have already signed up. Don't miss this big event.


Also, there is a FREE seminar with 2 time ADCC Champ Jeff Monson. Just pre-register for ADCC Las Vegas and you will be learning for the great. Seminar starts at 6pm Friday, July 31st at Bally's Event Center.


We will be doing early registration and early weigh ins form 5-7pm at Bally's Event center on July 31st. Late Regisration and wegh-ins starts at 9am on Saturday August 1st.


Remember that the Tournament Mats are for sale. As the Official Mat Sponsor of ADCC, Zebra will be utilizing its highest quality 1.5? Zebra MMA Mats at ADCC events and selling them at discounted prices. To save big, contact Tom@Zebramats.com or call 1-800-989-8085.

Any questions, please let me know.


Sponsored by: OTM, Budo Videos, Defensesoap.net, Zebra Mats and Rupture Clothing.


Hope to see you all in Vegas.




Brett Boyce

ADCC West Coast Director



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