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Following the Sengoku - Ninth Battle event a special mention to board member RossGracieMMA who scored 250 points to bring his overall standing to 9th of 27...is it beginners luck though or can he keep it up?


The leader is hellboyuk on 920 with swiftyfrisko close behind on a flat 800.


I, on the other hand, shot myself in the **** by attempting a couple of hardcore fight predictions and ended up only on 40 points (15th place)...shame on me.


If you think you know your MMA, give it a go...it's free to sign up and with navigation that a chimp could use it's so very simple to make your predictions. Let's face it, you can't do any worse than I did this weekend!!


UFC 101 is the next event so next update after that!

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Hey I haven't checked out your site man, but it sounds good and I appreciate you doing it. Ill go ahead and check it out now. As long as it don't take a PhD to get it going I should be good.


Thing I absolutely love about MMA is I am always wrong. I can analyse the s**t out of a fight and still get it all wrong come fight time.


Nonetheless, I'll check it out.

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