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Fedor debuts in Strikeforce in Fall

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Peopls saying the UFC should have given in to Fedor, are dipple****s. Why would the UFC give away half its business to a fighter who may only fight one time. That makes no sense. I don't blame Fador for wanting half the UFC, who doesn't? He deserves a buttload of money, which was offered to him. He deserves more then what was offered undoubtedly... but all the fighters in the UFC deserve more money. Its the talent, sweat, and hardwork that really make the UFC. Fedor is trying to get another organization into the big times, hes treid over and over and over again. I respect him for that, if he can't do it nobody can! Its nearly impossible, the UFC has created a monoply with TUF, WEC and ofcourse having 90% of the best fighters in the world signed to the UFC. Good luck to Fedor and Kudos for sticking it to the man. I really want to see the big fight but I cant help but to root for the underdog.

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UFC should have given in and signed the best fighter.


wich is who?


everyone has an opinion and they are entitled to it! however FACT remains that until the best can be pitted against the best no matter where or what promotion, there cannot be and will not be "Thee Best Fighter". we will not know util that time my canadian friend.

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