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  2. "@idrankyourbeer you are the smarted kid with downs I've ever met" wtf? if you're going to try to insult someones intellergents in english, at least learn how to spell simple words in english.
  3. **** i was drunk when i first tried to reply to that. i try again after it happened he was only in power for 2 weeks before they threw him to the gutter. 2 weeks is no time at all to really do anything in the court system. in those 2 weeks they werent able to round most of those maga muppets and bring up charges on them, much less identify lots of them. they still havent even caught all the rioters to this day, and the only reason theyve had so much success is because these chuds are literally dumber than shіt and they kept outing themselves on social media. many were arrested and charged in those 2 weeks, most of the most 'infamous' ones anyways, including that qanon shaman dude who was so badаss until he was in a jail cell literally crying for his mommy and whining about the food.
  4. @POTUF How are the chitcoins we bought doing on this dump?
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  6. same when i was in high school....it really took a toll on me too, i've never recovered really
  7. You think Costa's smart enough to be in on something?
  8. Just for you, I will update my official height class rankings next week. There were some awesome matchups in the original list.
  9. Texas school district bans long hair on boys https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/10/21/texas-students-long-hair-lawsuit/ also no boy there will ever be in a band or a professional wrestler. to be fair, i didn't know they still had schools in texas.
  10. Yeah I just saw that. Honestly I think it was a smart move from the UFC because you know that if lets say Costa puts a great performance he will automatically enter on the talk at 205 that, lets be honest, is slowly running out of interesting names. Who knows maybe baldy and Costa’s were on it altogether
  11. I'd be all-in on height classes. Imagine a heavyweight like DC or Mark Hunt fighting one of those 5'10" bantamweights, or a bean pole 155er like the late Corey Hill (RIP) fighting Overeem or Ngannou. Volkanovski, who is listed as a very optimistic 5'6", would run over all the other guys that height.
  12. Liberal logic. Don't punish the crooks, punish the business.
  13. Vettori vs Costa Saturday, October 23, 2021 CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR PICKS VIEW YOUR PICKS HERE! (FAR LEFT TAB) Picks Needed @Bwana @Dark_Horse Me @Fred_Flink_Stoned @gadgets19 @graham_240 @Jolldan @OzPride
  14. Re Booster shots for covid Unvaccinated people will likely catch COVID every 16 months on average, study finds https://www.newsnationnow.com/health/coronavirus/unvaccinated-people-will-likely-catch-covid-every-16-months-on-average-study-finds/ Study finds that "natural immunity" also wanes Shocking. Unless you actually know anything,
  15. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/10/21/putin-to-order-russians-to-stop-work-for-a-week-as-covid-deaths-soar.html News from the Bunker Word has come from Putin's COVID bunker that Russia will be taking the week of Oct 30-Nov 07 off on paid leave to try to fight the Rona. Russia is admitting to 30K plus cases and 1,000 deaths a day - and Putin only knows what the real numbers are but the Russians are about as vaccine hesitant as an 80 year old black guy in rural Mississippi. The National average is under 40% and who can blame them? Would you take a vaccine named "sputnik"? On the plus side Mr Putin was recently viewed on video, coughing, and complaining that even the people in his inner circle with degrees in science were refusing to get vaccinated.
  16. They designed an app for you Sir @Bubba_Sparks
  17. libs lol EXCLUSIVE: Iconic Target Store on Mission St to Close Amid Shoplifting Tidal Wave - California Globe
  18. is that what they told you on facebook?
  19. Fight is at 205 now. Lol.
  20. There's a thread for that kind of comment mate.
  21. "tRuSt tHe sCiEnCe!!!!! gEt tHe jAb!!!!!!" - @UFCCagerattler
  22. It's not easy being a juicy fat boy.
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