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  2. if you have anything in that place, get it out now
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  4. I'm there for the memes and funny animal videos.
  5. I knew him as Rufio Panman. Didn't know his real name. I guess that's his social media handle. 🤣
  6. Pictures of my kids are literally all I post on social media, and I only do that much because my mom and aunts love to see pictures of the kids. The only other reason to go onto social media these days is to be annoyed by peoples political opinions. It used to be considered impolite to talk about religion or politics, we need to go back to that tbh.
  7. He's a big Proud Boys member, I used to follow him on social media...but he took it all down because of getting hassled by the authorities. All of his videos had him knocking numerous people out, including chicks. He's pretty famous, out of Portland or San Fran I think. Google: Ethan Nordean
  8. < U seen this gif? That's a proud boys member. I don't think he's affiliated with Proud boys but google "Based Stickman" for some lulz. >
  9. Guessing that money will flow into DEX...aka uniswap. Will be interesting to track...seems like some funds went to Monero since the price there pumped a few days ago(insiders bailing out of bitmex)
  10. None. B4 my time maybe JFK or Eisenhower.
  11. Kyle's lawyer is in the process of suing him. I hope he does it.
  12. He's pretty awesome. Saw this a while back. Fkn CNN idiot trying to quadruple down on the bigot narrative got owned. Let her go ask Antifa smear questions.
  13. List Randomizer There were 20 items in your list. Here they are in random order: graham_240 Taylor_Schoner. Decompoze juice64011 JSW Bubba_Sparks LayDownDead VertFTW Bwana OzStraya Fred_Flink_S. amunera skillandpower BART-O-LINI AndyWang thestorm-1 Jolldan Los_Polo_Herm. Conceive-Believe Dark_Horse
  14. the robot has been fixed. hell yeah my dudes WAR RANDO REBORN!
  15. whats the over/under on this thread making it all the way to page 2? this card is terrible. i'd watcher watch senior ladies lawn bowling. ill likely be turning this chit on right before the condit fight starts, and then turning it off right after the condit fight ends
  16. i apply it to my mullet its glorious
  17. doom eternal is up on game pass now. still havent got around to really playing my 2016 doom, but maybe ill just skip that and go straight into eternal my internal hard drive is now pretty much maxed, and the controller inside of my external hard drive seems to be crapping the bed lately and most of the time wont even turn on and spin up anymore when i plug the power and usb cables in. so fook it im just gonna try to pry the drive out of the casing and use it on my pc or something or just toss it in the garbage if the drive itself has crapped out. im pretty sure its just one of the connector ports that is shot though. one of them seemed to have been jarred loose and i have a hard time plugging the usb cable in and keeping it in. the drive itself should still be good gonna need to buy another external down the road just to move games around on the series x. aint no way im paying $299 CAD + tax for that memory card thing. and with the size of the games these days and my slow **** 32 mbps internet connection, it would take me all god damn day just to redownload one. i cant imagine it would take very long to fill up the hard drives, when its not even uncommon anymore for games to be over 100 gigabytes and then some. i cant imagine a series s owner would be too thrilled about that. 500 gb is barely gonna be enough room these days for the operating system and the latest call of duty game or whatever. aint nobody in the right mind gonna spend nearly as much on a memory card as they did on their console! memory cards lol. i thought we did away with those after the original xbox and ps2 era? at least we can still use externals to move chit around. if this was Apple in charge of the xbox, i know damn well that they would disable usb hard drive support altogether and force people to eventually buy their super expensive proprierity cards
  18. god blesss the great sport of pedestrian bowling
  19. Walked right into that one
  20. Jesus, that was really cringy from Costa, he got smashed after talking ****, and then gives out when the person he talked **** to, talked some **** after smashing him
  21. You got me! In my lifetime, none of them.
  22. Lincoln was in your life time ?.....amazin
  23. I've never thought of any president as a hero, or as a favorite. If I had to choose one, it would probably be Lincoln.
  24. Funny how they say Biden "allows" abortion, when Trump allows it more than Biden does.
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