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  2. Another Doctor censored for exposing the truth.
  3. Fall in line or suffer the consequences of challenging the official narrative. https://canadianphysicians.org/?fbclid=IwAR3yzcU9cfOQf4Kg6TPaXo4yeukhF775IRmKAdXDvzAWo0gAMbLoklVJJ4c
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  5. I learned a long time ago to not bet on WMMA. The few legit fighters are always heavy favorites so they don't provide much value.
  6. Lol at all of this BS. ‘Americans want to work,’ Biden said. ‘I think the people claim Americans won’t work, even if they find a good and fair opportunity, underestimate the American people,’ he added. He noted that companies that ‘provide fair wages and safe work environments’ will ‘find plenty of workers.’ ‘We don’t see much evidence that the extra unemployment insurance is a major driver in people not rejoining the workforce,’ White House press secretary Jen Psaki said at her briefing.
  7. Dragon was 1 starring in multiple wars before CWL so not a loss imo. Freckz mentioned something about being out of CWL but it wasn't clear if he was asking a question or wanted to be opted out. He needs to be more clear but not entirely his fault. Ajay will cause drama for sure so that will be entertaining. At least he won't be in CWL anytime soon.
  8. Dragon has proven to be pretty chit but i think it was the black to black 1 stars. Didnt see he got kicked but we got a god send in AJ to fill the void 🙌
  9. Yesterday
  10. Due to COVID-19 protocols in the Swede’s camp. Moved to next week's Fight-Night
  11. me after going all in on these scams
  12. Odds on the m/e flipped overnight here 👉
  13. i believe we can make an exception for wickles. he was always talking about doing kinky stuff with our relatives and family members
  14. Never drag Mom's into the conversation bro, it's just not civilized Canadian.
  15. last night i gave his mother 15 minutes of glory
  16. Christ at least I admitted I sucked, give Wickle's his 15 minutes of glory....there's always next week.
  17. the last time i have seen anything that resembled your performances on this card, i had to flush twice.
  18. you should all be ashamed of yourselves, i am not impressed by any of your performances, including my own not only am i still in the lead after the oddsmakers, judges, and referees all fuсked me hard with no lube, but you all got your cheeks clapped by wickles. you guys want to know why i drink? its so i can drown myself away from these kinds of sorrows.
  19. There's been some drama in the discord today...we had 1 stars from freckz and dragon, but for some reason dragon got kicked, whereas freckz is still with us, despite going in with no queen and contributing very little else. RoRo is apparently 14, and has been in the feeder for cwl, but did the kicking anyway. Weird. In other news, I can see ajay being highly trollable; he was apparently Elite at TH12, and can 100% 3 star any base once he has maxed troops. Fun times ahead.
  20. Whilst you lot are gambling your hard earned money on whims, hearsay and reddit-pumped frivolities, I'm pleased to announce that Bubba Sparks Inc. are now a major listed shareholder in a startup that has an innovative carbon capture system that will be licenced across the EU and make GAZILLIONS of money out of virtue signaling socialists. Assuming they reach the market cap of apple by 2030, I'll retire as a billionaire. At the more realistic end of the scale, I might get a couple of vacations off the back of a public listing one day.
  21. Wow, pretty much everyone stunk the place out this week
  22. China threatens Australia with retaliatory long range missile attack , if it helps Taiwan in war. https://7news.com.au/travel/china/chinas-media-mouthpiece-threatens-long-range-missile-strikes-on-australian-soil--c-2794988 RIP ozpride and tigerchamp
  23. she aint fooling anyonne. she really wants more whats her number?
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