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  2. My local CBS affiliate ran the QAnon March 4th story this morning. Like Stomp said, I'm pretty sure this "Q" character hasn't posted anything since early in December. When was this supposedly put out there? This QAnon dude predicted Trump would be beaten in the election, disappear for a month and a half, and then reappear on March 4th to be inaugurated on behest of the military? Is this guy Nostradamus or what?
  3. agtx

    Chimaev Retiring ?

    Send chimpaev an "I can't breathe" tshirt.
  4. It was better before everyone became well rounded mma fighters & before they banned steroids. Its not the Olympics, let them bang bro!
  5. Least I won't have to watch Underreems retreat to the fence, cover up & hope for the best, technique again. Jds probably talks like a Brazilian version of rocky balboa these days. can velasquez,s tiny ufc career scrambled juniors brain, he was never the same after his brutal trilogy of fights with Mexicain VeGLASSquez.
  6. The UFC ruined itself years ago with heavy focus on Lesnar and Fedor. The focus should have been heavy on Aldo and GSP. Not guys out there somewhere, who may or may not sign with the brand for the right amount of money. It isn't helping itself by forcing stars on us like Adesanya. His rise doesn't feel organic. It feels like they've been finding people for him to beat this whole time. This move up to LHW would be more impressive if it didn't feel like everybody involved ducked Jon Jones, and targeted Blachowicz. Then they'll get on TV and celebrate Adesanya like he's some amazing superstar, but if you ask me, there are a few guys out there floating around that would give him a run for his money, and Jon Jones was definitely one of them.
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  8. I believe I read about that in the Crocodile Times. Actually it might have been the Wallabie Post.
  9. I heard a rumour JDS was supposed to job to Lewis but accidentally finished him and the UFC was mad and booked him to lose 4 straight. Look into it
  10. Seeing JDS and 'Reem get cut got me all nostalgic. There was a period of time when I watched every single UFC event, every edition of TUF, stayed up until 5AM with my mates on a regular basis to watch it live, watched anything from Bellator, Strikeforce etc. that i could get my hands on. Every title fight meant something, every main event was eagerly anticipated, and even the lowliest of prelims was something to look forward to. Event threads ran to 20+ pages, and were the focus point of the fora. Now....i haven't watched a live event for over 2 years. Admittedly, it's a lot harder to watch MMA in Sweden, and the hours are even more unsociable than in the UK, but 5 years ago I would at least have made the effort. The last event thread didn't make it to page 2, and politics is now the focal point of our once illustrious fora. Maybe I'm just getting old, or maybe the golden years of MMA are well and truly behind us. Assuming it's the latter, when actually were those golden years? For me, i would go for 2005-2015. We didn't have PRIDE in the UK, so my first exposure was via TUF. I actually saw my first couple of episodes whilst on a snowboarding trip in Whistler, and was hooked. I think of that era as having epic, genuine rivalries between fighters at the top of the game, wrestlers against boxers, Muay Thai practitioners against BJJ experts. You had the Chuck/Randy trilogy, Tim Sylvia/AA, with Randy coming out of retirement to pinch his belt. You had the Hughes/Serra/GSP love triangle, the dominance of Silva and the incredible emergence of Jones. You had the unstoppable Brazillians; Barao and Aldo, BJ finally bringing some credibility to the LW division (before Frankie ruined it with his point-fighting rematches and dancing for 3 years). Even Conor's run to FW crept in at the end of the golden era, although ultimately, he would be the most symbolic symptom of the decline. Those were heady days. Then rivalries became about who said mean things about someone's wife on twitter. Everyone's a grappler. Any pretence of a meritocracy was abandoned, and interest rapidly dwindled. But let's not dwell on the fall. Let's talk about golden eras. What was your golden era of MMA, and why? And who is even left from that time?
  11. Glad to see you doing well Soup. All the best with your business; would agree with what a few have said - keeping it simple may well be the key to success.
  12. Yeah, kinda share gadgets' sentiment. Understandable, but....hurts to lose two guys from the golden era of MMA. He may have been getting KTFO for over a decade, but 'Reem is a bona fide throwback to PRIDE, and JDS fights usually end up with someone unconscious (sadly, him recently). Tryna think who's still active from the good ol' days....when even were they??
  13. Just to throw a nerdy reference in here to my fav game & fantasy genre... More or less basically with the prominence of data collection, digital media, personalized analytics & socio-economic business politics big tech & gov unleashed the 4 chaos gods lol Time for everyone to understand how to avoid getting sucked into the warp where madness abounds & you're self trapped like a ghost in a machine where what u consume ends up consuming u. In other words people need to grow the fk up, be more productive & conquer their demons or all this $hits gonna get real bad real fast.
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