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  2. this is the thread for virgins. i still have my butthole virginity. i highly doubt that you do. bund mara faggot
  3. probably about a beer and a joint per kilometer
  4. Wow, nice! Those are highly respectable distances.
  5. not sure if it was all the beers or the marguaritas that did me in but god damn this ones pretty gnarly i havent even been able to stomache any water or food. every time i even take a drink i end up heaving it back up soon afterwards. i was feeling pretty damn fine last night though. something must have happened to me between then and the time i woke up
  6. im still fooking hungover this is brutal
  7. It would make sense if you weren’t drunk. Follow along. Lol
  8. todays forecast calls for a 100% chance of gayness inside of CBA's anus
  9. I’ll take that as a compliment. Those trannies have their brows on fleek. And they are tall and gorgeous, some of them. On a side note though, I’ve been here in some capacity or another for over a decade now. You can’t seriously think I’m a dude. Unless you were taken in by that whole Cole saga about 3 years back? I thought it was made pretty clear that it was all a prank Cashflow and Sober pulled on the others. I was merely along for the ride in that. I can quite easily say that I’ve either met in person, or video chatted to, or spoken on the phone with about a dozen members of this place. I have another dozen on my Facebook. I’m a girl. End of. The one in my pic, in all my tranny glory.
  10. Moar? Is that a new entry into the fora lexicon I am unaware of? And no, 12er hates when I post just about anywhere so I try not to derail his thread. It makes him sad. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  11. Today
  12. Yeah I saw that the curve for cases in your state is also trending upwards again. This chit sucks. The economic ramifications alone are going to be felt for generations to come. Is the states still providing any kind of mass relief in terms of monies for those who have lost jobs etc. aside from those benefits people would otherwise be entitled to? For example, up here it’s the damn lottery. There’s SO much fraud and people just opting to not go back to work because the liberal government has been just doling out money left, right and centre with zero accountability. Well, I should say they have added that people have to *attest* to the fact that they qualify for the $2000 a month and that they are trying to find work. People who were on welfare went off to scam COVID benefits and those who made very little now have no incentive to get back to work. I was under the impression that stateside you guys got some money at the outset but not longer term. Is this true? Your economy opened up way before ours, or perhaps never entirely closed down the way ours did. Don’t get me wrong, I think emergency aid is important but I think there should be a happy medium or controls in place. Can’t simply think about the now and disregard the decades ahead where we are going to suffer for this.
  13. Had no idea any of my exes would find me on here. Or is that you Cole?
  14. Hey There! Thanks! I’m holding steady. There was already a wait list miles long before COVID hit and with the cancellation of all surgeries that weren’t imminently life threatening in order to brace for the influx of COVID patients that never came, well, that means I probably won’t be getting my fusions for quite some time. I’m what you’d call resting comfortably with the opioids they have me on for the time being. There isn’t much I can do about it and the general consensus is that we are keeping these OR’s free and taking one for the team so meh...it is what it is. I have a lot to be grateful for otherwise so all in all I’m good! How about you? Still in Sweden is it?
  15. Bah. You’re just fine, Stomp. I’ve always found you quite easy going from where I sit, but then again I’m not here all that much. I’m a fan of anyone who can acknowledge their character defects and actually put in the work to try to change if they feel their life would improve, so good on ya. Have you been keeping healthy? Still working out and all that good stuff?
  16. UFC posted a video to playlist UFC 254. GOAT insights! Georges St-Pierre sits with Patrick Coteto talk Khabib vs Gaethje at #UFC254 this Saturday! Main card starts at 2pmET / 11amPT in
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