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  2. gsp would have dry humped silva for 5 rounds and i would have loved watching every minute of it
  3. he ran out the back door lol but that doesnt top jon jones hiding under the cage for 8 hours when the commission came to his gym looking to get a sample from him
  4. Wanderlei Silva should be on there i guess for sprinting from WADA during TUF.
  5. That’s a great way at looking at it and there is edge Andy to the better wins. But if they fight at 185 who wins. I say GSP.
  6. i was going to send my canadian troops over your walls to spread the rona virus, loot and plunder your city, set it ablaze and then take home all of your wenches, but they turned around and went home when they realised that theres still a glimmer of hope that this years NHL season may not be cancelled. sorry aboot that eh? i look forward to invading you coc jockeys the next time around. make sure to water your crops for me. i want them nice and healthy for when we come and pilfer everything from you, and then burn down your town halls like we burned down the whitehouse
  7. piss off troll. thats not how this works.
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  9. Get on my level! Number 1 in UK on builder. Rapidly running out of goals to keep things interesting though....
  10. Add GSP to this list. He ran from Whittaker and Korean Zombie.
  11. If the guy only made 2 million the entire time he fought for the UFC, that's pretty sad. Especially considering how many of his fights were for championships. I imagine Ali got anywhere from 5-15%, if not more. His coaches got another good chunk, I'd imagine at the very least 10%. Some camps that offer room and board take as much as 30%+ of fight purses for fights camps. Hopefully he made some smart investments. Otherwise we might see Triple C Schnapps in the liquor store soon.
  12. Georges St-Pierre Says Khabib Is Conor McGregor's 'Kryptonite' And Reacts To Gaethje's UFC 249 Victory
  13. platinum mike perry would have belts in 3 weight divisions by now if he switched camps to tri-star
  14. also Oz, i really do not appreciate your excessive trolling and gsp-hating in this GOAT discussion thread, that somehow has canor's name randomly dragged into it
  15. I know they’re not making millions. I didn’t say they did. I’m my opinion. A fighter who made shy of half a million pounds in their first few years in the UFC, isn’t bad at all..
  16. “Prelims” Card 6 p.m. ET, ESPN/ESPN+ Katlyn Chookagian vs. Antonina Shevchenko Billy Quarantillo vs. Spike Carlyle Jamahal Hill vs. Klidson Abreu Tim Elliott vs. Brandon Royval Louis Smolka vs. Casey Kenney Chris Gutierrez vs. Vince Morales nice how they have the two womens fights back-to-back now i know when i'll be doing my beer run
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