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  2. I reckon this is the fight to make for Chimaev. Iceland vs "Sweden". Also gives Chimaev a really good 'test'. If he can beat someone of that level. I'm sure he walks straight in to the Top 15.. I reckon this fight gets made for next month or Early Oct Say silly Childish Chit below
  3. I'm not coming to that Chithole of an Island... Too far, Too Hot and come on. It's a hole, that's surrounded by Cannibals and New Zealand..
  4. OK wickles. Put your mask on, charge up your gopher and come find me
  5. I'd slap you in front of your children, then take your Fat Fcuk Wife for dinner. She be paying, with your Credit Card
  6. This is the truth & i'm really starting to realize the solution is a hybrid system even though i'm largely against a lot of socialist policies.
  7. Lmao no. I'm about as cripple as soup right now and I'd still wipe the floor with you, you tubby cuck.
  8. Still got better shape than you, you skinny little fcuker.
  9. Did you watch the hearing on big tech? Have you been paying attention the last decade & read the history on the wall and compared it to where we are now? With all due respect Red herring my @ss. Walmart & Amazon alone nearly destroyed retail & Amazon owns most of the market share online & pushed many out. On top of this Amazon, Google are trying to buy up publishing rights to many books & censor they see fit. I could go on & on with the big tech four & big 6 media, fashion you name it. They OWN everything & artificially manipulate everything m8. We can start with the tax loopholes & minimizing subsidies for these MEGA companies & make them pay their fare share or give back to workers & communities to get the perks instead of hoarding capitol. Also if you hoard money in the Cayman Isles. Swizz banks etc. IRS, FCC etc should be looking into that. IMO a lot of these top players are involved in a lot of shady $hit not just immoral cut-throat business practices. Big business should no longer be allowed to huge bailouts and tax breaks while making maximum profits by cutting all corners, meanwhile killing competition with buying leverage, interference or mergers to stifle competition all the while progressively & aggressively shafting their workers in the extreme trying to cut cost & save pennies. There is more opportunity to hustle now with the internet but all of dat $hit is fragile & mostly a popularity contest. Look how many people ditched & or supplemented careers for Ebay, Etsy, Instagram, Twitch, Patreon, YT etc. and a lot of those companies now are actively purging people left & right because of cancel culture but it's really about GREED & that well is gonna dry up quite a bit for a lot in the near future besides the top dogs & even some of the top dogs are at risk. 1% are making WAY too much money now compared to the past it's not relative. Certain key people especially in tech basically have a monopoly that kills any competition from getting started. They have WAY to much power now to cancel rivals & even the payment & service providers services are involved i.e. don't play ball & partner with them lose your business one way or another. They have you by the balls. Look when my parents were coming up in the work force it wasn't unheard for a middle class family even with a single bread winner once they hit their early/mid 40's to own their own house, a few cars & have some disposable income & savings. << Good fkn luck with that now & add Covid on top of that. Your last sentence is ironic because u agree we all should be better off but we won't have that with 1% dominating and dictating everything & if something isn't done this with this utterly broken corrupt political system to hold the mega manipulators to account & i mean like yesterday that is exactly what's gonna happen. Their wealth will sky rocket exponentially at the expense of everyone else not in the club. We won't really have a large base of middle class in the future & the "Capitalist dream" will be dead to anyone that doesn't own all the keys to the kingdom. Slaves are made in such ways. tl;dr These billionaire club networks are all a bunch of greedy bastards & need to be broken up b4 they become modern mafia which they pretty much already are to some degree because our governments are completely inept at regulating them properly & making laws with a sense of fairness that gives power back to the people so yeah....Fk 'em - Matt Serra.
  10. Use your brain you fat tub of lard, it's called context.
  11. There's a lame assed Thread, for posting Chit tunes, like this.... Keep this chit out of here... Guys.... Promote me now and let's ruin this Swedish Fcuks day..
  12. Flicking quickly through some retards tl/dr post made me think of this song.
  13. Today
  14. Once robots are practical, the super rich will move behind walls and leave the peasants to fend for themselves.
  15. What would you do about it, comrade Stomp? History has shown that there really has been no better way of taking from the rich to give to the poor than the method popularised by Robin Hood. IMO, this whole 1% thing is a red herring for the much bigger prickle of bloated bureaucracy and inefficient governments. With the technological advances made, we should all be living like lazy kings by now.
  16. Lol. I thought you were just playing along @-idyb-. It was pretty obvious that was not Wickles. Dude was clearly not 38, for a start.
  17. Owen is a vindictive far right nut but i actually think there is some truth to both Bryan Callen & Chris D'elia being fkn creeps.
  18. Glad he agrees because clueless republicans & certain dems sure won't do anything. Doing something about it and talking are two different things Mr. President. If he actually does something b4 Nov he's got my vote.
  19. Because, I’m not the guy in the videos... Im just a naturally big dude. Like I said earlier. With training 3 times a day and starving myself, I can get to 190. 210 Kinda guy..
  20. fook all that talk made me bust out my scale. im at 184 right now with a belly full of beer, whiskey, pasta, and pizza pops thats only half a pound more than i was in may on an empty stomache holy chit. if anything, ive actually been losing weight. thats still really hard for me to believe cause i havent been doing much for exercise or even really biking this summer. i guess my body is working some kind of miracles inside of it or something. the way i live, and the way i see things, i should probably be closing in on 250 by now!
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