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  2. Roberts Dern SUB Rodriguez KO Hill DEC Kenney DEC Gutierrez
  3. I picked Woodley to win, but hope he gets choked out by Burns in all honesty.
  4. Not bad really, definitely watchable. Best part by miles was when the wife asked if this was based on a true story and I said straight faced he's the guy behind Gettyimages and she was like ohhhh 😂 I mean sure it's part of their empire but the oil was a larger contributor to the empire
  5. TUF - OMG this is all Trumps fault
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  7. Tyron Woodley Blagoy Ivanov Billy Quarantillo Roosevelt Roberts Mackenzie Dern Antonina Shevchenko Daniel Rodriguez Jamahal Hill Brandon Royval Casey Kenney Vince Morales
  8. He will put his opponent in a head lock & pop his head off with his bicep
  9. Damn bro you turn on your homies nearly as bad as we do when we revoke former Aussie fighters citizenships and banish them to NZ! That said, wall and stall decision is the most likely outcome. Tie your remote to to your hand somehow so it doesn't reach the TV
  10. Honestly, if he wins a chitty decision and goes on to demand a title shot, I may throw my remote through my television. Let's hope Gilby gives him the hands.
  11. agtx

    GSP vs Masvidal

    GSP only takes title fights, and he only eats clean, no 3 piece & a soda.
  12. Dana says Jones is lying & he has texts to back it up 2:42, says Jones was asking for what Deontay Wilder was paid ($30 million). 4:20
  13. Conor says whatever it takes to get attention. He calls out everyone & claims hes active but is looking to only have maybe one other 1 fight this year in reality. He probably wont fight again this year, his "season" of 1 fight.
  14. My bad.. I must have missed Everyone talking about this non fight..
  15. Ozpride

    GSP vs Masvidal

    This is a UFC discussion fora m8. Sorry I'm actually posting a relevant topic, it must be terribly confusing for you.
  16. To put it another way you don't get to sit at the adult table for the tribal dinner & get first dibs on steak or eat a whole chicken if you only put in a potato's worth of work. You don't put in the same work or add some kind of equal value to the tribe like everyone else then you sit at the kids table with wickles & share a potato until you become less worthless. If equality is the primary standard eventually everyone either leaves the tribe or becomes less productive as a whole . Competition based on merit is actually more fair & sustainable. Not a hard concept to understand.
  17. Yan vs the winner is f Sandhagen vs Sterling would be much more deserving. I guess they are sticking to the fact Aldo was going to fight for the belt anyway. I don’t agree he should have been but agree they shouldn’t pull the fight from him. Aldo vs Cejudo had the legacy sell where this doesn’t but guess both are ready to fight. Fight island?
  18. Have to agree but also have to account for a heavy Conor and a drained Andy. He’s obviously confident he could make 80kg but if you suggested he dropping to that weight, especially at his age, before he did I would of laughed it off. Fight never happens though.
  19. This is like the pandemic you predicted.
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