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  2. Had no idea any of my exes would find me on here. Or is that you Cole?
  3. Hey There! Thanks! I’m holding steady. There was already a wait list miles long before COVID hit and with the cancellation of all surgeries that weren’t imminently life threatening in order to brace for the influx of COVID patients that never came, well, that means I probably won’t be getting my fusions for quite some time. I’m what you’d call resting comfortably with the opioids they have me on for the time being. There isn’t much I can do about it and the general consensus is that we are keeping these OR’s free and taking one for the team so meh...it is what it is. I have a lot to be grateful for otherwise so all in all I’m good! How about you? Still in Sweden is it?
  4. Bah. You’re just fine, Stomp. I’ve always found you quite easy going from where I sit, but then again I’m not here all that much. I’m a fan of anyone who can acknowledge their character defects and actually put in the work to try to change if they feel their life would improve, so good on ya. Have you been keeping healthy? Still working out and all that good stuff?
  5. UFC posted a video to playlist UFC 254. GOAT insights! Georges St-Pierre sits with Patrick Coteto talk Khabib vs Gaethje at #UFC254 this Saturday! Main card starts at 2pmET / 11amPT in
  6. the word alleged is spelled alleged. i think our trump robot is broken
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  8. The China bank-acct story originated in a supermarket tabloid known as the Washington Post, -( lower circulation than the National Enquirer )- .... that's where you would get your latest Kim Kardashian sex-tape news . * no illegalities alledged .... Trump/ 2217 - fake news media/ 0
  9. who the fuck would censor the word retard?
  10. And it's the New York Times. 45000 employees and not one of them is a Trump supporter or remotely right leaning
  11. What happened to you man. Cant believe I fought for your return and you pull this chit. Shame on you
  12. Like football I am all over the place and can't make up my mind. Right now thought is: Tuivasa -105 and Harris +145 Also thinking of hedging bets for title fight on winner/method Gaethje TKO/KO +255 balanced out with Khabib DEC +310
  13. Is that it?? A billionaire businessman with a portfolio of around 500 seperate entities moves money around to minimise his tax burden and this is something of a gotcha moment? Trump plays the shell game with his finances as does every other uber wealthy entrepreneur on the planet. Your own article shows that he disclosed the sum so what am i looking at.
  14. Any sites I see are quoting the same NY Times piece. Unfortunately I can't read that article since it's for subscribers. Maybe you can explain to me how a 2017 tax return (filed in 2018) shows a singular deposit and then withdrawl 1 day after an election that took place in 2016
  15. Liked for the use of neck beards. Said like rescinded for the consequent dumb****ery highlighted in bold.
  16. I feel your pain Bubba for i too am sorely vexed! Dear Britannia, once the ruler of the waves finds herself at the mercy of a band of French scallywags who, with temerity and gay abandon, assault Blighty's finest with nothing more than pebbles and the odd firecracker. That in the face of such weak sauce the Brits offered no resistance, indeed, that they tucked tail and fled the melee, fills me with woe and deposits a great sadness upon my once proud and joyful heart. The retreat is irksome in and off itself but that the victory was visited upon a rabble of garlic eating surrender monkeys only compounds my growing misery. Wherefore art though the lion that once did roar. 😞
  17. pay for play is bad. the house should impeach biden.
  18. https://forums.ufcfightclub.com/search/?q=reddit&quick=1&type=forums_topic&item=189007 Uh, because movies aren't real, the actor is 24, he touched himself. Take your pick. I'll wait for more information before drawing any conclusions. Hunter's deals that directly result in a pay for play with the big guy are of concern when the big guy is trying to be president, even if it will only be for a few weeks
  19. News flash: Trump is not a conservative Trump is not a Republican Trump doesn't care about the 2nd amendment Trump doesn't care about abortion
  20. bro ur dealing with a trumpet here. they dont care for facts unless it makes their grand poobah look good
  21. Hunter's buisness partners (Cooney in prison now) and Archer (awaiting sentencing) both flipping on "H" and the "Big guy" 🙃
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