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  2. Flicking quickly through some retards tl/dr post made me think of this song.
  3. Once robots are practical, the super rich will move behind walls and leave the peasants to fend for themselves.
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  5. What would you do about it, comrade Stomp? History has shown that there really has been no better way of taking from the rich to give to the poor than the method popularised by Robin Hood. IMO, this whole 1% thing is a red herring for the much bigger prickle of bloated bureaucracy and inefficient governments. With the technological advances made, we should all be living like lazy kings by now.
  6. Lol. I thought you were just playing along @-idyb-. It was pretty obvious that was not Wickles. Dude was clearly not 38, for a start.
  7. Owen is a vindictive far right nut but i actually think there is some truth to both Bryan Callen & Chris D'elia being fkn creeps.
  8. Glad he agrees because clueless republicans & certain dems sure won't do anything. Doing something about it and talking are two different things Mr. President. If he actually does something b4 Nov he's got my vote.
  9. Because, I’m not the guy in the videos... Im just a naturally big dude. Like I said earlier. With training 3 times a day and starving myself, I can get to 190. 210 Kinda guy..
  10. fook all that talk made me bust out my scale. im at 184 right now with a belly full of beer, whiskey, pasta, and pizza pops thats only half a pound more than i was in may on an empty stomache holy chit. if anything, ive actually been losing weight. thats still really hard for me to believe cause i havent been doing much for exercise or even really biking this summer. i guess my body is working some kind of miracles inside of it or something. the way i live, and the way i see things, i should probably be closing in on 250 by now!
  11. I'll take the guy w/ the 5rd tuner- 👀
  12. Butchered yesterday: 8 fights The draw The Feint Opponent changes Wife bet JC -400 m/e .... just wasn't meant to be for me
  13. how in the fook does a skinny little twig like you make 230? i think your scale needs a recalibration bro! just giving you chit, but really. there needs to be an explanation for this! i mean chit, on my fattest days in the winter when i hibernate i can get in the 190's and ive got a bigger frame than you in all those insatgram videos of you hitting the heavies or whatever. other than that i pretty much always stay around the mid 180's year round because my metabolism is ridiculous. i can get drunk and eat everything in my fridge and then i pretty much sweat it all off the next day. for some reason i actually have a hard time gaining weight and keeping it. its really something else, and im still trying to figure out the science behind it cause i eat and drink like a god damn pig, but ill still weigh in about the same as i did exactly a year before, when the way i look at it, the way ive been eating these last few years i should probably be over 250 pounds by now with a colossal beer belly. but for some reason im a pound lighter than i was last august. my weight barely fluctuates its fuct up and then we get ufc fighters cutting 25 pounds for a fight and chit. that kind of chit is way beyond my boundaries. i know i sure as fook will never be able to do that, but i'd never be able to put on 25 pounds in one go either. it would probably take me years of training domino's and little caesers or some chit just to have a chance. for me gaining weight seems to be just as hard as losing weight. but f*ck going vegan im just gonna keep on eating whatever the hell i feel like.
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