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  2. It's what happens you need to virtue signal every second of your life.
  3. How does an old dude like that have a name Rachel? He ain't fooling anyone.
  4. I don't think I'm racist, but why would two white people adopt a black child? I would say the same if 2 black people adopted a white child? Saw this on embedded episode 1 for ufc 257.
  5. ... how did u come up w/ that m8y, Pirrello has been fighting regional bums while Simon is beating Jackson, Yahya, Dvalishvili & Borg ? (fought Font also) ... bravo on the -400 kahunas, but it seems a stretch ? Consider Simon's gas tank taboot 👈
  6. I keep catching glimpses of ep1000 hype. We're a year from that😂
  7. .... I'm wondering why I'm being solicited by middle-eastern escort services 24/7, ... (I haven't been there in yrs)- ............... $200. ........................................... $1000. ........................................... $400. ............................................... $250. /per hr.
  8. -idyb-

    NHL 2021

    once upon a time chicago had a team
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  10. Those aren't bad teams. Like I mentioned, before the season began, I had both of them finishing in the top 4 of the division. Now... if there are any Blackhawk fans in here... you probably should worry. I didn't expect the Blackhawks to do anything this year, but at this rate, ya'll might replace Detroit for worst in the league. Chicago has been getting molly wopped.
  11. -idyb-

    NHL 2021

    we've lost 3 of 4 now. to edmonton and calgary of all teams
  12. Some decent cricket over the past few weeks. Solid start by England against Sri Lanka; despite the last innings wobble, we don't win many opening games away so happy with that. But Australia v India....that was a heck of a series. People are saying it's up there with the 2005 Ashes - the two top teams in the world going head to head, with all matches apart from the first one pretty close. Respect to India for winning that with an injury hit side. Still can't excited about a test cricket world cup though, especially with all the teams playing different number of games. Cricket can still be a bit anachronistic at times...
  13. Given how Demko played in the playoffs, I figured he would be doing better. It is still early, but with a shortened season, can't wait too long to get things going. But a 4.65 GA/G.... But that is only through 2 games. At least you are getting some of your money worth from Holtby. Plus your Ottawa games are still up coming and you should win those lol. I wouldn't worry yet. Initially I had Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, and Edmonton from that division. Vancouver is young, I think they will be solid in another year or two.
  14. If Beeb comes back, 👉 he fights Charley or he Gets TFO 👈
  15. they should be hosting the inauguration party at the national cemetary, for all of the dead people who voted for biden
  16. most likely they should just do it virtually. let the maga muppets show up and theyll only have the police and national guard to harass. itll make it easier for them to get shot or arrested i still want my riot so i hope everybody shows up. blm, antifa, proud boys, nazi's, hillbillies, lgbtq warriors, ja rule, whatever. crowd them all together and let them fight.
  17. The media: "...There will be more soldiers in the Nation's Capitol than Iraq and Afghanistan!" Regular person: "Why are we still in Iraq and Afghanistan?"
  18. By ten fold. That's why they're going wayyyyyy overboard on security for the Inauguration and keeping people away. Gotta ensure they're not knee deep in hillbillies in red hats screaming "NOT MUH PRESIDENT!".
  19. Buckley is so exciting that he made you guys remember an Alessio di Chirico fight! That's talent.
  20. Trump's going away party will draw more people than Biden's inauguration.
  21. Sharks are 1-2, and we're starting the season with an 8 game road trip! From what I've read and seen on TV, a lot of "experts" are picking Colorado this year.
  22. -idyb-

    NHL 2021

    meanwhile my canucks are now on pace to go 14-42 this season im gonna need more crying towels
  23. im a little rustled they didnt annnounce gsp vs khabib just yet. the superfight that all of the educated mma fans across the world have been screaming for but they kinda hinted at it. khabib wants to be impressed by somebodies performance this weekend.
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