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    Finally set. I think I saw Sept 19. Who ya got?
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    Izzy gonna get brutalized. Cannot wait. Hope Leon Roberts refs it too just so Lord Costa can get an extra 40 unanswered strikes in.
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    this must be the 1 hr per week he is allowed internet time while in jail b/c he can't parallel park, tried to KO a midget but couldn't, and instead got shot by the midget who was acting in self-defense.
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    I don't think you can say you understood anything actually
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    So nobody in the US counts?
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    Hard to win a decision when you are knocked out halfway through round one. All natural lord Costa MW Champ, you better believe mate!
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    Might as well give Joe another rematch and complete the trilogy given how close the last 2 fights were
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    Imagine classifying this as a man...
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    The memes are great already
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    I think we'll all agree that we need another moderator. Having killed Freddie, cagerattler and Finish_Him, Sober is focusing on real life so much i can't even be bothered to @ him. Enigma is back in his car fire, JChristian is still trying to persuade Miesha Tate to join his CrossFit box, McMod is focused on Animal crossing, so that basically leaves us with just @juice64011, and @SavageTC, both of whom are absolute cans. Seems to be a 3 horse race. First candidate is @-idyb-. A vote for IDYB is a vote for fairness, and the painstaking un-merging of his GSP thread into it's original glory. As a long-time member of the fora, he needs no further introduction, plus he would bring some much needed diversity to the forum moderator team as they have never had a moderator with a mullet before. Second candidate is @VertFTW. A vote for Vert is a vote for confidence in the education system that produced this top 20 graduate. His main focus will be on finding McMod a girl, plus increasing the flow of manly topics, such as inquiring about your penis size, or what type of jeans you wear https://forums.ufcfightclub.com/topic/193659-type-of-jean-fit-you-wear/ Final candidate is @Conceive-Believe-Achieve, aka Wickles, aka the poster who has done most to damage the excellent British poster reputation that me and @NoCakeForYaya have built up over the years. Wickles will run on a ticket of having already Made the Fora GREAT again, a long with a manifesto pledge to rid the fora of all things Swedish. For that reason alone, Wickles is the candidate I am officially endorsing. Please cast your votes below using the poll, and I presume that @DanaWhite will read it and take action accordingly.
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    lol new crew? Over half of our decade long plus posters have stopped altogether in the last couple of years. You're the only noob here on this dead forum. Yo @-idyb- why are you jerking this toothless bum off? Change your username to Jack_Reacharound
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    Maybe not, but I guarantee your parents tell their friends that you are.
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    Completely and totally ****ing destroyed.
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    The UFC just posted this.
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    imagine having to hug a 6 day late replacement up against the fence and stomp their foot to scrape by a victory lmfao
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    I was wildly rustled at our local teachers declaring they don't want to show up at work, while simultaneously demanding that their funding not be cut. Trolled the **** outta me, man. Honestly, if we have 30 elementary schools, and the grades are substantially better at one school than others, why not use only that one teacher for remote learning? Why do we need 30 third grade teachers to write a lesson plan, draw up some assignments, and put it online? The assignments are automatically graded so the time normally spent there is gone. Can't we just have the best one do it for every third grader in our district? Wouldn't that essentially eliminate the idea that kids in the hood somehow get less of an education than kids in more affluent areas? Oh, that would be cost effective and make a lot of sense. Nevermind.
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    Holy chit just listening to JRE and the two guys are about as anti-trump as you can get so hearing even them list all the reasons that Khamala Harris is a POS was actually mind blowing never actually knew much about her at all until listening to this and I’m now about 99% sure nobody ever would have with a record like that if she wasn’t black and female.
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    Lol, was going to say inb4 OZ calls you out for TDS, but I was too slow
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    I actually thought this was a spoof the first time i saw it. "America is lower than....the world!"
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    There are so many layers to cash's trolling these days I'm unclear whether he's actually saying he likes Ellen or not. Please confirm or deny.
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    Corden reportedly replacing Ellen is the only way daytime TV could lose a homosexual and somehow get gayer.
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    Had to add @Thepolarbear. One of the more spectacular insta-meltdowns in recent years.
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    @Bubba_Sparks needs to get off his lazy marathon running **** and moderate this joint. Idyb has resorted to jerking Wickles off ffs.
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    I’m willing to sell you my vote rich boy, how much is it worth?
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    Can't take something over when you don't know what it is.
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    Most of the legends are gone, m8. It’s mostly try hard idiots from England now.
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    wear your masks people and stay 6 feet apart, listen to the expert, do as he does...
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    This i can get behind 100%
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    But m8, if you cant see you can't see the microbes m8. Check and m8 m8
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    Just reading up on the Nick Cannon chit, what he said is utterly reprehensible, and he should be called out for it, but what i find really quite confronting is that hes only getting pulled up for being "anti Semitic" when his statements were directed at anyone who isnt "melanized". He called them lesser people, lacking soul and compassion, and essentially sub human. Even over here the double standard is becoming normalized. The stipulative definition of racism as prejudice plus power is gaining traction amongst poorly educated weak minded people.
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    I got two fitty to contribute.
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    Watched the event this morning and honestly found myself missing GSP. That's how ****ing boring Marty is.
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