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    No one cares about your book.
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    We always knew Conor has 1 round cardio but 1 round bones? This is getting ridiculous
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    So this just happened in front of me .. Guy in the silver car was streaming the fight on his phone and t-boned the chick in the red. You could hear Rogan on his speakers when he got out lol I was parked watching the fight and heard the crash. Cops have his phone are booking him now 😂😂😂
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    Not just the rich that use bankruptcy as a scam. I'm a member in the fico forums and see people filing for bankruptcy that shouldn't be. They are very capable of paying off their debts but choose not to. The poor use their lack of ambition as an excuse to scam unemployment. My woman is finishing up her nurse practitioner degree this year. Schools didn't close. While these people were on unemployment they could have went and got an education. LPN school is 1 year, pays anywhere between $27-40/hr. But no, let's sit around and collect unemployment, food stamps, not pay rent, and now they're getting food cards for their kids for the summer. Why? Why is it everyone's responsibility to support these people and their kids but theirs? To top it off there are people that I work with who's significant other NEVER worked or haven't worked for 10+ years collecting unemployment. The fücked up thing is they got it IMMEDIATELY while people who got legimately laid off during covid had to wait 3-6 months for their unemployment. Am I living in some kind of twilight chit man? This country is backwards and slipping fast. It wasn't great under the past few presidents but it is looking more and more bleak as the time goes on.
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    Chuckie Olives will snap your goddamn neck! Say stupid chit below.
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    McGregor trying to get back to the arena before Poirier leaves
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    I think of Canada as a rugged, hard country full of lumberjacks and bears. Of late, however, they have virtue signalled like no other, and have one of the most beta world leaders around. Despite the whole country being on fire, they are focusing on painting their crossings in all the colours of the rainbow and making it illegal to speak how you want to. Pathetic. Likewise, Australia used to be a country where if you weren't wading knee deep in crocodile infested waters on your way to work, you were swatting away the many poisonous creatures that are constantly trying to kill you. Swimming with sharks, stonefish and box jellyfish was a way of life, as was chronic dehydration, sunstroke and getting kicked in the face by a kangaroo. Despite cheating at cricket, they were a tough nation who played hard but fair, and were renowned as a country full of manly men and beautiful tanned women. Sadly, in the last 18 months, they have taken to panic-buying toilet roll and locking themselves indoors for months at a time as soon as more than 3 people get a mild dose of the 'flu. Terrible. And finally, we have dear old Sweden. Despite winning points for maintaining our freedoms during corona times, Sweden's tough viking heritage is buried under the visage of perhaps the most effeminate men in Europe, along with a tendency to virtue signal like no other. Home of course to climate warrior Greta, Sweden takes "equality" to whole new levels, where men won't hold a door open for a woman for fear of being branded a sexist. Stay at home dads are the norm, and even their MMA fighters routinely get whalloped. Please vote for the country that is currently disappointing you the most. @OzPride, @SavageTC, @MoZZez, @-idyb-, @Genki feel free to launch some kind of a robust defence
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    The American womens soccer team AKA The most annoying team on the planet in any sport, lost to Canada today. They've managed to lose twice and draw once in a matter of a week or so. I didn't watch it (nobody does), but it always makes me smile when those big mouths come up short.
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    Novak Djokovic, who was probably -500 to win gold at the semi-final round in mens tennis, managed to lose two matches in a row right at the very end, which cost him any sort of medal. Now he dropped out of the mixed doubles Bronze Medal match. He better hurry up and put out his statement on his mental health issues. Pronto.
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    She's surrounded by gushing, asskissing media & team officials telling her she's a legend & the face of gymnastics. She hasn't done as well as was expected so far, weird that suddenly she's got mental issues & pulls out of competition. Anyway "c'mon maaan" t's hard for Muricans to win medals when they spend half their time taking a knee.
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    Contender for worst card ever? It screams "We are contractually obligated to offer all these people fights, so here they all are on 1 card"
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    That's great and all but the economy is going to collapse from burdening tax payers with the responsibility. Not to mention I'm sick of working short staffed and having to hear the nurses complain about not having any workers. I'm making well over six figures and get taxed into oblivion while welfare kings and queens are living better than some of the nurses at the hospital. Kind of pathetic. Taxation is theft.
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    UK is a chithole
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    I always pictured Vert"s books to have large lettering and lots of pictures.
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    McGregor is finished, the leg break was a mercy killing from the gods, he was clearly feeling something wrong with the leg and that's why he went for the stupid guillotine in the first place As for his awful insults before and after the fight, he has completely lost his silver tongue, we can all agree he was a master of **** talking back in the day, regardless if you liked him or not, but "Your wifes a ****","Your fookin dead" on repeat is not impressing anyone I think the crackhead side of McGregor is finally showing, I won't be surprised if hes either A. Dead in his 40's or B. In Prison in his 40's, even before the UFC, he was known as an absolute scumbag in Ireland
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    I got a like from @carnages so theres that
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    You have to be a complete dork to celebrate off a leg break, only corny whitebois like Weidman and Dustin do that Dustins getting pegged by his husband tonight, and getting angeled by DO BRONX at Christmas
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    I guess when Canor said Dustin is going out on a stretcher he meant himself. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Lol O'Malley is hot garbage. Probably the biggest flaming landfill that I've ever seen get pushed. Ran the whole fight and they pulled the plug on the fight when they were banging in the pocket. Lol at calling out Yan. Schedule your autopsy.
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    Its a win/win if she gets gold, so brave, if she doesn’t or falls off, so brave. So ****ing brave ffs
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    @Bubba_Sparks what is going on with your countrymen? Till posts a humorous image and your country is up in arms and the police are involved. What ****8ng police department waste their time investigating someone saying a tyranny can't get pregnant? New Beta Country Champion!
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    Sal D'Amato and Chris Lee coming for those decision/moneyline units. Good luck meng.
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    The vaccine will prevent that.
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    Touching young boys is Republicans, touching young kids are democrats, trying to keep everyone from touching our own money is the Conservatives. We then use that money to find beautiful women who then take all our money. Kind of like the Government except you get ****ed proper and a **** or two a week.
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    Liberalism really is a mental handicap afterall
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    She will make more money quitting than she would winning a gold medal. My favorite is that she is still going to compete individually.
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    Strickland is saying a lot of stupid **** lately. “For those who were wondering how I almost killed a man, I’m at this gathering and I was probably running my mouth being an idiot. The next thing I know and this guy puts a shotgun to my head. So my **** punches him in the face, he falls down, I take the gun and at that moment I contemplated if I shoot this motherf*cker in the head is there any legal defense to it? Sadly, I looked around and there were f*cking witnesses so I thought if I killed this man I would have went to prison. So I unload the gun, I give it back to him and I walk away,” Strickland said. “The moral of the story is, man, you almost f*cking died, and every day I regret the fact there were witnesses and I could have f*cking shot you. But I also forgive you. Again you guys, I would have f*cking smoked him and enjoyed every moment of watching his head splatter. But there’s no legal defense on shooting an unarmed man on his f*cking knees begging for his life. I wish I could have, but I would have gone to prison. And you guys, I’m not angry, I’m one of the happiest human beings you’ll ever meet. Every day I wake up and I’m super grateful for life. You can shoot someone in the head and not be angry. If anything, it could be enjoyable.”
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    I blame Vert for this drop in price.
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    I don't think he's good enough to be champ....not yet. Needs a few more fights. Charlie Olives would school him
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    Gonna sit this one out. If it had some kind of multiverse tie in with phase 4, I would be on board but I've already reached my woke quota for phase 4 with them making my 2 favorite villains a woman or a bisexual man, without having to watch them making Captain America a woman.
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    I read about this too. OMalley has to have both hands, a foot, and I think a ankle cleared with x-rays. I've never seen someone have injuries to every extremity after a fight.
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    You know what? You're right. Conor can't even flash KO 60 year olds sitting at a bar When Mike Perry hits a 60 year old man they don't ****ing move!
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    You alright? Has someone hurt you? Its ok to talk about these things now
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    probably a missclick
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    Ironic that Conor called Anderson brittle and now broke his leg.
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    The only stupid chit is what I'm reading above me. That Guillotine wasn't even close mate. Commentators were overselling it cause it's ****ing Conor McNuggets.
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    Holy **** Carnages I haven't seen you in ****ing ages man. I also think Dustin was celebrating cause he just really ****ing hates Conor.
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    Wtf are you doing back here Denison lol Congrats @Conceive-Believe-Achieve you're officially the second least liked member here again
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    This movie was like if they asked a kid write the movie Edge of Tomorrow from memory 10 years later. Cringey. Plot holes. Terrible. I enjoyed it.
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    ^^^^ They were trying to do something similar with Chase Hooper, Sage Northcutt, Mickey Gall, etc. They want to force stars on us lately. Nobody's momentum is built organically.
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    Unfortunately not. However, I'd rather see trannies and fruitcakes in flag dropped coffins than some alpha like Pat Tillman.
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