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    If Old Man Glover gets the belt it will be the greatest Old Man achievement in MMA since Old Man Randy smashed Tim Sylvia
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    I predict the phrase "are you okay hun?" will be used in this thread within 24 hours. That, as well, as inexplicable comma usage.
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    Antigunners Reaction to this post: Thank you Buds Gun Shop for another smoothe transaction. Too bad they fell in the lake in a horrific boating accident five minutes after I got them home. 🤷‍♂️
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    Yes, today marks my 10 year anniversary on this forum. Lots of laughs, some great personalities, and lots of childish arguments! I'm too old for this chit, but I'm never quitting! I always considered myself to be in a supporting roll, kind of under the radar, with a few bright moments here and there. There are forum members who have called me out for not watching MMA, but still posting on the UFC forum. I have watched as much MMA as anyone on the forum, even though most of it has become repetitive and boring, with women's fights forced on the fans. For me, the forum has never attracted me because of discussions about the UFC, it's always been the personalities of the forum members. 1. Fitness and training goals I wasn't the first one to create a fitness thread, but mine stuck with the forum, and actually had 3 or 4 years of participation from lots of forum members. My personal memory was riding 10,000 miles in 2015, which is definitely one of the 2 greatest accomplishments, along with Bubba running a 100 mile ultramarathon! A funny side note, in 2019, when I was banned, Cashflow claimed that he actually rode more miles than I did, but he was too humble to admit it, since it was no big deal to him! 2. Forum rankings It was fun to take shots at forum members every week without anybody getting mad about it! However, after around 2 months it turned into too much work, and I got tired of it! I definitely should have quit the thread a lot sooner than I did! 3. The Baba Ji spam wars Too bad that my greatest forum accomplishment was deleted before most of the forum had a chance to see it! 4. Casting Call Only a 4 page thread, but in my opinion, still a great, original, idea for a thread. One of the funniest things ever, I posted a sample from a site that takes pictures and matches them to celebrities, and the match for Bartolini was Jorge Garcia, the match for megasoup was Margo Martindale! 5. Professor Phil Teemuth's Poker Seminar I didn't create the thread, but I had to acknowledge TUF, Teemu, and Sober for my favorite thread ever. Interesting side note, as soon as I joined the poker thread 12er and Cashflow quit! On the negative side, I argued with cashflow for around 4 years straight, and the forum's opinion of me changed for the worse after I stood up to sobercuban. I think the forum still doesn't realize that Sober did a 180 degree turn from friends to enemies because I made a joke thread about Freddie's suicide note. The thread was titled "In search of..................... Freddievanhalen". Another side note, Cashflow actually went off on me for attacking, poor, fragile, sobercuban, and lots of forum members actually agreed with Cashflow. Maybe I am beyond TLDR status, but I want to acknowledge Bubba as the greatest forum member ever, and the poker crew for the greatest thread ever!
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    It's that time of the day again. Get your weekly Swedish Corona update, in association with @Conceive-Believe-Achieve, @-idyb- and @Genki. First things first; the coveted top ten race. Britain and Murica have dropped completely out of the top 5; all this vaccination business is ruining their stats. It's now a straight two horse race at the top between minnows San Marino and Czech Republic. Don't be sleeping on Hungary though; they're about to sneak into the top 3, and currently have the highest rolling 7 day death rate per capita in the world. https://ourworldindata.org/explorers/coronavirus-data-explorer?zoomToSelection=true&time=2020-09-15..latest&country=GBR~USA~ITA~ESP~MKD~PER~SVN~BGR~BEL~SMR~CZE~BIH~HUN&region=World&pickerMetric=location&pickerSort=asc&minPopulationFilter=1000000&hideControls=true&Metric=Confirmed+deaths&Interval=Cumulative&Align+outbreaks=false&Relative+to+Population=true Meanwhile in Sweden, very little has changed; as Europe heads towards it's 3rd wave, and more lockdowns, things are pretty much the same here as they have been for the past year. I've just passed my one year anniversary of working from home; reckon it will be at least another 9 months before we go back. There's also a short EU leaders are twats update for today. Just to recap, despite getting a lot of things badly wrong, our Boris got quite a few things right about the vaccine. We invested heavily, and early. We approved vaccines super quick (first in the world to approve AZ, Pfizer and Moderna), and set up an excellent infrastructure to roll out the vaccines. There has also been a very strong campaign to tell people not to listen to scaremongering, and a lot of positivity about the vaccines. The EU did the exact opposite of all of those things. Invested late. Approved 4-8 weeks later than the UK. Only started setting up infrastructure for roll out this year. And several leaders have poured scorn on the AZ vaccine, which has had a knock on effect to public confidence on all of the vaccines. They have a rather large dollop of egg on their face, but instead of admitting they screwed up and trying to fix it, they are meeting today to discuss basically blockading exports to countries further ahead in the roll-out than them. So if there is some vaccine made in an EU country headed for the UK, they will have the "right" to block it (despite the fact we've paid for it and commercially it's ours). Of course they won't be able to use the vaccine themselves...so it will sit there gathering dust while they argue the toss. Idiots. Weirdly, Joe Biden is dialling into the call to discuss it. I'm sure that will help.
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    Mighty Mouse just got bodied by a super random in ONE. lol Eddie Alvarez got DQ'ed against a Gump. LMFAOOOOOO @ the premier MMA organization.
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    Focused Whittaker will retire Izzy. Sober Costa will smash Marv. Then we get the epic battle of Focused Whittaker vs. Sober Costa!
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    I saw the other day that some people including celebs are calling for cops to only carry nonlethal equipment. Yeah great idea, so they run into people with weapons and can't do anything. At this point I just want a police force in a major city to protest and step down for 2 weeks. When all of these soft ****s start being victims of crimes and don't have anyone to call, the tune will change quickly.
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    At least post a screen shot of whatever it is you're talking about. You daft twat.
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    I'm no anti-vaxxer, in fact getting poked on Monday but this was too funny.
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    Jones knows his time is up. He could have 3 losses more on his record if decisions weren't made in his favor. Trying to make retirement money. Losing this fight will do some damage to his record (first proper loss) but more importantly to his ego. If he gets KTFO, it will ruin him like so many other "invincible" champs before. His unconscious face will adorn the net for years to come. That is what he fears the most, not the actual fight or physical pain.
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    50 million is his asking price lol. should have just said 100 billion dollars. either way he's not getting it
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    I can't wait till Brock comes out of retirement to smash this ****y prick Francis. His days are numbered
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    Won't be pumped for the rematch, but I would love to see Lewis get 8 Million and Jones stuck with his contract crying on Twitter.
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    I've been watching UFC from day 1 kid. I was the one that gave Jimmerson his boxing glove. I would have gave him the pair but I left the other one in my 87 IROC and was too drunk to remember to grab them both. Come back to me when you can name a Champ before 2014. Ill give you a hint. It starts with B and rhymes with Rock. We are done here
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    I sold the one of you humping the floor for $0.14, and I feel like I scammed the guy!
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    Here ya go, Adam. Your AV for the next month is.........
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    Then ive found the one person earth happy about the premise for Thor 4
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    Dam...@SavageTC is savage! Now I've finally got my head round the fact this is just a director's cut, despite the longwinded and vaguely heartwarming reasons behind it, I think I'll give it a hard pass. The introduction of the missus to the MCU is having some strange and perplexing results. We're still going strong, which is a plus point, and he tenuous grasp on the overall arc seems to be getting stronger. However, after apologetically making her sit through Thor 2 I was baffled when she declared it her favourite so far. Further interrogation revealed that she's mainly watching the MCU to see how the love story between Thor and Portman develops. Haven't the heart to tell her that's as far as it gets. Hoping the Andy Dwyer/Gamorrah romance might do the job instead.
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    Yesterday he was given a cheat sheet with the pics and names of media members to call on and already had the answers prepared for the questions. The media will protect him since that is their preferred party.
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    Listening to Biden speak made me dumber.
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    I've already begun giving myself reach arounds for all the 2020 league updates that no one liked.
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    Black Lies Matter founder responds to home-buying criticism… ‘It’s for my family, I’m still a Marxist’…
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    you should get your chance at those sort of prices again before the year is out..
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    No one is really talking about how the dems want to add more scj.
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    And here's the thing. The ATF is only supposed to keep background check forms for 30 days and then they are to he destroyed. Serial numbers are only used for the gun manufacturers and nothing else. This is one step closer to a registry and one step closer to attempted confiscation. Good luck with that.
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    give me 5 million and i'll gladly get knocked out by ngannou hell i'd probably even do it for 3. balls in your court @DanaWhite
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    Bit over the top but he's got a good point you shouldn't just bow down to authorities because it only gets worse from there & Covid is not an excuse to suspend liberties. We should have some reasonable rules like social distancing but you gotta let people make their own decisions & live their lives. I would have clapped when he sent them away with their tail between there legs lol
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    good for him...this is what every single person, business, and church should be doing
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    Good it is a better fight imo We got a guy who gave Izzy a good fight vs a guy who is still an interesting prospect and wants to redeem himself from a previous fight some weeks ago. Till still needs to impress at 185 Make Costa vs Till back thats a no brainer
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    We should really have more days dedicated to helping the mentally ill. If you could be more sensitive, and not crack so many jokes on them, that would be very Christian of you.
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    This is how i feel about most movies these days. They're mostly cheap production formula & cookie cutter AF. A few major & or popular productions have all the good writing etc. & the rest is crap to super crap. I used to enjoy movies more but I find it way more difficult to find/watch a decent movie/series in today's world because it's so flooded with crap then i feel like i wasted hrs to find that one gem. If i want mindless entertainment podcast & youtube videos seem like a better waste of time lol.
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    Its a mixture of money and being a puss, Jones wants a massive payday to get a fight he may really get smashed in, Dana doesn't want to pay him mega bucks considering the amount of times Jones let him down and the high likelyness Jones dopes for the fight, lets be real, he won't win without it Jones has never really been a huge PPV guy, 0 of his fights are in the top 10 of all time, Rousey, Masvidal and Diaz, Usman, Lesner and obviously McGregor make up the top 10 mostly. PPV makes the UFC money, not epic fights really As much as I would love to see the fight, I cannot blame the UFC for not paying Jones considering how many times he has let them down
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    You know it's a trash year when legends like @Decompoze and @OzPride are below 62% and a blackout drunk Trangaydian is winning the league
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    Please let the record show that there are only two genuine Ngannou fans since day one, no questions axed. All the rest of you are shameless bandwagoners.
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    Brock has won every match he's been in that wasn't fixed including multiple wins over John Cena and Roman Reigns
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    That's because they know you lost them all in that boating accident.
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    @sobercuban get back here and fix this thread for us m8
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    Olives is going to club and sub that clown. I accept all challengers on that fight.
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