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    My likes weren't being respected as they were a vast total of your lives...so I left this chithole!! 😁😁😁😁
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    Start posting links or gtfo
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    They're throwing hands in the drive-thru behind me! W0000t. I'll ****in take it!
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    His parents probably told him that because they just don't want him there. 😉
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    Arguably the biggest legend in forum history imo
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    Doberman beat him so badly he turned him into a Professor Snape meme
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    You sound like you have small man syndrome like Cejudo Guarantee you'd get dusted in one slap across your sunken in, AIDS ridden face.
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    Don't worry folks, the weekly Swedish Corona update is now here! We are now proudly top of the table for deaths/million of population 7 day average, having fought off stiff competition from Belgium and the UK in recent weeks. It's looking like we will lose our top spot to Brazil pretty soon. Also @VertFTW, Mexico is coming up on the rails FAST. RIP in pieces https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/daily-covid-deaths-per-million-7-day-average?time=2020-04-18..&country=GBR+SWE+BEL+USA+BRA+MEX There's actually a bit of a corona scandal going on here. As the lurking @Genki pointed out, there are some flaws in Sweden's experiment with lives. Their big thing has been to keep below the limit of ICU; turns out one of the ways they've done that is to tell care homes not to send their patients to ICU, but to treat them there. This is compounded by some weird law against the use of oxygen in care homes, so it turns out quite a lot of fairly healthy people have just died in nursing homes when they would probably have lived if they were given a bit of oxygen, or sent to ICU. Sucks to be old in communist countries folks; you can no longer contribute to the greater good so you're expendable. Some seem okay with offering up their old folk as sacrifices to Odin; others a bit more outraged. I'd definitely be firmly in the second camp if i had relatives here. No chance now that they impose any further restrictions though. The peak has passed, and whilst the numbers head generally in the right direction i don't see any changes being made. The fun part could be that there's a good chance Sweden becomes pariahs in Europe; Norway/Finland/Denmark are in advanced talks to create a Scandanavian travel "bubble", and we're being politely shunned apparently. On the plus side, it hasn't snowed since last Wednesday. @Conceive-Believe-Achieve, @-idyb-, don't miss out!
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    Jones can't bust a grape fighting middleweights. Francis will walk through his girl punches and when he eventually lands will knock him clean the **** out. He might KO Jones brothers in the parking lot if they get lippy, too.
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    You are not someone who should be commenting on another's teeth.
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    Confirmed autist. He was under the influence of alcohol and cigarettes and he still beat you in rock paper scissors.
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    With the return of some former members due to the current downtime, I thought we could make a comprehensive timeline to help fill in the blanks for future historians. Follow the link, click on the event for details, and post any happenings you think worthy here and I'll add. https://time.graphics/line/4604a5034e999b5fe65b5fc9b1a9c7cd
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    Turd Ferguson gets his head spun around in every single fight. Does anybody think he's going to keep moving after Justin lands on that chin? I certainly don't. Gambling has been gone for weeks, and it's going to be ****ing sweet to dunk on a +150 on the first event back. Cash in, folks. It's free. Say stupid chit below.
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    All these kids that complain about the corona virus don't know what it was like surviving through the Cromwell and Baba Ji phenomenons
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    Based on the above pictures, I motion to adjust wickles' official height downwards to 5'2"
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    This is fairly accurate.
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    Dropping my name in every thread is the only way Robert stays relevant these days.
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    Just while I'm on a bit of a rant actually, here's another thing. They've recently changed rules around so that Garden Centres can be open in the UK. On my running route, I run past a couple of them. The car parks were ****ING FULL of cars and people lmao, I swear about 300 people in this car park, so that they could what, buy ****ing soil and plants? 300 idiots are allowed to stand crammed in a car park, but me and my missus aren't okay to pop over to my Mum and Dad's for Sunday dinner? You just think about the ****ing logic of it and it makes me head spin lmao, how does that work then? Sorry lads, you've caught me in a real '**** the world' mood today lol.
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    I doubt it. Jones will come out in a week and say he has no real interest at HW and he still has contenders ar 205. That's how this seems to go.
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    Dober is the 2nd coming of the Doberman Dollaway. This is blasphemy.
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    Sup, m8. Your nephew Wickles has started posting here since you left.
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    I see what you mean about the autism but at least you didn't hover hand him.
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    FUn story After Donald Cerrone vs Jim Miller at Revel in AC Summer 2014 me and my buddys were SMASHED in the parking garage waiting for the rush to die down Who bumps into us? Keith Peterson. I took a picture with him where we both look like 2 autists posing for a make a wish project or something, he bummed 2 cigs off my buddy Joe, and asked us to help him find his car but we didnt know what he drove Great guy
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    Pretty crazy that no one showed up for this event, ufc used to be so good
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    I hope the Feds send me more trump bucks so I can protect my family from horny murderers
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    Meth is a helluva drug.
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    He banned Patster and/or Carnage for saying that Gungslinger was a can and then Fobar and myself roasted him for being a snowflake. He then banned one of us for questioning his decision to ban Patster and/or Carnage. Then banned the other one of us for questioning his decision to ban the other one. I don't rememember who was first. Then TUF started a petition to unban us and got the admin to step in and Little Kang quit. That's when we became the forum avengers.
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    Imaging talking smack consistently for months on an internet forum, for it to finally be revealed that you smaller than @MauroPedrosa LMFAO
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    Two entryways to the drive-thru. Mullet shoves in from the straight angle, while the black dude was sitting at an angle, waiting patiently. Black dude gets mad, yells out the window. Mullet gives him the finger. Black dude yells out repeatedly "what you wanna do?".. Mullet opens the door and exits. The struggle ensues! Mullet grabs the t-shirt with vigor. Black dude proclaims he will kill him while swinging potentially the slowest overhand right I've ever seen. Mullet swings him back and forth by the shirt. Black dude pushes off with fury! .... They return to their cars after a bit of trash talk. They place their orders and wait their turn. Mullet orders first. I giggle and point. The end.
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    Shoutout to that time when Laura Ingraham thought she was at one of her KKK rallies
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    I like how he used you as an example without naming you in case you actually read the whole post. Robert is a shrewd operator.
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    The same amount of people get infected with or without lockdowns. Flattening the curve was not instituted to cut down on total amount of infections, it cuts down on how many people are infected at a certain time.
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    The left is how I imagine a fight between Wickles, Finish Him and PaKaL would go down.
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