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    Lmao what kind of chithole do you live in where only 50 year olds can afford to eat at restaurants? Does your mum cut the crusts off your sandwiches as well?
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    lol restaurant, what do you think? I'm 50 years old or something? You think I want to wine and dine with you plebians?
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    FYI Cash and I will most likely be co-comissioners for this league. We are fair but firm. Ladies and gentleman, Cash-o-lini
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    I buy premade frozen sandwiches
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    You couldn't even let me have one post before it became a flame thread. **** you homie.
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    I hope kicks are allowed so the greatest fighter of ALL TIMES can show you idiots that kicks don't win fights
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    Thats really no way to live m8
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    Please rename to 'the Fairweather fan thread'. Regards, NoCake
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    So a 20 year old standing 5'5" and kickboxing at 121/126 pounds while competing 4 times in MMA at 125 pounds would have to throw a fight against Floyd Mayweather? I'm sorry but you're a goddamn idiot. This match will take place at a minimum of 140 pounds. It WILL NOT be under MMA rules. However even if it was this a Japanese kickboxer/karate fighter. Floyd smacks this BOY around under any set of rules. If you idiots aren't trying to see who's the biggest feg you are definitely competing for biggest idiot. No chance whatsoever Floyd would get taken down by a 20 year old Japanese kickboxer that competes at 126. You people are so goddamn stupid that the King is finna retire.
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    Tenshin is a 125 pound kickboxer. He's not shooting for ****ing takedowns. And I don't know if all you geniuses realize this, but it's easier to see a head kick coming than it is a jab. One is substantially faster than the other. Floyd will embarrass this kid. I expect a very early knockout, no matter what the rules. Floyd won't like being kicked in the legs, but all he has to do is land one solid punch down the middle on his chin, and Tenshin will stop throwing those all together. It will devolve into a boxing match either way.
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    A lot of things have been revealed in this thread indeed.
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    lol at all you CUCKS sitting at home mashing your own potatoes, real OGs don't have time for that
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    This makes me sad, its like the ultimate combination of morbid laziness and utter lack of anything resembling standards.
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    It's shameful hobo chit. Inexcusable behavior. You start making up instant mashed potatoes, and the next thing you know, you're mutilating animals, and committing sex crimes. It's a slippery slope. Bob Evans makes breakfast sausage. That's what you're supposed to eat from Bob.
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    Who da fook eats premade microwaveable mash?
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    Hang on a minute... so instead of mashing actual potatoes you guys buy them pre- mashed in a carton? Or is this like a chips/ fries things and you're actually talking about something else?
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    He ducked Vitor on his medicine for two years because he knew the pie he would have received would have been deeper than any pie in the galaxy. Then after USADA and seeing the body comparisons it was apparent he was on juice the whole time.
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    @Greasyrasta where tf U at JUNG VS. RODRIGUEZ SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2018 MAIN CARD 10:00p ET Chan Sung Jung vs. Yair Rodriguez Donald Cerrone vs. Mike Perry5-6 Germaine de Randamie vs. Raquel Pennington 4-6 Maycee Barber vs. Hannah Cifers3-5 Luis Pena vs. Mike Trizano 2-5 PRELIMINARY CARD 8:00p ET Amanda Cooper vs. Ashley Yoder1-5 Bobby Moffett vs. Chas Skelly0-5 ROBBED Beneil Dariush vs. Thiago Moises4-5 TB OZ Julian Erosa vs. Devonte Smith0-4 EARLY PRELIMINARY CARD 6:30p ET John Gunther vs. Davi Ramos0-3 Joseph Morales vs. Eric Shelton0-2 Mark De La Rosa vs. Joby Sanchez0-1
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    At the beginning of his UFC career he fought guys on their way out now hes fighting real contenders! Simple as that.
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    I threw in the towel on Khabib and Brittle Knuckles.
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    Decent card if there weren't so many wmma fights
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    .. and I think Anderson beats him if they would fight again.
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    fyi -Joby Sanchez replaced Jordan Espinosa.
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    Just look at who 4 these microwaveable monstrosities!! Hillbilly central
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    Why do they have to do TUF first? Just let it die for god's sake.
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    I'm in as long as we bring finish him back to run it.
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    You shut your goddamn mouth about sweet potato casserole. Thanksgiving is coming up you fu*king communist.
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    I still buy pizza rolls, hot pockets and and lunchables too. I say they are a quick snack for my daughter but that is a goddamn lie! I still get down on that chit.
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    It's called a restaurant. Bum confirmed.
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    You're asking Mr.sh1ttypants for logical advice ?......lol
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    the **** did I just watch?
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    send him to Nauru or whatever chithole you send them to these days. No one will notice
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    Its literally in our constitution that we can annex NZ and a whole ****load if other islands pretty much whenever we want. We have our ANZAC history, dont need a visa to enter and half of the NZ population already lives between Manly and the Gold Coast and claim welfare, so in light of our continued cultural, geographic and economic contributions our claim to Australia light is more than reasonable
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    well to be fair, we dont know how a non-roided Jon Jones would do against DC hell, we probably dont even know how a non-roided jon jones has done against anybody to this day.
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    Powder in a bag and water for mashed potato?
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    They do when it's a goddamn ribeye and they want it cooked to a medium rare perfection you dusty old fart. I bet your balls touch the water when you take a chit.
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    Clegg admitting to white trashing it up by eating that chit is fair enough I suppose. it fits
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    the answer to this question is gonna have huge repercussions on some forum reputations
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    It's called Wolf Tickets and all the casuals will be sold a bundle of them.
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