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    He retired like eight years ago. The Bisping fight was a sham.
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    Most people get their first one when youre about 8, you want to train them early, makes them easier to ride
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    I think Sanders 1.4 million in donations should be redistributed to the less fortunate campaigns.
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    And the dudes, mostly dudes
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    Thank you for your support at this difficult time.
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    Walk the streets of philly alone at night. The sky is beautiful.
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    Live look at IDYB. Drink the pain away big guy.
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    I don’t think he will ever get his momentum back I mean he kinda lost against Wonderboy in the first place and humiliated by Woodley. Now he might beat Masvidal but then I don’t know.
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    I believe @Los_Polo_Hermano is your man. I am pretty sure he lives there but I am definitely sure he knows a thing or two about shady hotels.
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    So wait a minute You're out for almost two years Lose your comeback fight Get TKO'd Get injured AGAIN Oh and all of this happens inside 30 seconds And you still drop in to the top 10? Damn that's how you know its a thin division
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    England v France is a match that has been absent for too long. Those garlic eating surrender monkeys can serve as a nice little warm up for the rematch of the millennia: UK v USA. Needs to be fought under 18th century rules though - muskets and bayonets only. None of your fancy pants smart weapons malarkey and keep your thieving hands off our tea this time.
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    Shop near me sells twinkies, one of the great dissapoints of my life finding out they taste like nail polish remover
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    You don’t have to defend him mate he can handle him self.
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    Australia vs Mexico wouldnt even be a fight, its like the equivalent of lining up a hundred duck size horses and punting them Juan by Juan.
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    It was a split decision that many people thought Jacare won. Jacare then slept the guy that just finished Kelvin. All in all, it sounds like the perfect reason for a rematch.
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    What Jacare JUST lost to Kelvin No need for a rematch
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    https://abc7chicago.com/jussie-smollett-a-suspect-in-criminal-investigation-for-filing-false-police-report-police-say/5147410/ Filing a false police report - class 4 felony The feds (well specifically the US Postal Inspection Service) are investigating the letter **** too. If Juicy sent the letter he's copping federal charges for sure.
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    Cheese Steak inside Reading Terminal Market.
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    The LW title has been held up long enough. Khabib should fight Ferg or give up the title.
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    And just like that, the story of the Illinois "mass shooting" vanished from major news outlets. Since it was a negro male and he couldn't legally possess firearms it didn't fit their agenda of making all white straight males appear to be domestic terrorists and more gun laws. If I owned a.TV station and news network I would be campaigning for all blacks to be stripped of their firearms because they are obviously the problem in the United States considering they commit more violent crime than all other races combined.
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    Its a bit mad, but Vert suggesting he "Doesn't want to fight Khabib" is just dumb considering thats exactly what he wants to do
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    Are you dim? He is only retiring because Khabib turned down the fight.....
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    Sorry, but I must do this .... 'Im Tia" Also, Im one of the most respectful and gentle members of this forum so let me contribute to this thread: https://www.visitphilly.com/articles/philadelphia/most-essential-things-to-do-in-philadelphia/ (a link with 10 things to do in philly). You are welcome and welcome to the fora
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    He’s not overrated he’s just done.
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    My point is Izzy vs Andy should never of been a number one contender fight. Jacare should be next.
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    Was just thinking about this just now but i've been posting on this fora on and off for almost a decade. Not sure if proud of my dedication towards my PHD in Fight Club foraology or ashamed at holy waste of fkn time lol Good times, no regrats, but i can't help but think yeah i could have accomplished a lot more with that time.
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    i gotta say izzy and KG are my two favorite fighters in the MW division right now. whoever wins ill be happy but this matchup heavily favors Izzy
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    Damn @-idyb- https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=116768316118430&id=100033557855664
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    Robert is very sensitive. He is a sweet boy and doesn't deserve this bullying.
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    Wow. This place sure has changed since I was here last!
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    The left love them some victims. It manufactures a fake need and allows them to pretend to care while not really doing anything. All while patting themselves on their collective backs. They have a long, long history of throwing **** at the wall and seeing what sticks. If accountability existed in equal doses, things would be very different.
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    He didn't come at you with a random bet. You were trying to challenge other people to bets, and he made a joke about making you put the letter C as your avatar since your current avatar is the letter J for some reason. It was so obviously a joke that I am shocked I need to explain this to you.
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    So don’t come at me again with random bets and keep your word next time.
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    Tuvalu vs Nauru. No one knows about them, tiny population of about 11K each. you could prob have the war inside of a stadium on a field. would watch
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    this was not what I was expecting
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    Sick of fighters acting like politicians these days. Get in there and fking fight, you cans.
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    GSP is retiring Thursday.
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    No doubt. I believe GSP and Khabib both want the fight is all I'm saying. I think Dana is just butt hurt because, "it's in the contract that he has to defend the title" turned into, "he vacated the title and we can't do anything about it."
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    true...that being said...GSP is just posturing for more money or a fight with McGregor.
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    I honestly don't want to see her fight Joanna reckon it would be a just a nasty beat down lol. Andrade on paper sounds like the best challenge I would agree but I just think you put her power based wrestling against Tatiana's world champion level wrestling its going to be a shutdown.
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    im a huge fan of the OG Carpenter Halloween movie and i loved the new one
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    Jack Swagger and AJ McKee vs. Pat Curran on the card also.
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    as you can clearly see, the cowboy has no answer to the kings right cross
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