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    Nobody wants Mighty Mouse back.
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    Insert king marlon moraes for the strap
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    Because watching midgets "fight" is not entertaining.
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    He knew he was going to need some roids to even last five minutes with Marlon.
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    About as bad as your picks in this predictions league.
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    Turns out I already added Bwana to the list. @Bubba_Sparks
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    LoL Who is rocking the IDYB mullet AV?
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    Classic snake in the grass.
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    Well, it's sort of a lightweight fight at welterweight. Lee will still be much smaller than guys like Usman and Woodley. And if he can't maintain his cardio at welterweight, then he has nobody to blame anymore. Chit or get off the pot time.
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    God he's just the worst!
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    Bwana appeared around the same time nocake disappeared. Suggest you add him back to the list.
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    More entertainingthan 90% of Woodleys fights
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    They will have intellectual conversations about Moe's favorite fighter Darrell Hill.
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    Belt should go back to the last person to hold it, Cody His next defense can be Lineker
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    Marlon killed that dude in about 60 seconds flat. Aljo ain't getting that rematch any time soon.
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    This Also Garbrandt told us he was roiding two years ago.
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    Said from day 1 he was roiding, you don't go from getting Knocked out by Dodson to winning the strap like he has. His body has completely changed since then too. Though I doubt Marlon is clean either, Dom is possibly the only one in that division not pissing hot
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    @VertFTW @LayDownDead
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    Cody is getting LIT with the boys tn
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    I'd rather stab myself in the eye than watch anything related to that fight
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    I HATE REMATCHES!!!!!!!!!! **** a ****ing trilogy
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    I was more referring you needed to change the belts to pill bottles and a syringe.
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    Lee vs RDA .. I like that fight BUT lets not act like RDA wasnt a 155 until like a couple days ago. Lee by UD
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    @sobercuban this needs some photoshop treatment
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    rockholds claim to fame is being featured on bisping the greats highlight reel
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    There has literally never been a bigger lie posted on this forum! You bring great shame to your user name sir!
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    Johnson was smaller at beat Cejudo twice. TJ was bigger and roided and got KTFO. Stay mad.
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    Pettis is gonna break his hand, ribs and foot somewhere between the walkout and the staredown.
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    The darkest timeline So many lost medals if we do 30.
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    Lol. I was as surprised as the next man! Which just happened to be winterfell. Lol. I have a horrible feeling that this recruiting frenzy is so we can do 30 v 30 and 15 v 15 in the feeder. And at some point she'll say we need a max th12 in the feeder and Dave will heroically volunteer...
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    Best news I'll get all day. He gave up his belt too which makes it even better.
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    lol, how the fook does mirek not know sparta?
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    It's a tough call between that and Syria. Both are really nice this time of year.
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    Anybody know what the official ticketmaster pricing is for this event? 
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    Vert will never feel a woman's guts in his entire life.
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    i always knew mcmod was a man of extremely high standards
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    At least 5 of those are gonna win! I can feel it!
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    Teemu, Identity, SinisterUrge, and H.N.I.C. all posting again on the same week
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    Depends if you're in to the more traditional superhero stuff or looking for something else The Sandman 100 Bullets V For Vendetta The Dark Knight Returns Maus
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