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    How can you be so skinny and on roids? This must be a tampered test, what's next? George Roop on roids?
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    Win over Lombard should be overturned, what a dirty piece of ****
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    That is what USADA wants to use Magny's sample to figure out how you could juice and remain ultra skinny.
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    You don't get as jacked as Neil without tainted supplements
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    Rip to magny and LDD
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    I doesnt seem like it. And caring is fine, every single person who watches the show or reads the book cares, but they dont all go around acting like they have owenership over the series nor the sense of entitlement. Even now youre still asserting that you know better, its objectively bad because your expectations have been subverted and GRRM and fans must hate it, or be as dissapointed as you seem to be. How could this possibly be his intention!!! Sorry mate but you seem to be enamoured with the smell of your own farts
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    you can't be a fan of that soyboy
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    Jon Jones is too scared to fight a dude he already beat twice.
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    Yo can you nerdgins stop arguing? Lets wait for the real review by @PlatinumClegg
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    Unless it's got Christopher Lambert in, will not watch.
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    Alistair taught Neil everything he knows. This is actually HUGE for his career #spinzone
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    They need to give BJ a washed up bum like himself so he can get a W before he retires. Give him someone like Conor McGregor so he can get some confidence back.
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    If you guys could refrain from introducing words into the forum vernacular that carnage heard from a 12 year old on xbox live, I would appreciate it.
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    lol no she doesn't you fookin' virgin. She's a smoke show brunette.
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    I'm gonna have a moment later. Got a dipchit in the house next door that isn't sure what a garbage can is made for. So I'm going to collect up a handful of his trash on the street, and put it down his shirt. We'll see if he has a reaction.
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    TC's heel turn is even better watching than dani's.
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    Of course not, the only Jon I'm a fan of is BONES
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    Where is @LayDownDead
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    There are many PED's that are specialized in giving endurance...retards?
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    Lol at we don't understand the show. After about 50 hours of TV and 5000 pages of the books I think I have a pretty firm grasp on the story and the progression has been explained multiple times in this thread. Besides the major events mentioned by 12er you have seen little looks of distrust and jealousy. They changed her make up to make her look tired and a little more evil. She has been threatening those closest to her with death. Before the battle she flat out said that the people in the city were traitors with Cersei because they stayed. She has killed everyone that isn't firmly on her side throughout the entire series. You need to pay a lot more attention to detail if you think that was just happened out of nowhere.
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    Has anyone EVER benefitted more from having blonde hair than Emilia Clarke? She seriously gets like 4 more points in the hotness scale
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    I hate fake tough guys. Had a Sobercuban moment a bit ago. Gym parking lot and I'm just grabbing my stuff out of my pickup. This wigger who is about 160 pounds and wears arm bands on his forearms at the gym comes out threatening that he would kick my **** if I door dinged his car. I look over and the edge of my fully open door is 4 inches from his car so plenty of room and zero chance of it touching. I laugh and tell him that I didn't but not because I care about his piece of **** '02 Mitsubishi but because my pickup is worh 10 times his car. He makes another ****y comment about me thinking I'm better than him so I turn to him and casually tell him that if he's so dumb that he wants to make a big deal about nothing then let's take care of it. He quiets down and looks at the ground. So as I am turning back to my vehicle I just waived him away and told him to **** off. He quietly gets in his car and leaves. I hate door dings so I'm really careful about that stuff. I could see him being mad if I was close and he actually took care of his car but it had mud wiped on the sides, hadn't been washed in months, and the interior was full of trash.
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    Do you have any self awareness at all? This is literally everything wrong with fandom
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    jon jones doesnt want to compete against anybody who might have any kind of advantage over him. thats why he does steroids, stays at light heavyweight, and cherry picks fights against tomato cans
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    The hound is the best character, and you have some nerve after you called Ser Jorah your boy. That dude was literally a cuck the entire series, guarding the door while dude after dude plowed the love of his life.
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    I'm expecting Tyrion, Grey Worm, Dany to all die. I'm expecting Jon Snow to live, but I wouldn't be surprised if he died. Sansa, Gendry, Arya, Tormund and Samwell will be the only characters left and only because 4/5 of them won't even be in the episode I presume.
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    Yea, that Bronn scene was weird and I suspect it will be the last time we see him. I feel like they should have just left him out of the final season since they couldn't find a good place for him in the rest of the story.
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    Just rewatched the episode. Definitely better the second time through, less expectations getting in the way of enjoying the show.
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    Imagine if it didn't and instead Ronda Rousey somehow parlayed her voice acting in the most recent Mortal Kombat game into the actual role of Sonya Blade. This would be the worst timeline.
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    @skillandpower @Dark_Horse Vincent Luque vs Derrick Krantz added to the card/link/form. When you log on to pick that fight DH, you don't have to pick all the other fights again (the fights aren't required fields when submitting a response), just the new one. Of course if you want to make changes, feel free. Here's an example of how it looks in my spreadsheet when a pick change is done correctly. Also s&p, you are no longer in last place. Moving on up!
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    Neil magny (center) posing for photos with USADA. (2019 colorized)
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    lol Neil is not steroids. On roids he'd be at middleweight and they'd have him move to light heavy for a Jon Jones title defense in October.
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    Derrick Krantz is replacing Magny
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    do you remember when dany was devastated to find out her dragons had SUPPOSEDLY burned ONE child when she wasn't watching them? she literally locked them up over it. in this episode it seems like a switch flips and everything that was once good about her is gone. shes now just evil for the sake of being evil. if she had to kill innocents to win the battle thats one thing but torching innocent children after the battle was won is just stupid. this is just subversion for the sake of subversion. its lazy writing
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    Has it occurred to you that she was on her period ?, you must not know women bro....smfh
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    THANK YOU. all the people saying "oh dany always did some f-up'd chit so how didnt you see this coming?" really dont understand the show. yea shes been cruel before but its always been justified towards people who deserved it. shes never once massacred thousands of innocent women and children. im not upset that Dany went crazy im upset with how the writers showed it happening. they didnt lead up or gradually build to it rather they just decided to flip a switch in dany's head and make her go sicko mode
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    BJ wins every first round which us educated fans know is all that really matters
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