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    if I could cook max freeze for myself then I would. it's not like I'm requesting bat spells or jump spells
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    He's jealous that Jolldan's threads are way better than his.
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    @TUF honestly I love the humble martial artist vibe One has. I'm seriously over the WWE bullchit UFC has turned into over the past few years. There's rarely a UFC fight where there isn't a good guy vs bad guy chit talking episode beforehand and one just doesn't have that at all. Their events showcase MMA and KB which is dope imo opinion and in general the fights are exciting af. As mentioned before the App is amazing, you can live stream events from the app, for free, and cast from it in HD. It's ridiculously simple and a really well made product.
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    I can't see the point really, two mw's who fought before moving up to test their mettle in a higher division, to fight against former mw's who are unproven in said division. The winner has just beaten another MW who is unproven and doesn't increase their LHW chances at all. I do like the idea of a rematch. If only to see Criedcan get destroyed again, but it doesn't do any for the division imo
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    He's too busy watching Captain Marvel for the 6th time mate.
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    Running away from the killers at MW so he can get knocked out by cans at LHW. Will watch
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    It's not me. But I can understand your hipster spell requests triggering someone.
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    Should be more, he said he's going to cure cancer.......if elected
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    some cuck/s keeps giving me rage spells when I ask for freeze. About to retaliate with skelly spells if I catch them
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    Hard pass. The fora will paypal you two fiddy to go see Dark Phoenix tho. It's Last Jedi/Last season of GoT levels of polarizing it seems. Stan's either liked it or hated it with the fire of a thousand Eclipse crotches.
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    Quentin Tarantino Confirms Script for His Star Trek Movie Exists It seems Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek movie is slowly but surely forging ahead at Paramount Pictures. Tarantino was said to have pitched the idea for the film to Star Trek film producer JJ Abrams (who directed 2009’s Star Trek and its sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness). Abrams liked the idea and brought it to Paramount, who sent it to a writers room to kick around. Screenwriter Mark L. Smith came out of that room tasked with developing a script for the film. Speaking to Empire magazine, Tarantino confirms that Smith’s draft is complete and awaiting Tarantino’s notes. “There’s a script that exists for it now, I need to weigh in on it, but haven’t been able to do that yet.” Tarantino also confirmed that the film will be rated R.
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    Probably my second favorite animated DC movie. Under The Red Hood's my personal favorite, Justice League: Doom & Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths are brilliant as well.
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    By the way, I know I've mentioned this before, but if you haven't seen Flashpoint Paradox (animated movie) go watch it. It's legitimately amazing and better than some MCU/DC live action movies.
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    you been drinking too much of the covfefe today m8?
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    Would take a blood eagle for a night with Winnick lol
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    apparently some soccer snowflakes were getting mad rustled up because team usa was celebrating all of their goals theyre probably mad because they can still remember the last time anybody from Thailand scored a goal:
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    Place is infested with trannies so watch you dont get your rectum blown out m8
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    Very surprised Zhang got the nod for the title shot over Suarez.
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    i hope you got your crying towel ready @crangs and @SavageTC straya about to get that angus diggled harder than a $2 hooker on coupon night
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    Vikings is awesome sober. Goes a bit downhill from season 4 onwards though.
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    .. "Any way the wind blows Joe" -^ just saw the nationwide polls for '20, I'll just use one example > Corey Booker beats Trump 49-42 if the election is held today - ... think the polls are a little skewed ? lol -
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    Their star witnesses for the Congressional hearings - both convicted felons
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    do either of them have a sex tape?
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    @sobercuban 2 of Vikings main characters, much hotter than Dany in my opinion.
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    I was going to say something about taking time off to try and figure out how she can put her title loss on Conor to add to the lawsuit.
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    For once im happy to hear from Dana lol He also pumped the breaks on Cejudo’s goal of challenging for the featherweight title in the future. ”Let’s just stick with these two weights and then we’ll talk about that stuff,” the UFC boss said after UFC 238 when asked if he’d be willing to let Cejudo challenge for the featherweight title (via MMA Mania). “I heard he also said he’s the pound for pound best in the world. White said on the post-fight press conference. “Listen, it’s awesome that he believes in himself like that and he’s so confident. But you gotta be realistic. You’ve got Jon Jones out there. Khabib’s never lost, he’s undefeated. And look at the guys these guys have run through, and look at how long Jon Jones has defended his title. Yeah, so...” Sounds like he's told him to cool his jets lol.
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    @LayDownDead what is your secret to sucess this year? Last year you were terrible
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    Did that on purpose lol
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    you owe me 3 months for that
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    This is exactly why I'm not changing my name again.
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    i cant recall seeing my team choke this hard since game 7 of the 2011 stanley cup finals. fuck you Pakistan. idyb is now all about Australian cricket. Let's go Roo's!
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    You think so? Have you taken note of the size of Cejudo's head?? hah. Frankie could hit him 100 times with his hardest shots and I have my doubts it would even get him a tko.
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    She was a noble from Volantis, one of the richest cities in Essos.
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    .... that's somewhat fair, .. and I've been watching since '94 so it just gets old, I despise the amt. of down-time between ufc fights, commercials, and their scoring system also . Nobody watches ufc here, the sports bars won't even carry replays, ESPN+ doesn't show it here, and the casino's no longer handle ufc wagering -
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