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    Nobody is quite that bad.
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    to hell with that its all about the granny who's down for the great forum spitroast of 2019?
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    Gran and Mum in a freeway, hell yeah
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    I'd like to see his mum -
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    i watch her videos with the sound off and a tub of lube
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    it cant be true. he has bible verses tattooed on his arm
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    he needs to bring out the sausage
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    what the hell are you doing back m8?!? i thought sir richard died in a car fire quite a while ago
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    No apologies needed. I was just commenting the other day how the newer British posters are all and we needed you to come back to reign in their .
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    I guess the reports about your demise from car-fire related injuries were premature.
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    Probably, Jon loves fighting Middleweights while acting like he is the goat.
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    Don't troll me like that. We don't do that here, sir.
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    If anyone knows what a racist is, it's the 'Squad' Are they still in highschool or something?
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    They need to keep that BS out my state. If Al Sharpton comes looking for extortion money he's gonna catch hands.
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    Little known fact about Ortega. Ten yrs ago he was given a choice by his coach, James Luhrsen, to keep fighting on the street or fight for gold and his community.
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    Eat a bag of Richards, Richard. Hello btw my friend.
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    Haven't seen that. Think it's more about the path both of their careers have taken. She used the peak of her celebrity to talk chit about a 19 year old doing what 19 year olds do. Now she's dropped off and he's nominated for the biggest show of all time and triggered Keanu's career comeback. Theon Bless.
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    Hoping King Theon puts out a diss track in response to this coont after his emmy nom. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/alfie-allens-emmy-nomination-finally-proves-his-sister-lily-allen-wrong-120941629.html
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    amazing that the 4 stooges think they can call Pelosi and Trump racists and advance their cause
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    I'm genuinely starting to think Trump may actually be a genius. He somehow sank the Democratic Party via a tweet. That's amazing. They're all coming to the rescue of Omar, AOC, etc. from his "racist tweets" but they wanted to push those clowns out as of a week ago. Pelosi was at war with them right up until then. On top of that, the highest approval rating from any of these four freshmen morons is like 22%. And they're Congressmen so that is from their own district. LOL.. But instead of shutting them up and alienating them, the Dems are forced to play along with this ridiculous narrative, and it is altogether sinking their chances in 2020. Wild.
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    It's one of those stupid Blue Lives Matter flags. They defaced it. Frankly, I don't even care about that one. It's most ridiculous that they took down the American flag and put up a Mexican flag.
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    I always knew the ratio of retardation on these forums was far greater than the amount of common sense. This thread is proving this point with more people choosing Porier over Khabib
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    i listened to your top 20 university level hot take on dan hooker and it cost me last years tournament win. never again vert. never again.
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    if you are a long term investor you should read it IMO but basically founder david schwartz sells tons of XRP, chris larsen sells tons of XRP, ripple sells XRP in order to buy stakes in moneygram.
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    Uh no, but there is definitely a very gay photo of the guy in your AV sitting in a hot tub with 100 dudes...... so........
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    So how do we avoid conflict if a member wins one bet, and loses the other ?...or loses both bets ?...asking for the potential welchers
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    Bisping the man... End of
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    Unfortunately that and at least 10mb download speeds Hook the electric to a bike and get the kids to play a game of how long they can keep it on for ?
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    All good brother, busy with business stuff but all good How's life in paradise?
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    Nancy Pelosi sparks FURY after her ‘racist’ comments ruled out of order by House https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1154260/nancy-pelosi-latest-us-news-donald-trump-racist-house-of-representatives-steny-hoyer watching her melt-down was great -- #landslidecoming
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    ....Or not?? I just Googled it, and I can't even find a reason it was cancelled. What the ****? This is next level bait and switch now.
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    His voice is annoying but he does give the best introduction to the new car
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    It wouldn't do Mr.Pink any good lol
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